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Everyone, perhaps, at least once in his life faced with such a problem as a cough.Despite the fact that it is a natural reaction of the body to ignore the symptom is not worth it.

How and what to treat cough in Dr. Komarovsky most effectively?

children's doctor from Kharkov has in this respect their professional opinion.


It is understood that the cough - it is not a disease, but only its manifestation.No self-respecting expert does not prescribe drugs to a patient coughs, without examining the reasons for its occurrence.But few who are drawn to the doctors with complaints of this symptom that most people prefer to deal with the problem on their own.To date, the choice of pharmaceutical agents, promising to win a cough in a short time, very rich.However, eliminating the symptom, you do not get rid of the very reasons for its occurrence.

And, most likely, after a while the coughing will return.How to treat a cough sug

gests Dr. Komarovsky?First of all, it is recommended to deal with the root cause of the symptom.The cough may be associated not only with inflammation of the respiratory tract, but also diseases of the heart and nervous system.This is due to the violation of the cough center, which is located directly in the brain, or the stagnation of blood in the lungs due to which the amount of mucus in them increases.Thus, we can conclude that the cough - a symptom of a wide variety of diseases.The most common cause of its development are:

  • viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections (acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • Allergic diseases of infectious and noninfectious nature (bronchial asthma and others);
  • tumors localized in the respiratory tract;
  • Chemical defeat of the bronchi (breathing paint or gasoline);
  • Pertussis.

Dr. Komarovsky points out that in the first place, is not a question to ask, than to treat coughs, and that caused its occurrence.By acting directly on the original source of the problem, you will not only get rid of the unpleasant symptoms but also prevent the development of complications.


Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of the cough - it's impact on the cough center.In this regard, active potent drugs, which include codeine.However, without a prescription, these drugs can not be purchased.How to treat a cough Dr. Komarovsky offers yet?Instead of drugs, which include codeine, the doctor recommends the use of a harmless and safe products that are suitable for both children and adults.However, cough treatment is not limited to taking drugs.

living conditions

With a strong cough, whether it is dry or wet, you should drink plenty of fluids and, in warm as possible.Thus, there is a dilution of sputum, and therefore it is easier and quicker to out of the lungs.To achieve this purpose it is recommended periodically to ventilate the room, which is sick.Do not forget to monitor the humidity: dry air irritates the throat even more.According to Dr. Komarovsky, to reduce coughing and useful daily walks in the fresh air, but only if the patient is not high body temperature.


Than to treat cough Dr. Komarovsky offers patients with this problem?There are several groups of drugs that act directly on the cough center:

  • Expectorants and mucolytics, promoting an increase in sputum volume;
  • antitussive medication relieves coughing.

However, it is worth remembering the frequent changes of drugs and their use for other purposes - is not only meaningless, but also quite a dangerous occupation.Dr. Komarovsky draws particular attention to the treatment of cough in infants.In this case, you should not use mucolytics, so they are dangerous to the health of children under the age of 2 years.

In the following video Dr. Komarovsky says the most effective means for the treatment of cough:

alternative potent drugs safe for use as a cough in children and adults are mukaltin, ammonia-anise drops bromhexine and ambroxol.In the early stages of a cough, they can be very effective, but the dosage of reception of a drug is best to check with a qualified professional.