How to treat cystitis folk remedies

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Bladder infection occurs by ingestion of infection in the body.In this case, treatment is usually performed by medication.

However, few trust him, so the question of how to treat cystitis folk remedies, remains relevant.

Traditional medicine is not less effective, and also has fewer side effects.


Cystitis - is one of those diseases that can occur at any age.Regarding floor, bladder inflammation occur more frequently in women due to the specific structure of the urinary system.The main reason for discomfort during urination - is getting an infection in the bladder.In 80% of the causative agent of the inflammatory process is E. coli.Women also should remember that genital infections caused by Chlamydia and candida fungi ode can cause cystitis.However, even if the pathogenic microflora managed to penetrate into the bladder, the infection may not receive further development.To the inflammatory process has been started, you need exposure t

o one of the following factors:

  • Hypothermia;
  • Surgery;
  • sexual act.

frequent and excessive consumption of smoked foods, alcohol and hot spices irritates the mucous membrane of the bladder, accelerating the process of inflammation.


Statistics says more than half of women at least once in their lives suffered from cystitis, and about 15% have a chronic form of the disease.cystitis symptomatology differs depending on the course of the inflammatory process.For the acute form is characterized by sudden and bright start.Such cystitis usually occurs painful and cause discomfort to the patient weight.But just as quickly it disappears with timely treatment.Chronic cystitis - not dolechennaya properly acute form.In most cases, it is stale, the symptoms are not as intense as in acute cystitis and are rare.When supercooling or the impact of any other factors exacerbated chronic cystitis.Among the main symptoms of the disease can be identified:

  • painful and frequent urination;
  • pain and cramps in the lower abdomen;
  • slight increase in body temperature;
  • impurities of blood in the urine (in severe cases);
  • Blurred urine.

Folk remedies

Drugs recognized as the most effective means in the fight against cystitis.They quickly eliminate pathogens, to settle in the bladder and prevent the re-aggravation of the disease.However, all drugs have a mass of contraindications and side effects.Also choose a truly effective drug is not always obtained.For these reasons, the question of how to treat cystitis folk remedies, remains relevant.Use the recipes of traditional medicine can be in the home.Herbal medicine - one of the best ways to fight infection for those who decided to treat cystitis folk remedies.Here are some recipes for infusions of medicinal herbs that can help you get rid of the symptoms of cystitis:

  • flax seeds.3 tablespoons of dry seeds pour 0.5 liters of water and bring to a boil.Cool and strain the broth, add a tablespoon of honey and drink the whole decoction within an hour;
  • chamomile and horsetail.Mix 1 tablespoon of dry grass, horsetail and chamomile flowers, pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.The day should drink 3 cups of warm infusion;
  • fennel seeds.Crush fennel seeds in a coffee grinder.1 teaspoon of the resulting mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 60 minutes under the lid.Strain and drink the resulting infusion in the morning on an empty stomach.

course receiving infusions of 6-7 days.Thereafter, discontinue the use of herbs, as they can be addictive.How to treat cystitis, even folk remedies?

The following video demonstrated recipe for barley water from cystitis:

not need to dwell on only one method.Using several different tools, you have more chances to achieve a speedy recovery.We also recommend other traditional medicine procedures for the treatment of cystitis:

  • Warming bath.Use decoctions herbs (calendula, chamomile, sage, horsetail) for the preparation of warm baths.Duration of treatment - 15-20 minutes.It is desirable to carry out before going to bed;
  • warming potatoes.Boiled jacket potatoes mash with a fork, put on a napkin, and attach to the lower abdomen.This tool will allow to warm up the bladder and eliminate pain.