How and what treat stomatitis in a child

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Such an infectious disease, such as stomatitis, and often occurs in childhood.It is a mistake to believe that the ARD - the only reason for its occurrence.

How and what treat stomatitis in a child - first and foremost, caring doctor.

Many parents are trying to cope with the symptoms, thereby only exacerbating the situation.


worth recalling that stomatitis - an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.The causes of disease symptoms, there are many.However, doctors suggest that the main one - is the presence of coccal environment.In childhood may trigger stomatitis following factors:

  • Failure oral hygiene;
  • damage the gums or tongue solid food;
  • Violation of balance of vitamins in the body;
  • Herpes.

in infancy cause of stomatitis is one - infection of the child's own mother or close relatives who are in contact with the child and his dishes.In childhood, the immune system is

not well formed, so problems such as stomatitis, colds and other infectious diseases are not uncommon.Subject to appropriate prevention, as well as than to treat stomatitis in a child, will not affect the parent.


Young children sometimes afraid or do not know how to tell her parents about unpleasant sensations.Therefore, if a child is frequently ill, and in particular, he observed frequent cases of stomatitis, parents should closely monitor the behavior of the child.Sometimes health problems can be expressed in the form of lethargy and fatigue of the child, he begins to act up and cry, she refuses to eat.But the characteristic symptoms of stomatitis in children are:

  • Intensive white coating on the tongue;
  • appearance of painful cracks on the lips;
  • tuberosity of the oral mucosa;
  • formation of small ulcers in the sky.

Cases when in case of stomatitis in children raised body temperature and the heat begins.In this case, you should immediately contact a doctor.Otherwise stomatitis can lead to diphtheria.


Depending on the type of stomatitis, the disease can manifest itself in different ways.For example, children up to 1 year is most frequently observed fungal stomatitis.To find it very easy: explore enough the baby's mouth, the mucous membrane which is covered with white spots.There are other varieties of stomatitis:

  • Herpetic.It occurs in children aged from six months to 3 years.This is due to the large number of antibodies to the herpes virus in infancy.Symptoms weakly expressed;
  • aphthous.Expressed as a portion of the lips and reddening appearance of single AFL on mucous.It may be triggered by allergies and immune disorders.

Both diseases can occur in both acute and chronic forms.Aggravation usually occurs during the spring or autumn.


To solve the problem than to treat stomatitis in children is more difficult than in the case of adult patients.The fact that many antibiotics childhood and prohibited medications and other treatments are ineffective.However, medicine does not stand still.Every year, on sale, new and improved drugs that help to solve such a problem, how to treat stomatitis in children.Consider the common agents used in the treatment of children stomatitis:


the presence of viral infection before a doctor is one task - to destroy the virus, sitting in the body.For this purpose, specific antivirals are used creams, ointments, which must handle's mouth cavity mucous membrane several times per day.Than to treat stomatitis the child in this case?Dentists recommend the use of drugs such as viferon, acyclovir and Zovirax.

antiseptic rinse

next step on the road to recovery - the cleansing of the oral cavity by pathogenic bacteria.To stop their growth and reproduction help frequent rinsing with disinfectant solutions.In this respect, effectively shown themselves miramistin, chlorhexidine and herbal infusions.Decoction of herbs, such as chamomile, sage or oak bark, the most safe for children of preschool age.Infants should be treated with oral cavity by hand, pre-moistened cotton swab in an antiseptic solution.Perform necessary to rinse each hour.