Sore knees - than to treat and how , if strongly sore knee

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With complaints of frequent knee pain to doctors treat not only the elderly but also young people.Reasons why your knees ache, may be different, so you need to go through the primary inspection.

Than to treat and how, if strongly sore knee while walking or at rest?

pain syndrome is caused by a variety of structural joint damage - tendons, cartilage and joint capsules.However pain patients are usually complain and other symptoms such as stiffness, swelling and redness of the skin at the knee.Such signs may speak not only of joint injury, but also its possible inflammation.


most frequent reason why the aching knees are injured.Damage may occur due to the unnatural movements, falling to one knee and straight punches.Pain usually occurs immediately and can last for several hours after the injury.Another reason for knee pain include:

  • dislocations and sprains knee ligament / tendon;
  • torn meniscus knee;
  • rupture of ligaments;
  • fracture or dislocation of the patella;
  • offset joint.

On what hurts the knee, often complain about the people involved in sports at amateur or professional level.In this case, the pain occurs due to increased stress on the joint, which occur due to the frequent repetition of the same movements (running or jumping, for example) or prolonged pressure on the knee (the work with heavy weights).

Possible diseases

Very often many patients try to self-understanding, than to treat and how, if your knees hurt.But such an approach, in most cases does not give positive results, given the fact that, not only damage to the knee, but also various diseases can cause pain.And if for the treatment of injury or stretching enough to provide a good rest, get rid of these diseases affecting the knee joint, without medical assistance will not work:

  • Baker's cyst.It is a tumor on the back of the knee bend;
  • Osteoarthritis.Degenerative processes in the joint causes pain not only morning, but swelling and stiffness;
  • Infectious arthritis.It causes pain and limitation of joint mobility;
  • Osgood-Shpattera.It provokes pain and swelling in the patella.

sooner you will visit the doctor-traumatologist, the sooner you will be able to find the answer to a question than to cure, if badly sore knee when walking.


Not in all situations, drug therapy is the fundamental direction of the treatment.For example, when the knee injuries, primarily, the patient should ensure full comfort and minimize motor activity.If you do not, no, even the most effective drugs will not help speed up the healing process.

The following video demonstrated articular gymnastics from pains in the knees:

In other cases, such as infectious arthritis without the use of antibiotics and other drugs that suppress the spread of infection, do not.The cure, if your knees hurt, according to the doctors?In all cases, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs intake.Drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or pandol reduce pain and help eliminate edema.It is worth emphasizing that the first day after the knee injury you can not take NSAIDs because it will cause a dilution of the blood, which, ultimately, may cause subcutaneous bleeding.

Other ways

By following a doctor's recommendation, you can also use other methods, which will significantly reduce the pain in the knee:

  • Stop exercise, bed rest;
  • Under knee enclose a soft pillow or cushion;
  • For some time, discard any thermal treatments - tub, shower, compresses and so on;
  • Apply an ice pack to the site of localization of pain for a few minutes.Perform the procedure is necessary several times a day;
  • Fix the knee with an elastic bandage.Strongly do not over-tighten the joint, otherwise it will cause even more swelling and numbness of the limbs;
  • When sitting or lying down holding his knee on the dais to avoid edema.