How and what treat stomatitis in adults

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Stomatitis - is an inflammatory process that occurs in the oral mucosa.This disease is a kind of defensive reaction of the organism to external stimuli.

How and what treat stomatitis in adults - one of the most pressing issues.

not be able to resolve this problem without specialized dental treatment.


In recent years, the number of cases of stomatitis among adults has risen dramatically.Doctors believe that this phenomenon is due to environmental degradation and a massive decline in the immune system.However, in order to stomatitis arisen, it is insufficient.Dentists secrete a number of factors that trigger the appearance of ulcers and other unpleasant symptoms in the oral cavity.

bacteria, viruses and fungi

infectious agents entering the oral cavity, are beginning to multiply.However, to increase their nu

mber certain conditions are necessary, since thousands of bacteria normally reside in the mucosa of the pharynx without causing problems and discomfort to the person.Food residues between the teeth over time, begin to rot, creating an ideal environment for the propagation of pathogenic microflora.


lack of balance in the diet - another factor that can cause stomatitis in adults.Most often the disease occurs when a shortage of substances such as folic acid, B vitamins, iron and zinc.

Injury oral mucosa

thermal, mechanical and chemical damage to the mouth cause the development of inflammation, especially in non-compliance with hygiene standards.In adults, stomatitis occurs frequently after bite cheeks, gums or tongue lesions on the edge of a dental crown or prosthesis.Solid food (nuts, crackers, etc.), burns, acid and alkaline solutions can also greatly injure the mucous membrane of the mouth.


not only a lack of oral hygiene can trigger the development of thrush in adults.Excessive grooming can also harm.Here, first of all, it refers to the quality and composition of the toothpaste.Cleaners containing sodium dodecyl sulfate, reduced salivation, resulting in dehydration of the mouth, and it becomes vulnerable to external stimuli.


Before treat stomatitis in adults, make the correct diagnosis.Do not self-medicate with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.Faithful step on the road to recovery will be a visit to the dentist.Usually symptoms of stomatitis, regardless of the form of the disease is characterized as follows:

  • redness oral mucosa at the site of a future outbreak;
  • Burning and swelling;
  • appearance of small ulcers in the mouth, around which formed a red halo;
  • Increased salivation;
  • Bad breath;
  • Bleeding gums;
  • Severe pain, hindering chewing food.

When stomatitis ulcers are usually located on the inside of the lips part, on the cheeks, tonsils or soft palate, on the tongue and below.


If stomatitis was caused by failure to comply with hygiene rules banal, the dentists offer to treat it at home.In this case it is necessary to follow an integrated approach.How to treat stomatitis in adults in the home?

In the following video talked about the simple methods of treating stomatitis without reference to the doctor:

First of all, you should adjust your diet, eliminating sharp, hard, salty, sour, and too hot and cold food.Find out what treats stomatitis adult, you can, to see a specialist.The dentist will select the appropriate medication and make recommendations on its application for you.Typically, the treatment of stomatitis following groups of drugs used in adults:


Soreness, especially intensively manifested during a conversation and food, preventing the patient to lead a normal life.It may therefore require the use of anesthetics:

  • Geksoral Tabs.Lozenges contain benzocaine and chlorhexidine, which have antimicrobial and analgesic effect;
  • Lidohlor.Antiseptic preparation in gel format have powerful analgesic effect already within 5 minutes after its application;
  • juice of Kalanchoe.Natural medicine, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect in the oral cavity.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

To reduce inflammation, be sure to include in the treatment of thrush in adults mouthwashes, ointments, sprays and gels with an antimicrobial effect.When asked what to treat stomatitis in adults, doctors recommend the following tools:

  • Sprays - ingalipt, Geksoral or lugol;
  • Dental gels - Holisal, kamistad, aktovegin;
  • Tablets for resorption - eucalyptus M.

healing agent

To speed up the healing of wounds, formed in the oral cavity as a result of stomatitis, you should use the following drugs:

  • Vegetable oil of sea buckthorn and wild rose;
  • Vinylinum;
  • Proaolis spray;
  • Solkoseril.

They need to lubricate the affected areas of the mouth several times a day after meals and rinsing.