How to treat prostatitis folk remedies

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Prostatitis - a real problem for the middle-aged and elderly men.Traditional medicine helps to relieve the main symptoms of this disease.

How to treat prostatitis folk remedies at home?

At the heart of the national treatment is the use of herbs, bee products and other natural ingredients.

Causes Inflammation of the prostate gland seriously undermines the health of the men, breaking the habitual way of his daily life.The prostate is one of the constituent parts of the reproductive system of males.The body is located below the bladder and urethra and urinary tube passes directly through it.Due to this arrangement blocks the prostate with increasing urine flow.For men over 40 years of inflammation of the prostate - a common phenomenon.How to treat prostatitis folk remedies?First of all, you should understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Largely unhealthy lifestyle men contributes to t

he development and further progression of inflammation in the prostate.Many diseases faced man in his 40s, is only a consequence of problems in the urinary system.The most likely to develop prostate are males who are overweight and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting most of the time behind a desk.These factors disrupt blood flow in the small pelvis, resulting in stagnation develop, leading to an increase in prostate organs.As the proliferation of prostate tissue also increases the amount of urine held back, which poisons the whole body.Contributing factors to the development of prostatitis are:

  • hypothermia;
  • Violation of the sexual life of a man (or increased sexual activity in front of a long period of abstinence from sexual intercourse);
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of attention to these aspects of life man leads to the progression of inflammation in the prostate gland.

traditional treatments

To date, there are at least hundreds of recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of prostatitis.However, despite the fact that this technique involves the safety and naturalness of the products, not all of them are effective.How to treat prostatitis folk remedies at home?Such treatment involves the use of herbal medicines, as well as other methods.But it is worth remembering that the traditional medicine in this case - it is only addition to the basic treatment.In addition, some of the proposed means can cause allergic reactions and other complications in the treatment, so before their application should consult with a specialist.

Pumpkin seeds

useful and accessible tool for the treatment of prostatitis.Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc, which is necessary for men's health.As the prevention of prostatitis man will have enough to eat every day for 30 raw seeds.And here's another recipe for preventive and therapeutic agents based on pumpkin seeds:

  • pound of peeled raw seeds grind in a meat grinder or blender;
  • Mix the resulting mass with 200 ml of liquid honey;
  • blindly from honey pumpkin mass small balls the size of a walnut, cool in the refrigerator;
  • Eat one such ball 2 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Fruit and vegetable juices

How to treat prostatitis folk remedies can be more?Juice therapy - a very unusual, but effective to show itself in the treatment of prostate method.The overabundance of animal protein in the diet leads to an overload of allocating organs.As a result, the body secretes minimal amounts of uric acid, a larger volume which is absorbed into the muscle, which leads to prostatitis.Help solve the problem of carrot, cucumber and asparagus juice from natural origin.They can drink alone or mixed in different proportions, various flavor combinations.To achieve good results it is recommended to drink at least 600 ml of juice per day, divided into several stages.

Bee products

Honey, propolis and other bee products are used since ancient times in the treatment of prostatitis in men.Phytotherapeutic drugs based on them have potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The following video presents a few recipes from prostatitis folk remedies:

offer several effective prescriptions, how to treat prostatitis folk remedies:

  • candles with propolis.Vaporize 40 grams of propolis in 200 ml of alcohol, then mix 0.1 grams of extract with 2 grams of cocoa butter and rye flour, form a candle.Insert them into the rectum at bedtime for 30 days;
  • daily take 1 teaspoon of honey and pollen 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day;
  • propolis tincture.40 drops of tincture (20%) was dissolved in 100 ml of water, receiving means 20 minutes before meals.