How and what to treat bronchitis in a child

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bronchitis Often it is the result of not dolechennoy cold or runny nose.According to statistics, it is a disease often leads to pneumonia, and later death among young children.

How and what treat bronchitis in children, avoiding the dangerous consequences of the disease?

is believed that although the bronchitis is a common childhood disease, the special treatment it requires.


bronchitis - a disease that requires a professional approach.Of course, the problem itself does not take place, if you do not know how to treat bronchitis in a child properly.In this case, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced doctor, who on the results of the survey will be able to choose the most effective drugs.The primary task of the expert - the definition of the causes of bronchitis.It should be noted that the disease can occur in different forms and, accordingly, have a different nature occur.There are the follo

wing types of bronchitis:

  • Infection.Its agents can be viruses (adenovirus, parainfluenza, etc.) and bacteria.This disease with adequate approach to be treated fairly quickly;
  • Allergic.It arises as a result of exposure to irritants in the bronchial mucosa, accompanied by other allergy symptoms (runny nose, tearing, etc.).

trigger the development of a child's bronchitis is also capable of inhaling exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.For the duration of the flow recovered acute (10-20 days) and chronic bronchitis (about 3 months a year).However, not always a question, than to treat bronchitis in children, is resolved by taking antibiotics.


bronchitis in children can occur completely differently.For example, for the obstructive bronchitis is characterized by a bright start: a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39 degrees, runny nose and cough, and wheezing in the chest.But it also happens that the disease develops gradually and imperceptibly for parents Kid: body temperature rises slightly, and instead of intensive wet cough is observed only a slight sore throat.The distinctive features of bronchitis in children are:

  • Wheezing and wheezing;
  • intense coughing fits with the release of a transparent or yellowish sputum;
  • general weakness and malaise;
  • lack of appetite;
  • hacking cough.

viral bronchitis, unlike bacteria, can be treated better, and you can count on a quick recovery with timely initiated therapy.If in sputum visible clumps of pus or blood should consult your doctor immediately for medical assistance.These warning signs may indicate serious diseases of the nasopharynx and lungs.

Treatment Drug therapy on the question how to treat bronchitis in children, takes place is not important.Doctors point out that in the healing process more conducive to the appropriate patient care.Bronchitis should observe the following principles:

  • normal humidity.Modern humidifier with air purification function will solve this problem.A true and humid air has beneficial effects on the bronchi, without irritating them;
  • Copious warm drink.To liquefy the phlegm and quickly remove it from the bronchi should increase consumption of the child on the day of liquid to 2 liters.Perfect hot tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and plain water at room temperature;
  • reasonable relationship to temperature.A slight increase in body temperature (37-37, 5 degrees) in a child - is not a reason to give him a fever reducer.Low-grade fever only stimulates the immune system work and prevents the multiplication of viruses.


Antibiotics - not a mandatory condition for the successful treatment of bronchitis in children.Doctors do not recommend taking them babies under 6 months.Moreover, antibiotic therapy is only effective if the cause of bacterial infection was bronchitis.But how to treat a child's bronchitis caused by viruses?In this case, doctors prescribe receive absolutely other preparations:

  • expectorant (mukaltin, marshmallow products, Thermopsis, elecampane or anise);
  • Mucolytics (bromhexine, ambroxol, tiloksanol).

These drugs are aimed at thinning mucus and its removal from the bronchi.All drugs should be administered only by the attending physician.

Folk remedies

Do not get round and a popular treatment of bronchitis.How to treat a child's bronchitis offers traditional medicine?There are several ways:

  • inhalation.Steam inhalation with saline, mineral water without gas or a decoction of herbs (mother-and-stepmother, oak bark, chamomile) to relieve irritation of the bronchi;
  • hot compress.The most popular - with vegetable butter and honey.In equal proportions, combine ingredients and slightly warm, then rub the mixture cool down his back and chest of the child, wrap with gauze and wrap a warm scarf;
  • Hot Tubs.General and foot baths with a decoction or essential oil of eucalyptus or sage effectively reduce inflammation.Perform them only in the absence of elevated body temperature, and allergies to grass.