Blew his neck - as a treat

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When supercooling neck person often complains of severe pain and limited mobility.This problem is widespread among different categories of people.

How to treat, if blown neck in a draft?

Many of us are used to cope with this problem on their own, without the help of doctors.


However, doctors warn that cold neck or scientifically myositis - is not only a consequence of hypothermia muscles art.The mechanisms of the problem may be caused by:

  • infectious diseases (flu or sore throat);
  • overvoltage of the cervical muscles;
  • bruises and other injuries in the area;
  • stress.

long stay in the same position may also trigger a cold neck.Among other diseases of this type of cervical myositis department is considered one of the most dangerous, because inflammation is localized in the muscles of the neck, can quickly spread to the muscles of the respiratory system (esophagus, larynx, pharynx, and others).To avoi

d such a turn of events, consult with the problem of how to treat, if blown neck, to the appropriate specialist.


As a rule, people immediately detects the fact hypothermia neck.The characteristic symptoms of myositis are the cervical spine:

  • Mobility limitation of neck muscles, inability to rotate or tilt it to the side;
  • Pain in the neck muscles;
  • Fever.

If you manage to blow the neck in a draft or in the street, then most likely, the phenomenon will be followed and other inflammatory symptoms - runny nose, sore throat, weakness and increased fatigue, headaches and so on.


How to treat, if blown neck in the cold?Search for a solution to this problem must be immediately.First of all, doctors are advised to protect the sick part of the body from further exposure to cold, which will slow down the process of inflammation.For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to a number of measures:

  • Keep your neck warm.When you exit to the street in the cold and windy weather, be sure to wear a woolen scarf or sweater with a high neck;
  • Relax your muscles.Prolonged stress, due to the constant sitting behind a computer, for example, can cause inflammation of the neck muscles.Therefore, start a small interruptions;
  • hot shower or bath.Warm water has on the muscles of the cervical spine anesthetic effect and also relieves tension.

Most of us are trying to cope with hypothermia neck more primitive way - taking pain medications.But the issue of how to treat, if blown neck, such a method, according to doctors, is ineffective.Take pain medication should be only when the pain is unbearable or, for example, does not allow you to sleep at night.


There are many different tools, how to treat, if blown neck in the draft.The main objective of treatment in this case - it is the removal of inflammation.To achieve this with the help of painkillers alone will not succeed.Many doctors advise to influence the inflammatory focus topically:

  • Ointments with a warming effect.The pharmacy sells weight external funds for such a case Nise, nimulid, finalgon, Voltaren, etc.).They not only relieve pain, but also eliminate an inflammation in the muscle tissue;
  • compress.Similar effects have packs with vodka, novocaine or camphor alcohol.Perform the procedure preferably before bedtime, fixing compress for 2-3 hours;
  • Massage.Frequent massaging the neck muscles, even without the help of outsiders will improve mobility and relieve pain.

The above procedure should be performed regularly, at the same avoiding the draft, which will only hinder recovery.

Traditional medicine

Folk remedies can also help if blown neck.Apply them to be not as a separate and additional treatment of the cervical myositis:

  • 3 tablespoons marshmallow root pour a glass of boiled water for 8-10 hours.Preheat the infusion and use for the preparation of compresses;
  • few tablespoons coarse sea salt or preheat a frying pan.Put it in a bag made of thick fabric and apply to the affected area several times a day;
  • In fresh cabbage leaf put a little baking soda and grated soap.Apply it to the neck and secure with a warm scarf or handkerchief, leave for the night.