How and what to treat cough in infants

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With the arrival of cold weather comes the period of colds, especially among young children.Particularly susceptible to colds newborn babies.

How and what to treat cough in infants most reliably tell a doctor.

However, even before his arrival the parents must be taken so as not to delay the process of the disease.


Infants are particularly vulnerable: their immune systems are only just formed and is not very skillfully cope with the bad bacteria that live in the environment.Suddenly appeared cough in infants can catch the new parents by surprise.Meanwhile, it can be very serious symptom.The first thing to do - is to determine the type of children's cough.It can be dry and humid (sputum), with or without fever.The intensity of cough in infants can help in determining the causes and, consequently, how to treat cough in infants.Consider the most common causes of this symptom in newborn babies:

  • SARS.In 90% of cases,
    cough is caused by SARS.Cough in an infant in this case intensified in the evening and at night, there is sputum, and redness of the throat;
  • Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.This process is characterized by an obsessive dry cough, eventually rolling in the wet.If you ignore the symptoms may worsen hoarseness and choking;
  • dry air.Lack of humidity in the room can cause sore throat in infants;
  • inflammation of the middle ear.In this case, the infant cough reflex occurs as the body's response to the inflammatory process.When pressed on the earlobe child cries out, indicating that the ear pain;
  • ingress of foreign bodies in the airways.In this case, do not try to self-extract the object from the airway, tapping the child's back.

Features of cough

impact of any of the factors (infectious or noninfectious) on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract causes inflammation.In this case, cell proliferation area, releasing mucus, and their number is increasing dramatically.It increases the amount of mucus, and its viscosity, which violates the mobility of sputum and difficulty in allocating the outside.

As a result, there is a symptom such as cough, which performs the function of airway clearance from irritating substances.Inflammation of the mucous membrane always entails a reduction in the bronchi and lungs.It also reduces the immune system of the respiratory tract that can threaten a protracted course of the disease.For infants cough is especially dangerous in the following cases:

  • occurs suddenly and does not stop for a few days;
  • accompanied by wheezing;
  • amplifies at night;
  • is paroxysmal in nature;
  • accompanied by phlegm and green blood.

Whatever the cause of the symptom, do not attempt to solve the problem than to treat cough in infants, as incorrectly matched treatment can seriously complicate the course of the disease.


matter proceeds cough in infants with fever or not, treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of the attending physician.Start therapy should be the appearance of the first symptoms.How to treat cough in infants at home to the arrival of the doctor?

  • mode.Provide your child complete rest, often take him in her arms;
  • Power.Let the baby to drink as much of warm liquids, especially if he has a fever.Upon cancellation of the food do not force the baby to eat;
  • Massage.Light stroking movements on the back grudnichka improve the well-being of the child and improve the yield of sputum from the bronchi;
  • rubbing.To do this it is best to use animal fat.Before going to sleep well and rub the back of the chest baby, do not forget to wrap something warm;
  • Daily walks.If there is no fever, try to go out every day with a child on the street.Fresh air is beneficial for the lungs baby.

Do not forget to ventilate the room in which the baby several times a day.Lack of oxygen can worsen the child's condition.


Than to treat cough in infants suggest pediatricians?Today, even in case of cough in infants can not do without drugs.To resolve this symptom most commonly used expectorant syrups - gedeliks, stodal, overslept and others.

The following video shows the technique of drainage massage when you cough in infants:

But sprays from coughs babies are contraindicated because of the risk of suffocation.Before you treat cough in infants, consult your doctor.Specialist will select the most effective and safe for baby products.