What and how to treat a child's rotavirus

Category Pediatrics | August 12, 2017 17:53


  • reasons
  • Symptoms
  • Increased body temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Treatment
  • Clinical nutrition

Rotavirus infection - a disease caused byrotaviruses and characterized by respiratory and intestinal symptoms.In children, the infection is more severe than in adults.

The rotavirus and how to treat the child at home?

high incidence observed among children aged 6 months to 2 years.


source of infection is man.From the first symptoms of rotavirus infection and until recovery he remains the distributor of the disease.It should be noted that rotavirus in infants occurs in more severe than in adults.Almost all the children upon reaching 5 years at least once faced with rotavirus.Although it is not dangerous, the child's body dehydration risk is quite high.

main cause of infection - direct contact with an infected person and neglect of personal hygiene.Rotavirus has a sufficiently long life cycle and can dwell on absolutely any surface with

which contact the child (toys, kitchenware, furniture, etc.).The incubation period for rotavirus - 1-3 days.Acute infections have symptoms appear 3-5 days after infection.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection in children usually begins with symptoms of intestinal disorders - prolonged vomiting and nausea.After a few days these manifestations joins diarrhea.Also in the group of the main symptoms of rotavirus in children include:

Increased body temperature

slight fever - one of the first symptoms of rotavirus infection in infants and young children.In order to promptly understand how to treat rotavirus in children, parents should carefully monitor the temperature variations.


frequent, almost does not stop vomiting - another common symptom of rotavirus infection.Regurgitation after feeding is normal.Rotavirus can also cause intense vomiting not related to the act of feeding the baby.Against this background, the child's weight is sharply reduced (up to 1 kg).

Diarrhea Watery stools of rotavirus infection in children begins to manifest itself somewhere in the 5 days after infection.Faeces acquire distinctive green or mustard yellow.Although the age of the newborn diarrhea occurs frequently, diarrhea caused by rotavirus, is significantly different from him.Changing the texture, smell and color of children's feces whistleblower intestines.

Abdominal pain

diarrhea and other symptoms of rotavirus are often accompanied by abdominal pain.It is important to detect this symptom.When the pain kids are cranky and whiny, refuse to lie down on his stomach.


If time does not see a doctor with the problem than to treat rotavirus in a child, the duration of diarrhea and vomiting can lead to dehydration of the child's body.The main signs indicating the beginning of dehydration are:

  • Lethargy and apathy;
  • Thirst;
  • lack of tears when crying children.


Antibiotics for rotavirus appointed in very extreme situations: for example, when joined bacterial flora.Than to treat rotavirus offer a child the doctors?Basically, the treatment of infection is reduced to the elimination of dehydration.It is also necessary to restore the water-salt balance, which in the child's body orally administered glucose solutions and salts.

In the video below offered folk remedies treatment of infant rotavirus:

to normalize stool doctors usually prescribe reception Imodium and similar drugs.The issue is how to treat rotavirus in children, and can not do without taking antivirals (aflubin, interferon, etc.).

Clinical nutrition

important to transfer the baby to a special meal at detection of rotavirus infection.Babies who are breastfed should be to reduce the time between feedings.Food intake after administration of glucose is allowed not earlier than after 4-6 hours.And those babies who are bottle-fed, milk should be diluted with a mixture of water or rice water for better absorption.Older children suffering from rotavirus, sparing diet should be followed.Because the diet is necessary to eliminate sweets, pickles, black bread and dairy products.On the third day of illness can be added to the diet of low-fat cottage cheese and cereal.