Drug dependence of cannabis preparations

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use of various drugs cannabis, known as « cannabis », as the drug is now becoming the most common form of drug abuse.The hemp contains psychoactive substances - cannabinoids , and which have a narcotic effect on the person.The amount of these substances in each plant is different, it depends on the place where the plants are grown, the age of cannabis shoots, on the content of narcotic substances in cannabis also influence the timing of its assembly and features storage conditions.In different parts of even one plant cannabinoids are distributed evenly not so narcogene narcotic substances from the cannabis plant depends on the area, from which it was cooked.

Typology of the drug and its history

main drug type hemp - marijuana , the most common in Western Europe and in America, and about the contents of narcotic substances in the hemp to many nations was well known in antiquity.On the influence of cannabis and its properties on the human was discussed in detail even in ancient Chinese and ancient

Indian treatises.In the Islamic countries of the East, where alcohol forbidden features of religion, and alcoholism is not observed in principle, drugs made from cannabis, the most widely spread.Therefore, Muslims have used and still use narcotic drugs from cannabis, particularly hashish considering it an alternative to alcoholic beverages.

From a scientific point of view, cannabis has become the first explored in the early XIX century, but the most accurate data about it, scientists were able to obtain the decades.The first article about cannabis and its features was published in 1810 by Roger pharmacist, later scientific world of that time became known and the work of other scientists.In 1838, the study engaged in hemp W. B. O. Shanghnessy, in 1845-1846 years of articles on this type of plants published A. Brigham and J. Moren de Tours, in 1860, the properties of hemp in his article describes a different author - J. P. Hay. therapeutic properties of cannabis investigated leading pharmacists and physicians of the time.But by the end of the XIX century useful therapeutic properties of cannabis have been criticized, and this plant has since ceased to be used in medicine as drug.

But the time that the US and European population had used cannabis for medical purposes, not passed unnoticed, although in the first half of the twentieth century, the use made of hemp drugs as the drug remains limited.In the 30 years of the twentieth century in the United States there was a strict ban on marijuana, and its storage and consumption is strictly punishable by law.But in the 60s misuse of marijuana, the growth of its popularity among European and American citizens in their capacity as narcotic substances have the character has become epidemic .Peak smoking marijuana in the United States, especially among young people and disadvantaged adolescents account for 70 years of the twentieth century, especially a lot of drugs from cannabis, according to statistics, was used in 1979.After that marijuana consumption began to decline, but in the early '90s the drug again came into vogue, and its use among young people has grown rapidly.

Definition and features of the consumption of marijuana and hashish

name "marijuana" is derived from the Portuguese expression « mariguango », which the Russian language can be translated as « grass », « September of ».These words themselves addicts most often referred to as they consume narcotic drugs from cannabis.Marijuana made of hemp stalks and leaves, the mixture is usually added and a dried flower petals.

From the tops of the cannabis plant during its flowering has collected resinous substance, called hashish .Sami addicts called consumption of hashish words « nonsense », « dirt », « plan », among other hashish names entrenched in the East and the West, the number of « marijuana »,« hurrus »,« bang ».Apart from cannabis resin in the form of lumps, known hash oil and , which is a concentrated cannabinoids, manufactured by means of extraction resinous compounds or raw material.The concentration of drugs in hashish significantly higher than in marijuana.

drugs, made of hemp, the most often used during smoking, although there are cases they are added to a range of drinks, as well as ingestion with food.During smoking, contained in hemp active cannabinoids, very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, a process in the use of the drug in the food occurs at a slower pace.The pharmacological action of the drug formulation is immediate and hashish intoxication reaches its peak after the first half hour of drug use.

Smoking hashish or marijuana cigarettes made special , which is mixed hemp and ordinary tobacco, using a certain proportion.Cannabis resin consumed in its pure form is extremely rare for smoking.Specific ratio in this case is difficult to call, many addicts they define the necessary dose of pure hashish resin depending on the quality, the number of puffs.Matters and area , where hemp grows, and its grade , and ability to inhale the smoke , resulting in smoking hashish.

Symptoms of drug dependence of cannabis

When consumed cannabis effects of this drug from hemp, even to a greater extent than other drugs, appears depending on the expectations of the addict and his installation produced a narcotic effect.Quite often it happens that a person after smoking cigarettes with hashish, unaware of the content of her drugs, does not feel absolutely no euphoria .Even if a person for the first time want to feel the narcotic effects of cannabis when smoked the first cigarette in my life, containing the drug and its intoxicating property can not occur.

As a rule, the euphoria can be felt only on the third time, and in the first moments of smoking at the beginner there are only discomfort.When smoking cannabis may dryness in the mouth and nasopharynx, heaviness in the chest, difficulty in breathing.Quite often in smoking hashish heart rhythms change, demonstrating a rather rapid heartbeat can occur dizziness , nausea, vomiting passing in tinnitus.The drug, in addition to euphoria, and the other has an impact on the mood of the addict, the person often becomes depressed and frustrated, he has a sense of anxiety .

As the addiction to narcotic drugs from cannabis intoxication picture hashish almost completely changed.At the initial stage of drug use, the euphoria, lightness in the body and the feeling of flying, pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body, there are already in just a few minutes after smoking.In hashish intoxication a person feels their own movement as freely as possible, coordination of movements he remains at a normal level, by walking it does not require much effort.

addict feels a distorted dimension of time and the world around him.The color scheme seems the most colorful, the sounds are perceived much louder than usual, surrounding objects look contrasty, and the time seemed to be flowing faster.In a state of intoxication of hashish addict distorted estimates the distance, the majority of subjects, both moving and always remain in their seats, looking distant, at a considerable distance from the place where they are located, in fact.

Sensations with hashish intoxication, often accompanied by a raised insistence addict fooling around and laughing with or without cause, severe intoxication, usually accompanied compulsive laughter .Most likely, it is because of uncontrollable laughter and a sense of fun and hashish in common called "crap."addict thoughts with hashish intoxication inconsistent, associative thinking is only superficial, and the addict feels fast for his own thoughts.

When the collective use of hashish addicts rarely clearly answer the questions of each other, their communication can be called formal, and often asked questions from the interlocutor can not find an answer.Questions from unauthorized drug addicts who are in hashish intoxication, as a rule, do not perceive.And said someone from smoking hashish at random common word makes the whole company a strong unmotivated laughter and laughter.

during hashish intoxication in humans manifest addiction symptoms such as disorders of the autonomic nervous system outwardly manifested as a dilation of the pupils and redness of the sclera, the gleam in his eyes, while addicts often feel dry mouth.The duration of drug intoxication from drugs of cannabis depends on the dose of drug, it can be extended by half an hour to several hours.When intoxication passes, one begins to feel hunger sharply, then there drowsiness , and covers the addict feel tired.The sweet smell of grass from the man clothes, smoke hashish, comes back in a few hours.

narcotic effect of hashish has been three or four days after smoking, the person becomes irritable, he manifested emotional lability , asthenia , significantly worsens the mood .Often, even before the appearance of a drug addict is a sense of euphoria at first alarm .Many addicts when each subsequent smoking cannabis tend to increase the dose in a twisted cigarette, but at the same euphoria often gives way to confusion and a sense of fear, the addict covers rambling flow of thought, he is lost in space and time, ceasing to recognize reality.

When the addict becomes dependent on cannabis smoking during intoxication euphoria he had almost no feeling, and talkativeness is significantly reduced, and the person often feels an intellectual ascent.He believes his ability is almost unlimited, and your own thoughts - very deep and meaningful, although addict judgments rather banal, his speech detailed and verbose.Proper thought himself an addict often feels like someone else's, if it at the same time two people get along, he seemed to see himself from the outside.During intoxication, which is characterized by hashish intoxication in humans often occur psychotic episodes, and at overdose , especially among teenagers, a high sensitivity to the components included in the composition of the drug from hemp, there are psycho-emotional disorders, and emotionally unstable personality disorder .

mental state of the addict is accompanied agitated , a drug addict manifests fear, visual hallucinations , in which various scenes quickly follow each other, and often there are auditory hallucinations, drug addict embrace fantasy feeling.Hashish psychosis drug addicts often accompanied by bursts of unmotivated aggression, dysphoric states , and duration of acute psychosis may last several years.

Formation hashish depending

physical dependence on smoking hashish with regular consumption of the narcotic drug cannabis in humans appear after a month or two .When the addict can not buy hashish in his mood drastically reduced, there lethargy and strong sleepiness, his thoughts centered around the drug, the person does not leave the idea of ​​the need to smoke cannabis.Each smoking increases the dose of resin in a cigarette, and often smoke cannabis among drug users is increasing every day, and the patients tend to choose stronger varieties of the drug from hemp. After two or three years regular smoking hashish person can be called a drug addict, according to recover from such a self he can not.

While consumption of narcotic drugs made from hemp drugs, patients often occurs withdrawal .Symptoms of addiction are characterized by general malaise, the patient feels weakness and fatigue, his appetite completely absent, quickens the heartbeat, sweating appears.In addict deteriorating mood, quite often there are signs of unwarranted aggression, there is malice, depression, during which the patient covers the anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia appears.In different parts of the body appear senestopaticheskie feeling , who expressed difficulty in breathing, pain in the heart, chest tightness, headaches in the temples, pains in joints and muscles.

contained in narcotic drugs from the hemp cannabinoids are quite soluble in fat, they can accumulate in the fatty tissues of the addict as a deposit.Harmful substances also accumulate in liver and lung of the patient.As a result, drugs in the body suppress the production of acetylcholine , significantly affecting his release and synthesis.In the human brain, in its various portions are special receptors that can bind cannabinoids.

Psychic dependence in smoking hemp products may not outwardly manifest for several years, if the patient is using drugs only occasionally.In this case, more than 50% of the people, not fallen into dependence on marijuana or hashish, can independently get rid of smoking products made from hemp.The main danger of hashish addicts environment - many of them move to the use of hard drugs, including opium .Constant hash intoxication contributes to chronic intoxication, causes a change in the individual addict, the patient is amotivational syndrome, manifested memory impairment, reduced attention, quite frequent acute psychosis, lethargy, sexual disorders.With regular smoking of drugs made from cannabis, the patient observed somatic disorders , in some cases, cannabis smoking can cause cancer diseases of the respiratory tract.