How and what to treat cystitis in women

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Frequent urination, painful bladder emptying and pain in the lower abdomen - typical symptoms of cystitis.In females the disease occurs most often.

How and what treat cystitis in women in the home?

The first thing to do - is to consult a doctor.


Cystitis is part of a group of infectious diseases that affect the human urinary system.At risk are mostly women.Speaking about the causes of cystitis, it should be remembered that the disease is always infectious nature appearance.In 85-90% of cases, it is the causative agent of E. coli that lives in the body of each person.Less commonly, the diagnosis of patients with cystitis detected staphylococcus - only 5-20% of cases.Typically, the urinary bladder of women fall pathogens ascending path, i.e.from the urethra.To contribute to this process are the following factors:

  • hypothermia, particularly the pelvis.Suffice it to sit for 15-20 minutes on a cold surface and the appearance of cystitis, you
    are guaranteed;
  • sedentary lifestyle.Women who are forced to spend 6-8 hours at your desk, suffer from cystitis at times more often.This is due to congestion in the small pelvis;
  • Frequent and prolonged constipation;
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • recently transferred urological and venereal diseases (urethritis, gonorrhea, endometritis, etc.);
  • Excessive eating spicy and fried foods, spices;
  • Inadequate fluid intake;
  • Failure to observe personal hygiene rules;
  • voiding mode (less than 5 times a day).

not exclude the possibility of contact with pathogenic microorganisms into the bladder through the bloodstream.Particularly high risk of cystitis in those people who have more pyelonephritis: in this case of infection is carried from an infected kidney with current urine.


Almost all diseases of urological nature, including cystitis, united by a common list of symptoms.And because the ignorant person will be difficult to determine the exact diagnosis, but even more understand how to treat cystitis in women.First of all, we should understand that there are two forms of the disease - acute and chronic.In the first case, find the problem is not difficult: the symptoms are usually bright and intense.Chronic cystitis occurs when not dolechennoy acute form and is characterized by sluggish over: the clinical picture is virtually absent, and appearing occasionally discomfort, patients are usually overlooked.So how do you manifest cystitis in women?

  • painful urination;
  • Frequent and sometimes false urge to urinate;
  • Reduced volume released during a hike in the toilet urine;
  • pain and cramps in the lower abdomen;
  • Drawing pain in the suprapubic region;
  • impurities of blood in the urine;
  • slight rise in body temperature.

In severe disease in women may also experience nausea and vomiting, and the urine becomes cloudy milky.All these symptoms indicate infection of the bladder, which means that it is time to consult a doctor with the problem than to treat cystitis in women.


To confirm the diagnosis, a specialist should carry out a detailed examination of the woman.Cystoscopy - a modern method that allows real-time to examine the bladder and evaluate it from within the state.Despite the fact that this procedure is painful and unpleasant for patients, only with the help of a doctor can tell you how to treat cystitis in women and forecast further course of the disease.

The video below shows the alternative means of treatment of cystitis in women:

cystitis Treatment almost always based on the reception of antibacterial preparations and this is not surprising: they help to quickly and effectively destroy the source of infection and prevent further proliferation of pathogenic organisms.How to treat cystitis in women using drugs?Doctors recommend the use of the following drugs:

  • furadonin;
  • Fosfomycin;
  • Furagin;
  • means fluoroquinolone group.

Their method should be combined with analgesics (no-spa, analgin) within reasonable limits.However, this is not the only way, than to treat cystitis in women should be.Also, doctors are advised to follow these recommendations in the treatment of acute forms of the disease:

  • During acute bed rest;
  • Increase daily fluid intake of 2-2.5 liters.This can be normal drinking water, green tea and berry fruit drinks.Coffee and alcohol are excluded;
  • Avoid the use of spices and spicy food in the period of the disease;
  • not visit the bath and sauna in cystitis, 3-4 times a day Perform wash warm decoction of chamomile or calendula, special facilities for personal hygiene;
  • To reduce the pain attach to the lower abdomen warm heating pad.However, if the urine is released blood, from this method should be abandoned.