How and what to treat chronic cough

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  • Massage
  • Honey wraps
  • Ginger
  • Licorice root

a long time does not pass, the intense dry cough - a signal that the treatment is notIt gives the desired effect.In this regard, you need to find a more effective therapy.

How and what to treat chronic cough, do not stop for several weeks?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the cough - it's just a symptom that can be triggered by different diseases.


Cough though is a protective mechanism that protect the airways from getting into them irritants, gives a person a huge discomfort.However, if adequate treatment he has been held for a few days.But how to treat a chronic cough that does not respond to standard treatment?In some cases, the cough may continue to torment the man for several weeks or even months, bringing ease and without having to go into a productive cough.It is understood that the independent struggle with this problem is almost always pointless.Not knowing the mechani

sms of development and causes a prolonged cough, you can not get rid of the disease.What is the physiological process can be triggered?

  • Ineffective treatment;
  • Running ARI and ARI;
  • Frequent inhalation of substances irritate the throat (tobacco smoke, chemical fumes, etc.);
  • allergic to animal dander, pollen, household chemicals or house dust.


One of the main problems in the issue of how to treat a chronic cough - is the transformation of dry cough in the wet.Cough with sputum more productive.Having achieved this, you will not be easy to eradicate this problem with the help of available tools.However, it is worth remembering that not always cough - is a manifestation of respiratory diseases.

In some cases, this symptom is caused by an allergic reaction to certain substances.Therefore, to find out how to treat chronic cough in your case, you should contact a doctor.An experienced specialist will conduct the necessary diagnostic measures, on the basis of which will be able to determine the exact cause of prolonged cough.For its treatment uses a variety of tools and techniques - massage, inhalation, medicinal drugs and physiotherapy, and more.Let us consider some of them in more detail.


warm vapor penetrates into the upper respiratory tract, cough, reduces and softens the mucous membrane of the throat.Regular performance of inhalation can significantly reduce the irritation inflammation of the larynx.In old cough well help steam inhalation based decoctions of rosemary, nard, mother and stepmother, or baking soda solution.Duration of inhalation - 10-15 minutes.After that, it is desirable to drink hot milk or tea and go to bed under a warm blanket.


a positive effect on the overall condition of the body when inveterate cough massage.It is desirable that the procedure performed by a qualified specialist.But at home, you can massage yourself.Light taps and Clap movement on the chest will contribute to relaxation easily, quickly exit sputum and, consequently, a speedy recovery.

Honey wraps

Than to treat chronic cough using honey?The easiest way - is a daily drink hot tea with honey, but it is ineffective.Honey wraps have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.To do this, smear the chest of the patient warm (not hot) honey, cover with a linen cloth and plastic wrap, then wrap a warm scarf or a scarf.The procedure should be carried out at night as long as the cough does not take place.

Ginger Ginger root - an excellent remedy for colds.If the cough is caused by acute respiratory disease, or SARS, drink tea with ginger.Add in a cup of black or green tea, half a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger and honey and lemon to taste.

Licorice root

This plant has a strong expectorant action, effectively diluting and bringing phlegm from the lungs.How to treat a chronic cough licorice root?Hot decoction of this herb should drink 1 glass daily food field, adding honey to taste.