How and what treat flux

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  • reasons
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  • Treatment
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flux on the gums - the problem is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for your health.If time does not see a dentist, may have irreversible complications.

As flux than cure - in this respect there are many opinions.

Some prefer to solve the problem on their own, while others can not do without the help of a specialist.


However, before taking over the treatment of flux, you must find out the reason for its occurrence.Realizing this, you will be able to eliminate the root of the disease, and subsequent treatment will take place more efficiently.Causes of flux in the oral cavity can be varied - from harmless to quite serious.Here are the most common ones:

  • Failure to comply with hygiene rules when removing the tooth;
  • Inflammation of the salivary glands or blockage of the salivary ducts;
  • Caries;
  • damage the gums.

destruction of tooth enamel - the most dangerous.This process open

s the door to pathogens, which will eventually penetrate into the deeper tissue, getting to the root of the tooth.The inflammatory process can go up to the periosteum, creating pockets of pus.The most dangerous way of development - the spread of pus in the soft tissues of the face and neck, and then in the internal organs.

Stages of development

However, in most cases at an early stage of development of the flux is not observed ulcers.If at this stage the doctor will tell you how to treat a flux, the recovery will come faster than you expect.But despite the lack of seriousness of the symptoms at the initial stage of the formation of flux, it is not necessary to engage in self.Doctors warn: rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions, cure flux until the end fail.

So you just take off for a while unpleasant symptoms.If at this stage does not see a doctor, he will be replaced by a new stage - purulent.And there will no longer be a question than to treat flux path is only one - surgery.Most often, then the flux passes and only in rare cases, the inflammatory process continues to develop, causing the accumulation of pus in the soft tissues and abscess.


if you experience any discomfort in the mouth, whether it is itching or swelling of the gums, should be as soon as possible to ask for help to the dentist.Depending on the cause and stage of development of the inflammatory process, he will advise you how and what to treat flux.In most cases, medical treatment is appointed, and in more advanced cases - surgery notched purulent education.As an additional therapy can be used and traditional methods of treatment that are symptomatic and contribute to the rapid recovery of the patient.

Drugstore means

Medication flux involves the use of three drugs - Antiseptic solutions, antibiotics and painkillers.It has proven hlorofillipta solution with a powerful disinfectant action.For mouthwash must be diluted 1 tablespoon of this tool in a glass of warm water.Repeat procedure should be up to 5 times per day.Antibiotics and analgesics are assigned only to the attending physician and the like aimed at eliminating pain, and withdrawal of the inflammatory process.

Traditional medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine are good for getting rid of the symptoms of the disease.And the treated flux in this case it is best?Rinse decoction of herbs and other natural remedies can help eliminate bacteria and reduce swelling.Here are a few time-tested recipes, how to treat the flux in the home:

  • Soda solution.1 teaspoon of baking soda and pour a glass of fine salt boiling water, cool the solution to room temperature.Rinse your mouth with them every 2-3 hours;
  • decoction of sage.2 tablespoons dry grass, sage pour 500ml boiling water.Cool and strain, rinse the mouth 2 times in 1 hour.

Similarly, you can use herbal teas and other medicinal plants, has an antiseptic effect - eg, birch buds, peppermint, calendula and others.It is equally effective in the treatment of flux and compresses.

In the video below - the popular methods of treatment flux:

Naturopaths strongly recommend to try a lotion with onions.It is a natural antibiotic and is able to quickly eliminate inflammation.It is enough to just moisten a cotton swab or bandage fresh onion juice and apply to the site of flux for 20-30 minutes.