What and how to treat tooth decay

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With an issue like tooth decay, the dentist regularly turn hundreds of people.But it is easy to get rid of this disease?

There are many ways, what and how to treat caries effectively.However

choose one or another method of treatment should only be qualified.


Caries is a pathological process characterized by softening and demineralization of tooth tissues with consequent formation of cavities.More precisely, the term "caries" is translated as decay.Modern dentists connect occurrence of the problem with the change of pH level on the tooth surface.This process occurs due to the fermentation of carbohydrates, the particles which remain on the teeth after a meal.During glycolysis, implemented bacteria organic acids are formed, which destroy the structure of the tooth enamel.

Upon closer examination of the mechanisms of dental disease should pay attention to the variety of factors that lead to the formation of tooth demineralizati

on chamber.Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body.According to the degree of hardness, it can yield, perhaps, only diamonds.Almost completely tooth enamel is composed of minerals, which are susceptible to organic acids.Tooth decay begins at lower pH level to 4.5.However, the tooth enamel is not every man is so sensitive.Susceptibility to caries contribute to the following conditions:

  • anatomical features of the tooth surface.The interdental space created favorable conditions for long-term fixation of dental plaque;
  • high fluorine content.When tooth enamel is saturated with this component, the ftorpatity more resistant to acids;
  • Oral hygiene.Timely removal of plaque reduces the risk of caries, and vice versa;
  • Features power.Soft foods rich in carbohydrates, promotes the appearance of plaque.Also, the state of the enamel affects the amount of vitamins and other nutrients in the body;
  • Number of saliva.Minimum outflow of saliva allows bacteria to attach to the tooth surface to form a coating;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • general condition of the body.

Stages and symptoms

Before treat caries, you must verify the accuracy of the diagnosis.To do this, consult a specialist, who, after a thorough examination of the mouth will be able to draw some conclusions about the condition of the teeth.Such diseases as caries develops slowly and sufficiently proceeds in several stages.So notice it will not be big problems, especially if you follow the condition of the oral cavity.We will consider all stages of development of caries:

  • carious spot.There is a change tooth color due to the formation of white chalk or dark spots.Discomfort and damage the tooth surface is not available;
  • Surface stage.Melovoye spot, as the enamel becomes rough.Attach a toothache caused by temperature changes and the use of acidic or sugary foods;
  • Average stage.The process of destruction penetrates tooth damage visible to the naked eye.The pain intensified, becoming more frequent and prolonged;
  • deep stage.Cavities filled with softened dentin, touching it causes severe pain.Long-term destruction of dentine leads to the defeat of the dental nerve.


How to treat tooth decay?The answer is obvious - only in the dental office.Do not try to deal with this problem on their own.

In the following video offered alternative methods of treatment of caries using traditional medicine:

numerous home remedies only temporarily reduce symptoms without eliminating the root cause of the continuing destruction of the tooth enamel.Doctors give a detailed answer to the question, than to treat caries.The algorithm is the following:

  • removal of plaque.Implemented patient cleansing, as well as the adjacent teeth from dental plaque and plaque with laser nozzle and abrasive pastes;
  • Determination of tooth color.Special scale helps the doctor to choose the shade of the restorative material suitable to the color of the tooth;
  • Analgesia.For the painless removal of carious tissue local anesthesia.The duration of the anesthetic activity can take from 40 minutes to several hours;
  • Boring.After administration of the anesthetic the dentist begins the removal of carious tissues;
  • isolation tooth.Before filling of the physician is to protect the tooth from saliva hit by a cofferdam - a thin cloth made of latex, which is a special opening for the teeth;
  • treatment cavity.After removal of the carious tooth cavity is treated with antiseptics;
  • overlay pads.Under the seal is placed insulating lining of glass ionomer cement;
  • restorations.Layers are applied to the tooth cavity photopolymer composite materials which illuminates the lamp in order to harden the seal;
  • Grinding and polishing of teeth.After the restoration of the tooth is exposed to form a seal grinding and polishing to give it aesthetic appearance.