How to treat conjunctivitis in pregnant women

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mucosal diseases of the eye, or, more simply, conjunctivitis triggered by bacteria and viruses.During childbearing woman's body is weakened, and thus easier to attack the pathogen.

solve the problem than to treat conjunctivitis in pregnancy, preferably at an early stage of development.

Otherwise the disease may face serious complications for both the expectant mother and the child.


For pregnant women conjunctivitis - a frequent phenomenon.Recognize the infection is not difficult: it is characterized by a number of distinctive features, which can not fail to notice.

  • irritation and redness of the eye;
  • tear;
  • pus and mucus (especially in the morning);
  • Discomfort in the eyes;
  • Increased sensitivity to light;
  • Sharp pains in the eyes (typical for acute conjunctivitis);
  • General inflammatory symptoms (fever, fatigue, headaches).

question how to treat conjunctivitis in pregnancy is complicated by the prohibition of many effective ways t

o treat the disease.The use of most of the drops and ointments used in the infection of the eye, is contraindicated expectant and nursing mothers.


Contact pathogen to eyes can occur in three ways - a viral, bacterial or allergic.And if the latter two types of conjunctivitis are eliminated quickly enough, you may need a serious treatment of the viral form of the disease.Establish the true cause and understand how to treat conjunctivitis in pregnancy, the doctor will be able only after a thorough diagnosis of the patient's blood and eye secretions.Independently take any medications, including antihistamines and hormonal expectant mothers is strictly prohibited.


Regardless of the type of infection, try to observe the hygiene basics: Do not scrub or rub your eyes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, daily towel changing, from cosmetics and contact lenses better and refuse at all to full recovery.Many pregnant women, going to the doctor with the problem than to treat conjunctivitis in pregnant women complain of discomfort in the eyes.In this case, you can try to relieve irritation and pain using warm compresses.

And warm lotion indicated for manifestations of bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, and cool - with allergic.The rest of the process of treating infections in the expectant mother must take place under the close supervision of an ophthalmologist.All that is needed to accelerate the healing process - it is the use of special ointments and eye drops.

Their choice should be engaged in only by a specialist, because not all drugs sold in pharmacies, are safe for pregnant women and the unborn baby.In addition, it is recommended to go through several courses taking vitamins, which will continue to own the body to fight residual infection.Admission immunostimulants should be arranged with the gynecologist.A major role in the issue than to treat conjunctivitis in pregnant women plays observance of the following measures:

  • 2-3 times a day, wash the mucous eye weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina;
  • use drops levomitsitin sulfacyl or sodium in a concentration of 0.25% With abundant secretions from the eyes;
  • Enrich your daily diet with vitamins in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh juices.

Remember that conjunctivitis, in particular, the formation of crusts on the eyes, you should immediately remove them and wash your eyes with an antiseptic solution.In allergic conjunctivitis, when receiving antihistamines expectant mothers is contraindicated, should refrain from contact with the allergen source and maintain the hygiene of the skin and the water.

Traditional medicine for eye infections, especially in women in the state - rather doubtful event.Do not forget that during pregnancy the female body is very vulnerable and can not adequately respond to the use of funds that have not previously caused problems in women.Maximum than to treat conjunctivitis in pregnant women can be - it decoctions of chamomile and calendula for rinsing of the eyes.However, before applying them should consult with a specialist.