How to treat ligament of the knee

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When active sports usually suffer ligament of the knee.For many amateur and professional problem sprains and torn ligaments even know firsthand.

How to treat ligament of the knee joint in tension or break?

Even minor damage to knee ligaments require quality lecheniya.Obychno such damage occurs as a result of increased stress on the joint.The main purpose of the ligaments - a union of tibia and femur.Along with these they carry out such a complex task, as the stabilization and mobility of the knee joint.Stretching or tearing of ligaments in this area leads to the fact that the person has difficulty in carrying out such simple movements like the squat, twist and even regular walking.


knee joint in the human body is the most loaded, so it is very vulnerable to various kinds of injuries and damages.Sprains and torn ligaments knee occur mostly due to non-natural for this part of the body movements.Most often this happen

s during sports, at which falls to his knees a big load (running, jumping, working with weights, etc.).Injuries of the knee ligaments are familiar to those who played professional football or tennis, but is also involved in powerlifting or bodybuilding.


clinical picture of various knee injuries almost identical.Intense pain in this area is one of the earliest and most specific symptoms stretching or tearing of ligament apparatus.However, tensile painful appear only after some time after the injury.Other signs of damage to the knee ligaments may be:

  • Increased pain when loads on the knee;
  • Bruising;
  • Limitation of knee joint mobility;
  • «laxity" of the joint (in case of serious rupture);
  • Swelling of the tissues at the site of injury;
  • painful pops and crackle when joint movement;
  • bruising.

How to treat ligament of the knee - the question is rather complicated.Damage to this part of the body are difficult to treat, as a full replacement to provide peace impossible.If you feel pain or other unpleasant symptoms that signal a knee ligament injury, consult a doctor immediately for medical assistance.


main point of treatment is rest and maximum limitation of the patient's mobility.For several days after the injury ligaments patient should stay in bed.How to treat the knee ligament then?Medical treatment for sprains and ruptures is minor and usually includes:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, ibuprofen and ketanov).These medications help to reduce the pain and swelling of removal;
  • packs.For the procedure used is usually lidocaine and dimexide.They have a bunch on anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

To provide additional stabilization of the knee joint, doctors recommend the use of elastic bandage for fixing or special bandage.This helps to limit the mobility of the affected area during the rehabilitation period.The dressing should not be too tight, to avoid any numbness in the limbs.


How to treat ligament of the knee joint with strong discontinuities?In severe cases, doctors are forced to resort to surgical intervention.Surgeons can use during surgery graft to replace the damaged ligament.Another method of surgery - a puncture.The procedure is the removal of excess fluid from the knee joint.Such treatment may accelerate the healing of ligaments.


foresee and prevent injury to the knee ligaments pretty.However, the implementation of some simple guidelines will help you avoid the decision on how to treat the knee ligament tensile and tear:

  • before the workout is a workout;
  • Increase the intensity and duration of employment gradually;
  • Strengthen leg muscles;
  • finish each workout stretching;
  • For sports choose high-quality and comfortable shoes for you;
  • Control your weight.