How to treat a fracture of the ribs , arms, hands

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bone fractures are not only extremely painful, but also very dangerous phenomena.Bad fall, a car accident, and other factors lead to various bone deformation.

How to treat fractured ribs, arms, hands and legs?

These parts are the most vulnerable in the human body.


fracture - the bone fragment displacement along the side or at an angle as a result of the injury.Violation of the integrity of the bone takes place under the influence of external forces.Fracture also trigger the development of a particular disease can be a body part, reducing the strength of the bone (osteoporosis etc.).The severity of the fracture depends on the size, type and location of defeat.The most common causes of broken ribs, arms and hands are:

  • bad fall or a fall from a height;
  • Bounce;
  • Accidents on the road;
  • increased load as a result of exercise.

When an important turning point in time to provi

de first aid and the victim as soon as possible to address to doctors with the problem of how to treat the fracture of the ribs, arms, hands or other body parts.Otherwise you may cause serious complications.

Types of fractures

most famous classification of fractures - it's closed and open damaged bone integrity.With an open fracture damaged not only bone, but also the skin.Very often, a broken bone above the surface.Such a fracture is accompanied by profuse bleeding and infections can be complicated.In contrast, a closed fracture is a displacement of the bone in which the skin remains integral.However, in medicine, there are other classifications of fractures:

  • traumatic and pathological.Arise due to the impact of a sharp blow and bone during certain pathological processes in bone tissue (cysts, malignant tumors);
  • complete or incomplete.In such cases there is a bone fracture into two pieces, and the crack or fracture in the bone.


fracture is very painful phenomenon for humans.In some cases, particularly when multiple or open fractures suffered in a so called traumatic shock: sharply decreases blood pressure, pulse weakens and quickens, reinforced breathing and heartbeat.External signs of fracture of one or another part of the body are:

  • swelling in the injured site;
  • bruising;
  • mobility Violation broken limbs;
  • pain at the fracture site;
  • deformation of limbs.

When complete fracture is usually celebrated extensive bleeding in the surrounding tissues, as well as severe swelling, and decreased skin sensitivity.


Very often, doctors are turning to the question how to treat a broken rib, arm, hand, since the bones more fragile.Before doctors in this case, there is one problem: splice bone fragments and restore mobility of the affected limb.Today, in medical practice successfully used several methods of fracture treatment.The choice of method depends on the type and extent of damage.Well established and combinations of these methods below:


This method is directly reposition the bones and then affixing its fragments through an open wound.


Approximately 70% of the treatment of patients with the question of how to treat a broken rib, arm, hand, doctors have resorted to the method of fixing the damaged bone.However, it has many undesirable side effects.For example, prolonged immobility limb fixed plaster cast, can lead to muscle atrophy, which in turn increases the likelihood of displacement and re-fracture.Therefore, this method is appropriate only when fix bone fragments can be broken only by means of plaster bandage or polymer.


This technique is used for fractures, requiring constant extension of the damaged bone, which can significantly reduce the fragment offset.Stretching the bone by means of the load, the weight of which is reduced as comparing bone fragments.