Symptoms and treatment of mastitis breast

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Mastopatia - is breast disease with benign.For breast mastitis is characterized by abnormal growth of breast tissue.The disease at this time has the widest distribution among modern women: it is diagnosed in eight out of ten members of the fairer sex.Mastopatia breast develops due to hormonal disruptions that occur in the female body.The development of this illness affects the general health of women very negatively, besides its manifestation may be a precursor to a dangerous disease - breast cancer.

Mastopatia breast is hyperplastic dishormonal process .It fibrocystic disease in which tissue changes occur.When mastitis occurs improper ratio of connective and epithelial tissues.

mainly breast develops in women aged 25 to 45 years, that is in the childbearing period.In very rare cases, mastopathy diagnosed in men.

Causes of mastitis breast

Mastopatia most often develops in women who at one time did abortion .In the process of the artificial termination of pregnancy is very rude and abrupt

intervention in the state of the hormonal system of the female organism, which at this stage is already set up on the pregnancy.In the breast of women preparing for the future breastfeeding it is almost in the first days of pregnancy.By the time the abortion is to be performed, it will happen very serious changes.And the subsequent sharp change in the breast tissue is extremely harmful influences.

Another factor that directly affects the appearance of a woman's breast mastitis, gynecological diseases are.The fact that mammary glands are included in a single organism the genital system, and any irregularities in the functioning of this system is a severe blow to the mammary gland.According to statistics, 75 percent of gynecological diseases with the development of inflammation and changes occur in the mammary gland.Even with the long absence of sexual activity in women sometimes begin to develop breast, signs of which later become clearly visible.

As mentioned above, female mammary gland is an organ dependent on the hormonal balance in the body.As a consequence, the phase of the menstrual cycle affects the state of the prostate tissue.The ovaries produce two types of hormones that are responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle in the first half of the cycle is to develop estrogen , after ovulation, the ovaries produce progesterone .Effects on mammary glands and the hormones that produce pituitary , adrenal , thyroid .Under the influence of hormones every month breast suffers some changes: it becomes rougher before menst p uatsiey , and after the end of the process is reversed.When hormonal imbalance due to certain negative influences ducts, fibrous (connective) and glandular breast tissue may grow abnormally.

In addition, the reason for the subsequent development of mastitis can become too high production of the hormone prolactin , which is responsible for the production of milk in the breastfeeding period is pregnancy and infant feeding.As a result of too high prolactin breasts constantly stimulated, and painful breast occurs.

provoke the development of mastitis may be the presence of anovulatory cycles , as well as the shortening of the luteal phase .

Sometimes the breast is shown against the background of other diseases that are not related to the genital system.First of all, it is diseases of the liver, pancreas and thyroid gland, adrenal glands.Therefore, the development of the cause of mastitis is of direct relevance to the selection of the correct tactics of treatment of the disease.

reason of breast mastitis in women are often also neurological disorders.A kind of the starting factor for the development of the disease can be stress , neuroses , depression .As a result, the woman will fall into a kind of vicious circle: the breast mammary glands manifested as a consequence of nervous disorders, then the disease is already the cause of manifestation constant state of stress.That is why often in the treatment of mastitis woman psychotherapy appointed.

very important in this case is also the factor of heredity, so the woman has to know clearly about the presence of both benign and malignant breast disease in close relatives.

as a risk factor is also determined obesity .Especially likely to be ill mastopathy have women who are overweight and thus suffer diabetes and hypertension .

The danger in this case represent and breast injury.Sometimes even a minor injury can cause for the beginning of the pathological process in the chest.

The reason that increases the risk of breast mastopathy, experts define as the absence of pregnancy or childbirth too late and too short duration of breastfeeding or lack thereof.

Very often we can talk about mutual relations of some reasons, which ultimately forms the overall unfavorable background.

Types of breast mastitis

guided by differences in the changes that occur in the breast, experts define two different types of mastitis. Fibrocystic breast diffuse - a condition which is characterized by overgrowth of breast connective tissue.In the development of diffuse mastopathy chest formed small nodules and cords.Another type of mastitis breast - fibrocystic breast nodal .In this case, the breasts appear large and dense nodes, while feeling the movable seals can be detected without clear borders.

Symptoms of breast

mastitis Breast women is characterized by the fact that the variants of the norm of its structure are different at different ages of women, depending on the state of her reproductive system and menstrual cycle period.That is why in cases of suspected development of mastitis in women, symptoms of the disease is sometimes difficult to determine even an experienced physician in view of the possible presence of both physiological and pathological changes.

mastitis symptoms initially occur in women enlargement of connective breast tissue, so that there is the appearance of small nodules and cords.In this case, a woman develops breast diffuse .This form of the disease manifests mastalgiey , ie palpable breast tenderness just before menstruation.When menstruation begins, chest pain subsides.Furthermore, as the diffuse type mastitis symptoms the patient from time to time, to seal the top of the breast, like beads.Very often, patients do not pay attention to the symptoms that occur diffuse disease of the breast, and in no hurry to see a doctor for advice.Ignoring these symptoms for many years, women come very cautiously, because in the early stages of the disease can be cured by conservative therapy.

For the subsequent development of the disease process is characterized by the appearance of breast tissue seals, ranging in size and reach the size of a walnut.It nodal breast .When developing this stage of the disease, the symptoms of mastitis are characterized by more intense pain.Periodically, the pain gives the armpit, in the shoulder.Sometimes the pain occurs even at the slightest touch to his chest.

If a woman progresses nodular breast disease, symptoms of the disease is intermittent discharge from the nipple clear or bloody fluid.Feeling chest, can detect the presence of grit or lobular in prostate tissues.For this stage of the disease is characterized by the presence of lobed or grain tissues.At this stage of the disease symptoms all remain unchanged and during menstruation.When nodal mastopathy woman should immediately seek medical help.

Thus, the main symptoms of mastitis are the following symptoms: pain and discomfort in the chest;in the presence of seals breast tissues that during self-examination can be defined as dense portions having blurred contours;swollen lymph nodes in the armpits;engorgement, respectively, an increase of its size;the appearance of the diverse nature of discharge from the nipple;the presence of a node in the chest with a nodal mastopathy.All of these symptoms may occur during breast mastitis in different combinations.

diagnosis of mastitis breast mastitis

Diagnosis should conduct specialist mammolog, because in establishing such a diagnosis is necessary to rule out other disease of the breast.It is particularly important not to miss the symptoms of breast cancer.If the diagnosis "breast" is set, the right to determine the complex treatment of mastitis, be sure to specify the form of the disease, and constantly monitor the changes taking place in the breast of the sick woman.

Initially diagnosis of breast mastitis involves a detailed survey of the patient about the features of her life and medical history.The doctor must take into account what disease the patient underwent what her character menstruation, childbirth and how many abortions in her life, the degree of genetic predisposition to mastitis and others.

doctor necessarily acquainted with the current patient complaints, conducts inspection and a manual breast examination.In the process of inspection is made mandatory palpation of mammary glands the patient and lymph nodes that can detect seals, components and determine their nature.

Rate general condition of mammary glands may also be using mammography and ultrasound studies.It is also important to have information on the hormonal status of women.

Mammography allows you to objectively assess the condition of the breast.Pathological phenomena in the mammary glands are determined in this study with 95-97% probability.

With ultrasound you can obtain further information about the nature of change and diffuse nodular breast with mastitis. ultrasound and mammography - are methods that complement each other.

There are other methods of diagnosis "breast breast", which are used less frequently ( thermography , computed tomography , ductography ).In order to exclude the presence of malignancy, performed a biopsy needle and subsequent cytological and morphological study.Pathological phenomena can be evaluated using histological study, which is considered the most accurate method for the differential diagnosis.

treatment of mastitis breast

Once the diagnosis is made the immediate treatment of mastitis.It is important that the patient was under the supervision of a physician to monitor the subsequent development of the pathological process.

The choice of method of treatment of mastitis affects a number of factors. Form of the disease, age of the patient, presence of other illnesses, etc.

Today, for the treatment of mastitis is used a lot of different drugs.However, first of all women who have been found fibrocystic breast disease are advised to change the principles of nutrition.In this case, it is important to give up strong coffee and tea, do not smoke or drink alcohol.In addition, the patient is advised to choose the right bra that supports the breasts well, is not it peredavlivaya.

Treatment of mastitis involves taking vitamins, diuretics, as well as hormonal and inflammatory.

As patients received vitamin intake of vitamins E , A , B1 , B6 .They should be consumed over a long period of time.In addition, women with fibrous mastopathy shown antioxidants , drugs iodine .Drugs with anti-inflammatory and diuretic exposure to help relieve breast tenderness.Homeopathic remedies and herbal medicine can also be used in the complex treatment of fibrocystic breast.

If a woman diagnosed with nodular form of the disease, the surgery mostly assigned in this case.Definitely surgery was shown in the case of fibroadenoma or tsistadenopapillome .It is also possible to carry out surgical intervention to extract the node for subsequent exclusion breast cancer .Sometimes women with nodal mastopathy appointed and conservative treatment, because the operation is not always eliminate the cause of the disease, and often the formation of nodes in the chest occurs again.

Women who suffered from fibrous mastopathy should not use the sauna for a long time in the sun or take a self-tanning.

Prevention breast mastitis

fibrous breast disease - a disease that is considered to be a precancerous condition.Therefore, prevention of mastitis at the same time will help prevent Cancer of breast disease.

In this case, it is important to bear in mind that the development of mastitis occurs in the body on the background of hormonal imbalance.Therefore, it is important to avoid hormonal disruptions.The main measure of prevention of mastitis is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and daily physical activity.

important to pay attention to diet, reducing fat content and thus increasing the amount of fiber consumed.A woman should not exceed the normal level of caloric intake, or estrogen exchange can be violated.The diet should be a lot of foods high in vitamin C , B vitamins , calcium , magnesium .These minerals and vitamins are responsible for the formation of prolactin in the body.Moreover, a woman must not abuse salt that promotes water retention and, accordingly, breast swelling.

We can not allow the presence of chronic stress in your life, the right attitude to serious situations.

bra selection is important: it should not impair the circulation of the blood, thus maintaining a good bust.linen material should be natural that when wearing a bra is not to create the effect of sauna.

not less important to regularly carry out self breast examination for the presence of seals.It should be done on a monthly basis.As a prophylactic agent used as a standalone breast massage.

There are other means of disease prevention that will tell a specialist directly at the reception individually.Therefore, regular visits to the doctor, mammalogy - one of the most important measure of prevention of mastitis.