How to treat a prostate massage

Category Urology | August 12, 2017 17:53


  • Mechanism of Action How to massage the prostate
  • Preparation
  • massage technique
  • Duration
  • Contraindications

In many textbooks on urology last century said about the effectiveness of massage in the treatment of prostatitis.However, even today, this technique uses no less success.

How to treat a prostate massage and how effective this method is not a medical treatment?

Doctors say that patients can perform the procedure themselves at home.

mechanism of action

As is known, prostatitis - an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland.It occurs in almost half of men over 40-50 years.Based on the clinical forms of the disease, distinguish acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic.The disease develops under the influence of a variety of adverse factors, it can be a sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia, urinary tract infection, or bad habits.But, unfortunately, not all men are due to valid reasons, or simply because of the embarrassment in no hurry to seek professional medical help.

Meanwhile, prostatitis, especially in the chronic form is a complex disease that is difficult to treat.Drug therapy does not always produce the desired effect, and also causes a lot of side effects.An alternative to drug therapy Found: this massage.However, not everyone knows how to treat a prostate massage.This procedure is very positive effect on the condition of the prostate gland.Despite the psychological discomfort that patients experience when it is executed, the prostate weight is able to provide a number of positive actions:

  • Increase male potency;
  • Improve blood circulation in the prostate gland;
  • Withdrawal from the affected areas of stagnant prostatic secretion;
  • Improved cell regeneration in the body;
  • Increased muscle tone of the prostate;
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Prostate massage can improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body of the patient, which will quickly eliminate the inflammatory process and return to the familiar and comfortable lifestyle.

How to massage the prostate

indication for the procedure of therapeutic massage are all forms of prostatitis.However, to obtain positive therapeutic effect will be better if the procedure will qualified.Subsequently, the patient will be able to consult a urologist about how to treat a prostate massage at home.Through this procedure alone, it is understood the delicacy of the event and to comply strictly with all the prescribed recommendations.


Doctors say: it is advisable to carry out the procedure with the filling of the bladder.This is because the pressure inside will ensure tighter contact with the finger prostate.Therefore, for 40-60 minutes before the massage, drink about 1 liter of water or juice.Another important point in the stage of preparation for prostate massage - it's hygiene.The person performing the procedure should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.During the procedure, wear disposable rubber gloves, lubricated with petroleum jelly finger surface for a more comfortable injection into the rectum.

massage technique

Perform self-massage is problematic, so the process is connected to a loved one, for example, a wife.To understand how to treat prostate massage properly, follow these guidelines:

  • Let the patient take the knee-elbow position for relaxing the pelvic muscles;
  • Gently insert your finger into the rectum, standing behind the patient;
  • After entering locate cancer: its bottom edge is approximately 5 cm from the anus;
  • accurate motion vote finger shape, size and density of the body, taking into account the feelings of the patient during the procedure;
  • Massage prostate, moving from the edges along the central sulcus along the excretory ducts;
  • Finish the massage smooth pressure on the prostate in the central sulcus.

main technique used in prostate massage - a vertical stroke.The procedure should be carried out smoothly, without making any sudden movements, which can not only deliver the patient pain, but also lead to internal damage.


Knowing how to treat prostate massage, you will be able to carry out this procedure regularly, without the help of professionals.To achieve stable effect should perform the procedure on a daily basis or every other day.Total number of sessions - at least one session 10. The duration should be about 1 minute, but no less than 30 seconds.


However, by carrying out a massage prostate, there are certain contraindications, namely:

  • Acute prostatitis;
  • prostate cancer or suspected of having the disease;
  • BPH;
  • cyst of the prostate gland;
  • Acute diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the rectum in an acute form (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc.).