Folk remedies for the expectoration of sputum : the best treatments

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Cough always catches by surprise, and most importantly, that it is not always possible to cure with that used all known drugs.

Almost all doctors recommend in addition to medication, resorting to traditional medicine to improve the process of expectoration of sputum, as well as help the body recover from illness.


  • 1 Ways to improve sputum discharge
  • 2 Inhalation
  • 3 compresses and rubbing a cough
  • 4 Broth and syrups
  • 5 Magic Bow

ways to improve sputum discharge

today there are many ways of traditional medicine, which resorted to, it is possible to improve the condition, as well as get rid of the wet cough.

When wet cough to help bring the body mucus that interferes with normal breathing and causes discomfort, especially a child.

Despite the fact that all afraid of sputum, namely a wet cough, in fact it is very useful, because thanks to this process, the body displays the bacteria, micro-organisms, which can become a cause of its occurrence.

There are several meth

ods by which you can improve the process of sputum discharge:

  • Broth, which are made from specially selected herbs with the necessary properties
  • tinctures that have long been made on the basis of components favorably influencing the thinning sputum
  • Inhalation
  • packs
  • Massage.

More often resorted to decoction, inhalation and compresses, and for some reason people think that massage is absolutely useless.

actually properly performed movement much easier to cough up and help bring much mucus faster.


inhalations with essential oils is prohibited to do for children under three years

Almost all experts recommend doing inhalation if phlegm departs easily.Make inhalation is possible, as with the help of a special device called an inhaler or just brew the necessary grass in the teapot to breathe through the nose.However, the latest version should be very careful not to burn yourself with steam.

Inhalation can be carried out:

  1. Method 1 soda, iodine and eucalyptus.To do this, you need to take about 2, 5 liters of boiled water, one tablespoon of baking soda, from 18 to 20 drops of iodine, ten drops of eucalyptus oil.
  2. Method 2. Potatoes.To do this, you need to take a few potatoes, cook them, and then to breathe steam.
  3. Method 3: Essential oils.At the pharmacy you need to check with the pharmacist, which essential oils good help to remove phlegm, and buy them (best known, eucalyptus).
  4. method 4. Thoracic collection.Despite the fact that many are used drink chest collection, it can also be used for inhalation.
  5. Method 5 Essentuki mineral water is necessary to take 17 and pour it into the inhaler.

There are several contraindications when doing inhalation prohibited:

  1. If a person has fever.Some people think that if the conduct inhalation temperature no higher than 37 degrees as possible.But this is not the case, because this procedure can cause a higher temperature rise.
  2. inhalations with essential oils is prohibited to do for children under three years.

Today, more and more people use it for inhalation and replace them taking certain medicines, as the effect is much more pronounced.

compresses and rubbing a cough

Another one of the great ways in which you can significantly improve the expectoration of phlegm, is a wrap.

There are many ways to perform this procedure.Here are some of them:

  1. Method 1: Honey and mustard.It is necessary to take a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of mustard, add a little warm water and boiled, and mix.Then you need to take a piece of cloth, folded it in half and put in the middle of the resulting mixture.Compress alternately put it on his back, then on his chest (every day in different ways).Keep about 20-30 minutes, but if you will burn much better to remove in order to avoid burns.
  2. Method 2 Gorchichnik.More often resorted to compresses it with mustard plasters.At the pharmacy you can buy a simple mustard, and with the addition of eucalyptus oil.Putting it must be fifteen minutes, changing every day, chest and back.Method 3
  3. Turpentine.We need to take turpentine, it soak a cotton swab and rub the chest of the patient before bedtime.After that, you need to take cover with a warm blanket and try not to be disclosed night.
  4. Method 4 eucalyptus ointment.Use them with caution is necessary, because in some cases, can trigger allergic reactions.It is necessary to grind the man on the night (chest, back, foot), cover with a blanket.

Any packs, as well as inhalation, are prohibited to do when a person even slightly, but increased body temperature.

Broth and syrups

Onions have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties that the healing process is accelerated

Very good for removing sputum helps teas and syrups made from specially selected herbs, the main effect of which is its dilution.

For most young children, and adults is recommended to drink licorice syrup.However, in the case of small children should be careful because of an allergic reaction can begin.A single dose of about one teaspoon.Must take at least three times a day for five or seven days.

As decoctions, it is especially popular chest collection, which included present all the necessary herbs and roots.Drink it should also be at least three times a day.Here are just a collection of the chest is not given to children.

For those who do not want to buy it in pharmacies, can be done at home.

Sometimes, if a person is allergic to some ingredients, you can make the broth itself, buying only those herbs that are safe.To those include series, the mother-and-stepmother, etc.To prepare the broth, you need to take a tablespoon of herbs, pour about 300 ml of water and let boil for rut.After the broth is cooled and becomes warm, it can be drunk.

Not all people are turning to broths, because they do not always have the opportunity to make them drink.

Magic Bow

The beneficial properties of onion can add legends.It is used to treat almost all diseases.This is done because it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties that the healing process is accelerated.

To bring the phlegm you need to take:

  • Bow, about half a kilo
  • Sugar, about four grams
  • Honey, about fifty grams of boiled water
  • about a liter.

Dosages are tentative, since not every house has a kitchen scale that can measure the exact amount of ingredients.

After all products are prepared, you need to cut the onions (preferably small), put it in a pan and add all the remaining ingredients except the honey.The mixture should simmer on low heat for about three hours, then remove from heat, let cool slightly and add the honey.Strictly necessary to take after a meal.

Folk remedies for the expectoration of sputum are sometimes more effective than the best known medicines that are written by doctors.

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