How and what treat stomatitis, mouth

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Improper oral care often causes the development of pathogenic bacteria in it.Increasingly, this leads to the occurrence of thrush.

How and what treat stomatitis mouth will tell the dentist.

To it is necessary to apply when the first symptoms.


Unfortunately, not all listen to the recommendations: the majority of people trying to cope with the problem.But often self-medication is not only ineffective, but also provokes deterioration.Understand how to treat stomatitis in the mouth, it is difficult, not to determine the cause of the disease.Stomatitis - small ulcer formation appearing on the oral mucosa.Often they are delivered to its owner a lot of inconvenience in speaking and eating.Origin stomatitis may be due to the following reasons:

  • bacterial or fungal (yeast) infection;
  • allergic reaction of the organism;
  • Mechanical defects of the mouth, gums;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Failure oral hygiene;
  • Sick tooth and tartar;
  • Long-term use of drugs;
  • immunocompromised;
  • Violation of the microflora of the mouth.

fact than to treat stomatitis in the mouth, will depend on the causes of the disease.Indeed, if, for example, the problem caused by fungal activity, it is advisable to use antimycotics.Often, as the main causes of stomatitis doctors call the disease of the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis, duodenitis or worms.


disease begins to manifest itself at an early stage.Patients often complain of a strong burning sensation in the mouth, which is enhanced by chewing.Later in the mucosa appear small sores.Canker sores in the mouth and is accompanied by other symptoms:

  • Increased body temperature and a high fever;
  • Increase of lymph nodes in the neck and behind the ears;
  • pain in the mouth.

If you leave the problem unattended, may develop chronic disease, in which a slight burning sensation in the mouth turns to severe pain, particularly in the areas of contact with small blisters in the mouth, filled with liquid.To avoid this, it is necessary as soon as possible to visit the dentist.Do not try to treat stomatitis in the mouth by means of alternative medicine: they can be used only as a supplementary measure to the basic treatment.

methods of treatment

effectiveness of treatment of stomatitis is only possible when the exact diagnosis of the causes of disease.Answering the question of how to treat stomatitis, mouth, doctors resort to offer an integrated basis.It comprises several groups of therapeutic measures:

  • Medication;
  • Local therapy;
  • Laser treatment.

Depending on the reasons that triggered the development of the disease, the doctor will determine what to treat stomatitis in the mouth must be the individual patient.


Upon detection of the infectious agent in assays dentists usually prescribe antibiotics - such as penicillin, kanatsimin, gentamicin and others.In parallel, it is necessary to take antihistamines to prevent allergic reactions and probiotics to normalize the intestinal flora.

Local treatment

In this case, refers to the use of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions for rinsing the mouth.This procedure reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria inhabiting the oral mucosa and further suppress their growth.How to treat stomatitis mouth in this case?Doctors recommend to purchase the following solutions in the pharmacy: chlorhexidine, miramistin, furatsilin or margontsovku.

In the following videos demonstrate recipes for the treatment of stomatitis at home:

You can also rinse your mouth with warm decoction of herbs (oak bark, sage or chamomile).Perform the procedure should be every 2-3 hours after a meal.If you can not rinse your mouth with a disinfectant solution, you can use a spray with analgesic effect (eg, Tantum Verde).

Laser Application

Laser treatment of thrush in the mouth - a quick and painless procedure in which no damage to healthy tissue of the mucous membranes of the mouth.The use of laser is shown only in special cases.Despite the fact that such a procedure has no contraindications, should be pre-consult with the doctor.