The diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis : prevention and treatment

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human body, if I may say so, it is well-organized and well-working mechanism based on biochemical reactions that provide the vital activity of each individual.

human body - a collection of organs, glands, tissues, etc.They are all interconnected, performing a specific function and are responsible for the body's vital signs.

Violation in one of the bodies is defined as a disease and affects the activity of the whole organism.


  • 1 What is AIT?
  • 2 Causes, Diagnosis
  • 3 Diagnosis and treatment

What is AIT?

diseases are characterized and classified by symptoms, method of treatment and the emergence.Each of them must be promptly diagnosed and repaired.Any disease, even the most insignificant, can lead to complications and more serious, sometimes irreversible, the consequences of violating the whole body.

diagnosis AIT - is nothing but a violation of the thyroid gland.Determined by an inflammatory process of autoimmune origin.

Thyroid - endocrine gland that is responsible for t

he regulation of metabolism and cell growth by generating iodothyronines - hormones, which include iodine.

Autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) - the cause of metabolic disorders, lower immunity and protective properties of the organism.Against the background of Aita may develop hypothyroidism - insufficient runningaway thyroid hormones necessary for which, in turn, arises myxedema - swelling and disturbance in the immune system, and cretinism.

Autoimmune thyroiditis develops against the background of various diseases or disorders in a certain body systems.The disease, in most cases are asymptomatic, developing into chronic and irreversible.

Causes, Diagnosis

diagnosis AIT - is nothing but a violation of the thyroid

The reasons are Aita as internal disturbances and external factors.

pathogenic source of the disease is under study, is not proven and not proven, however, is not excluded and is not refuted.

more widely studied and scientifically proven factor of occurrence is the gene.Determining specificity of the organism, which produces an increased number of T-lymphocytes that destroy thyrocytes, simply put, is a defect of the immune response.Lymphocytes determine thyroid hormones are harmful to the body, thus, trying to destroy and eliminate them as pathogens.

causes of diseases can be:

  • Frequent and complicated respiratory viral diseases.
  • Improper or prolonged use of hormonal drugs.
  • Chronic disease foci of inflammation in the mucous and brown.
  • Influence of the environment, ecology and water chemistry and food.Insufficient or excessive iodine content in the body
  • excess exposure to ultraviolet rays and radiation.
  • Frequent stress and psychological disorders.

Identify and diagnose the early stages of AIT is very difficult, the disease is asymptomatic, it does not violate the general state of a person and does not affect the functioning of internal organs.A manifestation of the disease is often visually noticeable increase in the thyroid gland, referred to as "goiter".In addition aesthetic discomfort can cause difficulties with eating and metabolic disorders.

Besides visual manifestations diagnosed AIT can be on such manifestations:

  • quick and rapid, unfounded weight gain, a constant, regular and proper diet
  • swelling of the face and neck
  • Muscle Pain
  • Violation of the chair, its regularityand consistency (constipation)
  • improper thermoregulation of the body
  • Violation of the functions of the reproductive system and fertility
  • increased hair loss
  • Violation of the mucous skin

    For early detection of Aita need regular diagnostics and examination of the body

  • Violation of the menstrualcycle
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • doldrums.

AIT is difficult diagnosed the disease, early detection is its avoidance of more complex disorders and chronic irreversible processes in the body.

Diagnosis and treatment

For early detection of Aita need regular diagnostics and examination of the body.

The doctor endocrinologist should be consulted, to be examined:

  1. rent CBC to identify the number of lymphocytes.
  2. Make immunogram.Diagnostic studies the immune system and its component composition.Number immunoglobulin concentration and the ratio of functional activity of lymphocytes.
  3. analysis of the amount and presence of thyroid hormones T4 and T3 called.Thus defined TSH levels.
  4. Mandatory ultrasound of the thyroid gland (ultrasound).It defines the correct location, shape and activity of the thyroid gland.
  5. Biopsy is often used fine needle.This study is carried out upon detection of the nodes in the thyroid gland, to determine more precisely their size and composition.

timely detection and elimination of the disease to prevent progression of the disease, and globalization, eliminates the effects and chronic forms of any irregularities in the body.Eliminates the chain reaction in violation of the functioning of the whole organism.

best treatment, at all times, is considered to be prevention.Do not let the appearance and development of deviations is always better for the human body than remove formed and rooted disease.

considered particularly relevant for the prevention of Aitana, because to date there is no effective treatment for this disease.Drugs that affect the thyroid gland is very much, but to develop a high-quality removal of autoimmune thyroiditis, and failed.

Most drugs affect the number of hormones, artificial suppression of gland secretions, has a detrimental impact on their stable and proper functioning.

Hormones taken only on prescription and certain period of time, frequent and prolonged use leads to irreversible reaction and disorders in the body.

To prevent Aitana needs a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular inspection at the endocrinologist.

video specialist will present a detailed account of AIT disease: