How and what to treat inflammation of the bladder

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Due to the specific anatomical features of the structure of a high probability of inflammation in the bladder are women.In medicine, this disease is called cystitis.

How and what to treat a bladder infection at home?

Cystitis is a bacterial origin as well because no antibiotics are not enough.


But before to treat inflammation of the bladder medications should understand the reasons for its occurrence.The leading role in its development belongs to infections.The causative agent of the inflammatory process may be the most diverse microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, fungi of the genus Candida, and Trichomonas.Treatment, and, in particular, the drugs are selected according to the type of pathogen.Pathogenic microflora - one of the most common culprits of bladder inflammation.

Obvious its representatives are staphylococci, streptococci and E. coli.Infection of the bladder can occur in three ways - upward (th

rough the urethra), which is common among women;downlink (from the kidney and ureter);lymphogenous (through the lymph from the foci of infection located in the pelvis adjacent organs).However, infectious agents are not the only cause of the inflammatory process in the urinary bladder.Less common factors are:

  • Chemical attack.This group of factors include, above all, long-term use of potent drugs;
  • thermal burns;
  • Mechanical damages the bladder mucosa (for example, in surgery);
  • Severe hypothermia.

rapid spread of the inflammatory process may contribute to the factors that influence the body's resistance - the weakness of recent myocardial disease, exhaustion and fatigue, beriberi.


Inflammation of the bladder is accompanied by a number of distinct symptoms.Initial appearance of cystitis is expressed by the following features:

  • Frequent urination in small portions;
  • Blurred urine;
  • pain and a burning sensation in the lower abdomen during urination;
  • Increased fatigue and weakness;
  • slight rise in temperature.

Subsequently, in the absence of appropriate treatment, complications may occur: infection will spread to nearby areas organs - the kidneys and ureters.


Given the clinical form of the disease cystitis should be subjected to comprehensive and individualized treatment.But how to treat a bladder infection most effectively?Medical therapy consists of the following elements:

  • Antibiotics;
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • pain relief;
  • Eliminating violations outflow of urine;
  • Correcting health and sexual life of the patient (in abstinence should be observed for 5-7 days);
  • Immunotherapy;
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.

Full recovery occurs only in the event of liquidation of all urinary disorders, the elimination of bacteriuria and leukocyturia, quality of life for the patient recovery.How to treat a bladder infection, doctors advise?In the treatment of cystitis are two types of the use of medicines - general and local.

General Medicine

This treatment involves receiving antimicrobials.Than to treat inflammation of the bladder is most effective?In such cases, doctors usually prescribe to their patients monural, norfloxacin and other drugs of fluoroquinolones group.However, for the treatment of cystitis in children, these drugs are not suitable.The course of antibiotic treatment is on average 5-7 days.

Local therapy

Local treatment of inflammation of the bladder based on bladder irrigation with antiseptic solutions.Thus, it can significantly reduce the intensity of inflammation and reduce pain.For washing bladder usually used furatsilin and rivanol.The procedure is done strictly in a hospital.In addition, doctors recommend patients to handle genitals decoction of herbs at home.A powerful antiseptic possess chamomile, oak bark, calendula, and a succession of celandine.