How to treat scoliosis in children

Category Pediatrics | August 12, 2017 17:53


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Today's children all spend more time on the computer and the TV and less - sports.This can not but affect the formation of children's spine.

problem of how to treat scoliosis in children is becoming more urgent with each passing year.

Unfortunately, without a properly sized treatment of the disease is developing rapidly and can lead to dangerous consequences.

Causes Scoliosis - continuously deteriorating without treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, at which the curvature of the spine to the side.In medical practice, the most frequently observed cases of twisting the spine axis in a clockwise direction and at least - against it.Before learning how to treat scoliosis in children, it is necessary to understand the causes of its origin.It is known that a child skeleton, particularly the spine, continue to form until 18-20 years.During this period, the risk of problems with the musculoskeletal system is pa

rticularly high.Causes of scoliosis in children identify several:

  • Rickets;
  • Tuberculosis of the vertebrae;
  • disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism;
  • Flatfoot;
  • incorrectly accreted fractures;
  • incorrect posture when walking and sitting.

In some cases, the disease is congenital in nature.However, in this case independently detect and understand how to treat scoliosis in children, it is impossible.With a regular visiting podiatrist problem it will not exactly be ignored.It is worth noting that the scoliosis can be treated only during the direct growth of the organism, ie. E. Up to 20 years.Subsequently correct scoliosis is impossible, as the musculoskeletal system are already lined up in a stable system.Highest treatment outcomes observed in children with scoliosis at the age of 5-12 years.


detect scoliosis can be on posture.Depending on the degree of development of the disease can be seen curvature of the spine.In the early stages there is a C-shaped curvature of the spine from the longitudinal axis of the spine, and in the later stages of development, it becomes an S-shape.If time does not see a doctor to the question how to treat scoliosis in children, thereby ignoring the problem, due to muscle tension rotation will occur and the subsequent twisting of the vertebrae along the longitudinal axis.Over time, this will lead to the formation of vertebrate hump, which is even visible to the naked eye.How to detect early signs of scoliosis in a child?Parents can hold their own small diagnostics.There are five points that allow to see the curvature of the spine:

  • Shoulders child are at different levels;
  • lower angles of the blades are arranged irregularly;
  • the one side of the body has a deep furrow, while on the other side it is absent;
  • Sacral dimples are arranged on different levels;
  • is tilted down the side of the spine forms an arc.


the treatment of children's scoliosis doctor before the task is not only to eliminate the distortion, but also to identify and eliminate the causes that led to it.However, some experts believe that the children's scoliosis is enough to normalize the work of the muscular system of the back.In the future, the body alone will restore the normal position of the spine.How to treat scoliosis in children offer modern doctors?In fact, the methods of eliminating distortions of the spine changed little.Consider the most popular and effective ones:


Gymnastics for the spine - the basis of the treatment of children's scoliosis.For children, this method is considered the most optimal as an emerging baby's spine can be easily corrected.

In the following video provides a set of exercises for the treatment and prevention of child scoliosis:

Although treatment with a special gymnastics will take a long time, the result will be perfectly secured.Also, as a physiological scoliosis doctors advised to hang on the bar in a passive state, and swim in the pool.


Than to treat scoliosis in children can be more?Manual therapy - no less effective alternative massage.However, such treatment is to be successful, should refer to the competent expert.Fix the results of manual therapy can help physiotherapy and swimming.