What and how to treat a cold on his face

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weakened immune system during the cold weather is not able to cope with the full force of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.The consequence of this are often colds.

One of the consequences are painful pimples, and therefore the question of what and how to treat a cold on the face, is not the last place.

reason for this phenomenon becomes a herpes virus that begins to attack a weakened immune system.


appearance of cold-acne usually occurs in the off-season, when the air temperature is changing dramatically.But the most unpleasant in this situation is that imperfection can not heal for a long time, and in some cases leave behind ugly scars and scars.In addition to the sharp change of weather conditions to the possible causes of the common cold on the face include:

  • immunocompromised;
  • Claus, low temperatures and cold wind;
  • stress;
  • SARS and ARI;
  • drafts.

To begin to understand how to treat a cold on your face, you should remove the impact

of the above factors.


At first glance, it may seem that a pimple appeared on the nose - not cold, as a consequence of improper skin care.However, upon close examination there are several characteristic differences of cold spots from acne:

  • most often occur during the cold season;
  • be painful when touched;
  • a long time to heal;
  • most often occur in the area of ​​the lips, nose, ears and chin;
  • Colds Facial manifested mainly in the form of subcutaneous pimples.


prevent the emergence of such a problem, how to treat a cold on the face, it is easier than to engage in a fix.In cold weather, try to protect the face with a nourishing creams, strengthen immunity multivitamins and try to dress warmer, once again not to go out into the cold.However, if the common cold spots still there, do not rush to press, and scratching them.

As long as the spot is not mature completely, squeezing it only hurt the situation.How to treat a cold on your face to get rid of painful pimples?In this case, to the aid of external means of treatment, which is recommended to use a dot by applying only to the affected area of ​​the skin:

  • 3 times a day to lubricate cold ointment "Acyclovir" or "Zovirax";
  • Every two hours apply on the pimple catarrhal fir oil;
  • With strong itching and inflammation helps toothpaste.A small amount of mint toothpaste, apply to problem areas and leave to dry completely, then remove the remnants;
  • Daily Replenish the body's daily requirement of vitamin C;
  • When subcutaneous pimples, formed as a result of a cold, use Vishnevsky ointment;
  • At night cauterize painful pimples iodine;
  • Apply aloe juice 4-5 times a day to lubricate the affected areas.This will reduce the amount of pimples and reduce inflammation.

If external agents do not help you find a solution to the problem of how to treat a cold on your face, you should seek help from a qualified dermatologist.The specialist will select for you immunomodulators that will improve immunity and prevent further formation of cold spots.A good effect in the treatment of colds on the face skin have essences of essential oils.

Moisten a cotton swab in a small amount of oil (lavender, orange, lemon, grapefruit or eucalyptus - your choice) and apply to problem areas for 3-5 minutes.Repeat 4-5 times a day.You can also use the bells and whistles of garlic.To do this, rub a small head of garlic on a grater, put weight on the affected spot and cover with the top a small piece of gauze.Keep the compress for 10-15 minutes.