How and what to treat knee injury

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on the knee joint, in contrast to other components of the skeleton, we have the maximum load.In this regard, our knees are not immune from minor injuries.

How and what to treat a knee injury in the home?This injury is very unpleasant, and sometimes it causes serious harm to human health.

people actively involved in sports, it is very often faced with injuries, which makes them for some time to leave the training.But whatever the knee injury, cope with this problem, you can always.The main thing - time to provide first aid and proper treatment.Doctors are advised not to stop moving when receiving this type of injury.


And while a bruise of the knee - it's unpleasant surgical treatment he requires.Many people do not take seriously such a trauma and a very good reason: not dolechenny injury can become a cause for concern and discomfort when moving in the future.The most common injury occurs when falling on the knee j

oint, for example, during the ice or playing sports.Another reason for a knee injury - this fall on this part of the leg or squeezing any heavy object.Anyway, this type of damage occurs in case of mechanical impacts.


Usually, a knee injury, even the lightest, does not pass without leaving a trace.Symptoms of injury can be varied depending on the degree of damage and other factors, the angle of force and impact area.The clinical picture in all cases is shown by the following symptoms:

  • pain.The most intense it is at the moment a knee injury, and for some time thereafter.Gradually, the pain decreases, giving an effect only when the motor activity;
  • hematoma.If the blood vessels, a bruise on the knee formed maroon been damaged by injury.It can have different scales;
  • swelling and induration.After a knee injury can swell up, for a while it will be difficult to bend the leg and even walking.

If you get blood from a ruptured vessel in the knee joint cavity strongly swells and increases in size.Finding any of the symptoms after the trauma, hurry to ask a question than to treat a knee injury, a trauma surgeon.

First Aid

Once the knee is damaged, to provide immediate first aid to the victim.In this situation it is necessary: ​​

  • Immobilize the injured knee, keep at rest;
  • to the place of injury apply a cold compress for 10-15 minutes.After 10 minutes, repeat the procedure;
  • give affected anesthetic At the unbearable pain.

Once the pain subsides a bit and improve the patient's condition, it is mandatory to consult a doctor about how to treat a knee injury.


Today in pharmacies can be found a lot of drugs for the treatment of such injuries.However, the use of medications is not recommended without a doctor's prescription.A wrong medication may not have the desired effect, which could result in violation of the normal functioning of the knee and the appearance of chronic pain.How to treat a knee injury advise physicians today?

  • NSAIDs (analgin, diclofenac, oksigan, indomethacin, etc.).Analgesics may be administered in the form of tablets or articular injection;
  • Hondroproektory (collagen ultra, fermatron and others).Restores lack of fluid in the joint after injury, maintain the normal operation of the knee joint;
  • Local anesthetic ointment (diklak, indomethacin, diclofenac, etc.).Has a local analgesic effect directly on the injury, reduce pain and swelling and accelerate healing of bruises.

Other ways

How to treat a knee injury in addition to drug therapy?Imposing tight fixation bandages - an important point in the treatment of injuries of the knee joint.In such cases, generally use an elastic bandage.

In the video below suggested traditional remedies for the treatment of knee and other injuries:

However, if you can not fix joint them, you can use the wardrobe handy tools: scarf, shawl, shirt, etc.As long as the knee has healed completely, you should protect the joints from stress.The first few days after injury prohibited any motor activity.This is followed by progressively develop joint using therapeutic exercises and a leisurely walk around the house.