How and what to treat cough in newborn

Category Pediatrics | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Cough - is a natural reaction of the body, clearing his throat from being hit by stimuli.However, to leave it untreated, especially in infants, is impossible.

How and what to treat cough in a newborn baby?

cough does not threaten the health of the baby, but the need in the treatment of the symptom is still there.


Doctors believe that cough in infants is not always a manifestation of any disease.Because the airway in a child are not perfect, and continue to be formed, this symptom may occur on its own.Do not forget that the cough - it is primarily a defensive reaction to the irritation and disturbance.Among the possible causes of cough in newborn can act:

  • awkward position when sleeping.If during sleep the child is lying on his back, the mucus from the nose can get into the throat, causing coughing in the morning light;
  • allergic reactions.Allergens enter the body baby with breast milk can cause him cough an
    d other symptoms of childhood allergies;
  • SARS.Cough during respiratory viral diseases is a secondary symptom, which is usually seen after 2-3 days after onset of the disease and is accompanied by fever;
  • inflammation of upper respiratory tract.Diseases such as otitis media and sinusitis in infants is often accompanied by a cough;
  • Infectious Diseases.Coughing may act as one of the symptoms of infection, such as pertussis.In this case, it is accompanied by fever and other symptoms characteristic.


an important role in the diagnosis of playing the character and features of cough.
In accordance with the passage of this symptom specialist will be able to determine exactly what to treat cough in a newborn baby.Turning to the pediatrician, try as you can accurately describe the type of cough, considering the following parameters:

  • duration;
  • intensity (a little child coughs or suffers from hacking paroxysmal cough);
  • dry or wet cough;
  • Time of occurrence of cough (morning, evening or throughout the day).

Regardless of the causes of coughing start its treatment as soon as possible.


Many parents are wondering how to treat a cough of a newborn baby at home?Without knowing the causes of the symptom, should not be taken for self.However, even before the visit to the doctor, you can greatly facilitate the child's condition by using the following methods:

  • Keep the humidity level in the room.Dry air increases the cough, so set in your child's room humidifier or more frequent wet cleaning;
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.The warm liquid soothes and coats the mucous membrane of the throat the baby, facilitating coughing.

But from water treatments, doctors advise to take time off, especially in infants increased body temperature.An alternative way to treat cough in newborn can be more - a steam inhalation.Type in a tub of hot water and sit for a few minutes in the bathroom filled with warm steam, with the child.This procedure is designed to reduce the viscosity of mucus and sputum quick exit from the bronchi.If we talk about what to treat cough in newborn offer modern pediatricians still it is necessary to separately talk about medicines.To reduce the cough and sputum fast exit doctors recommend the following groups of medicines:

Mucolytic means

Their main task - thinning mucus in the lungs.However, not all mucolytics safe for newborns babies.How to treat cough in newborn using mucolytic drugs?The most effective and safe for babies the following drugs are recognized:

  • Fluimucil;
  • Lasolvan;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Ambroxol.

All of these drugs are available in the format of syrups and solutions for inhalation that are no less effective for coughs.


If the baby is not a high fever can also use ointments warming.Apply them must be on the chest, back and foot baby.Now you can find the ointment with a warming effect for children from 3 months.Typically such agents in the composition include petroleum jelly, eucalyptus oil, beeswax, and other components to secure the child's body.