How to treat your teeth during pregnancy

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Health unborn child depends on the condition of the female body.Moreover, it comes not only the health of the internal organs, and the oral cavity.

How to treat your teeth during pregnancy and whether it is possible to carry out a local anesthesia for dental surgery?

This issue is particularly relevant in view of the fact that during pregnancy most women there is calcium deficiency.

common diseases

to changes in hormonal background body reacts badly.This process does not shy away from teeth and gums of the future mother.During the formation of bones and teeth baby in the womb of the pregnant spends several times more calcium that with insufficient intake of dietary substances causes a disturbance of calcium metabolism.The consequence of this phenomenon is often the dental problems in women.How to treat your teeth during pregnancy?First of all, you must determine which dental diseases most likely to encounter nat

ure pregnant:

  • Caries.During childbearing expectant mother composition of saliva does not change for the better.Deficiency of calcium and active bacterial growth causes rapid growth of carious foci;
  • Bleeding gums.Again, the lack of calcium in the body provokes inflammation of the gums and slight bleeding.The most common problem occurs in the second trimester;
  • Periodontitis.Gums circulatory deterioration and reduced immunity cause inflammation in the oral cavity.This disease is very dangerous for the unborn child.


The majority of women who are in an interesting position, there is a lot of doubt as to how to treat the teeth during pregnancy.In fact, to solve dental problems expectant mother may at any stage.However, doctors still recommend to deal with the treatment of teeth and gums during the second trimester of pregnancy.Most often, expectant mothers are turning to the experts with questions about anesthesia and X-rays.Is it possible to treat the teeth during pregnancy and will not harm the baby if these measures health?


When the visit to the dentist many patients most afraid of pain that invariably accompany the treatment of teeth and gums.Fortunately, pregnant women do not have contraindications to the use of local anesthesia.In such cases, dentists use the latest generation of drugs painkillers, knowing beforehand whether a woman allergic to any medications.Modern anesthetics affect dot in the injection site, does not penetrate through the placental barrier between mother and child.


about the harmful effects of X-ray radiation knows, perhaps each.However, the effect of the procedure is too exaggerated.Answering the question of how to treat the teeth during pregnancy, dentists eliminate the threat of harmful effects on the fetus.Given the fact that this is a local, just a point radiation, the negative impact of risks are minimized.Despite the fact that the x-rays and anesthesia safely used by physicians in the treatment of teeth during pregnancy, some procedures are banned.These primarily include:

  • use of anesthetics, which include epinephrine and its analogs;
  • teeth Treatment with arsenic and drugs based on it;
  • whitening and dentures.


To keep teeth and gums healthy, pregnant women should take care of careful oral hygiene.Of course, the importance of personal hygiene - regular brushing, mouthwash after meals, removing food particles using dental floss or toothpicks.In addition, expectant mothers should lean on foods rich in vitamin D and calcium to maintain a normal level of vitamins in the body.