As well as than to treat coughs during lactation

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Many young mothers after birth face the same problem as coughing.However, according to doctors, this is not a reason to give up breastfeeding.

like than to treat coughs during lactation breastfeeding mother?

After birth, the female body is severely weakened and is not resistant to various diseases and infections.


ARI or SARS - one of the main causes of coughing during breastfeeding.This is due primarily to the fact that childbirth greatly weaken the immune system, thereby allowing access to disease-causing bacteria.Another frequent cause of cough is allergic.Contact allergens on the mucosa of the throat (animal dander, pollen, chemical fumes, etc.) cause cough and sore.Typically, allergic cough and is accompanied by other symptoms, characteristic for an allergy, for example, skin rash, itching, runny nose and watery.

Many women are interested in how to treat cough during lactation, want to know whether to continue in

the case of breastfeeding.Some people believe that the baby can become infected through breast milk from the mother.However, doctors are looking at it from a different angle.It is worth remembering that during his illness the body lactating woman produces large amounts of protective antibodies, which together with milk and get to the baby.This process is called natural immunization.Therefore, in this situation, do not give up breastfeeding.According to doctors, the risk of transmission through the hands or saliva are much higher than breast milk.However, in some cases, the treatment of cough and lactation may be incompatible, then a young mother should consult with a specialist.


question than to treat coughs during lactation is not correct.It is not enough to use the funds aimed only at eliminating the cough.Medical therapy should be instituted only by the attending physician.Self-medication in this case can not have the desired effect and will only lead to the neglect of the disease.It is important to understand what was the cause of the cough.In allergic reactions, such as the reception of expectorants is pointless: to eliminate the symptom here help only antihistamines.And if the cough provoked an infectious nature, can not do without antibiotics.However, everyone knows that antibiotics are contraindicated during breastfeeding, so the question for many people than to treat coughs during lactation, and remains unresolved.Get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and alleviate the condition of the woman when coughing several ways:


Mostly cough treatment during breastfeeding is carried out using herbal medicines.However, not all cases, they are effective.Typically, doctors prescribe malovsasyvayuschih reception means (septolete, bromhexine, stodal, etc.), do not affect the child's body.However, if a breastfeeding woman's cough is complicated by other symptoms (fever, etc.), you can not do without antibiotics.How to treat a cough during lactation with antibiotics?When breastfeeding contraindicated drugs group sulfanilaidov and tetracyclines, as they have a toxic effect on the body of a child.Safer and more efficient at the same time are considered antibacterial agents related to cephalosporins, penicillins and aminoglycosides.The dose and dosage regimen establishes a physician.

Folk remedies

In case of an allergic nature of cough may be effective, and traditional medicines.If a strong dry cough, for example, it is useful to drink warm broth hips and rosemary leaves, as well as pharmacy nursing fees.An indispensable tool for the treatment of cough in lactation will also be:

  • figs with milk.Boil chopped fresh figs in a glass of milk and bring the mixture until smooth using a blender.Take 1 cup 2-3 times a day;
  • honey with the juice of radish.Grate black radish medium sized grater, squeeze the juice.Mix it in equal proportions with honey and boil in a water bath.Take 1 teaspoon three times a day;
  • Hot milk with mineral water.With strong exhausting cough drink a mixture of hot milk and alkaline mineral water at a ratio of 1: 1.