Prostatitis Treatment at home

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prostatitis called the inflammatory process that occurs in men prostate .This gland is located in the body of boys below the bladder.As the symptoms of prostatitis a person manifest pain in the lower abdomen or back, as well as in the crotch.Thus there is a violation of urination, besides urging frequent.When a man feels the pain ejaculation.

Prostate produces fluid that then becomes the foundation for the semen.The reasons for its inflammatory nature are often bacterial infection, injury, severe hypothermia, problems with blood circulation in the pelvic organs, hormonal disruptions in the body, irregular sexual life.The disease is characterized by men of different age groups, but most commonly prostatitis occurs in people who are under fifty years.Treatment of prostatitis

varies depending on which form of the disease occurs in men.So, bacterial prostatitis can occur both in acute form and how chronic disease.Quite often diagnosed as non-bacterial prostatitis , flowing as a chronic illness.This variety is called prostatitis also CPPS .In these patients, there are all characteristic symptoms of prostatitis, prostate but no secret bacteria .

characterized by rapid development for acute bacterial prostatitis.A man suffers from severe pain, there are signs of intoxication.Much less pronounced symptoms of the chronic form of the disease.In this case, the disease manifests itself gradually.

And if for prostatitis acute form usually ends with the complete healing of the disease, the recurrence of chronic prostatitis occur often enough.This should be considered in the treatment of prostatitis is at home.Furthermore, the presence of stones in the inflamed prostate disease therapy is a more complicated process.

In non-bacterial prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain) a person develops severe pain, which is localized in the pelvic area, genitals, perineum.Signs of inflammation in the prostate do not display.This disease is common among modern men of different age groups, but most of the illness affects people of 35-45 years.To date, experts have expressed some assumptions about what causes this form of prostatitis.So, there is a theory that this syndrome provokes defeat bacterial nature of prostate tissue.In addition, it is believed that the disease occurs as a result of contact with urine into the prostate gland.

Treatment of prostatitis medication means

treatment in an acute form of prostatitis is made by means of antibiotics .To achieve the best results of therapy, you should choose the right scheme for their admission and do not interrupt treatment with antibiotics.A more long-term use of such drugs is required in chronic prostatitis: sometimes the treatment lasts up to three months.In addition, the treatment comprises administering immunomodulatory drugs .How to treat prostatitis with medication, is determined solely by a specialist.However, cure the disease completely is difficult.For the prevention of disease recurrence is important to carefully follow all the requirements of the attending physician.At the same time, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, and a sharp hypothermia and other factors can trigger a relapse of the disease.Even stressful situation can have a negative impact.

Besides medicines from prostatitis, physical therapy methods are often used in therapy.In addition, prostatitis treated with laser, effectively regenerating tissue, ultrasound, static magnetic field, ozone therapy, and others.

treatment of prostatitis at home

During the treatment of the disease is allowed to use the parallel treatment of prostatitis at home.For this purpose, over the years proven traditional methods, which beneficially affect the general state of the male body and to alleviate the state of the prostate.

Even in the most ancient times to treat inflammation of the prostate healers have used ordinary pumpkin seeds.The fact that the pumpkin seeds contain a very large amount of zinc, an element which is extremely necessary each male organism, regardless of age.In order to come relieving the disease, traditional medicine recommends to use thirty pumpkin seeds in front of one of the meals.This should be done every day, and the body will be provided with the necessary daily norm of zinc.

There is another way to treat prostatitis using pumpkin seeds.It is necessary to peel about half a kilogram of seeds and twist them in a meat grinder.It should be noted that such a cure for prostatitis will be effective only if used roasted pumpkin seeds.In the resulting mass add honey - about 200 grams.The solution should be a good mix, and unique fashion candy balls the size of a walnut.These medicated candy should be stored in a cool place.There are balls you need before you eat one or two every day.These candies need a long time to chew or crack in the mouth.Such a cure for prostatitis positive impact on the state of men's health.Suffice it to repeat such a course of home treatments once a year.

How to treat prostatitis at home, can be found in many publications of traditional medicine recipes.For example, treatment of the disease of aspen bark.The bark should be collected at the beginning of the movement of juice, ie, in the spring, before bud blossoming.The crustal thickness should be up to five millimeters.The harvested bark should be a little dry in the oven, then one hundred grams of the bark should be crushed bark and pour 200 grams of vodka.In this case the bark is completely covered with liquid.This mixture should insist in a dark place for two weeks.Thereafter, the infusion is filtered and drink three times a day, dripping twenty drops per 100 g of water.Eat a cure for prostatitis is necessary before a meal, with a course of treatment will last about two months.

For the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies are also used Juice therapy.Drinking large quantities of fresh juices stimulates the release of the body of the man of uric acid, which is the absorption in muscle is often the cause of diseases of the prostate.For this purpose, suitable fresh carrot juice mixed with juice of asparagus, cucumbers and beets.Especially useful in this case, asparagus juice: it is recommended to drink half a liter a day.

Another useful for men drink - juice from the berries of black elderberry.His need to drink in the morning, before breakfast, one tablespoon.Drink the juice should be no less than ten days.In the treatment of juices in a patient can be raised temperature.This is normal, indicating that the therapy works.And for long-term storage of elderberry juice can be added to the tank with them a little vinegar.

shell chestnuts can also help those who suffer from prostatitis.To do this, you need to take a fresh shell with needles, and brew it.To prepare the broth, shredded rind of chestnut pour boiling water and insist.The broth is used instead of tea.It is also possible to use such a decoction for enemas.

Brown, chestnuts can also be used to treat prostatitis.To do this, you need to separate the peel chestnuts, grind and pour it on the night three tablespoons peel boiled water.Morning infusion is filtered and steamed in a water bath until the container does not remain in about 200 g of liquid.Take decoction should be three times a day, before meals, thirty drops.Drink decoction need until it's over.The treatment of skin chestnut repeated after two months.It is recommended to go through three such courses.

for home treatment of prostatitis patients can use parsley juice: it is taken three times a day before meals for one tablespoon.Parsley contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C , which makes it very useful for the male body.A decoction of seeds of parsley - not less than an effective remedy.To prepare it, you need to grind the seeds to a powder consistency, and then four tablespoons of this powder, pour boiling water (one cup) and boil for fifteen minutes.Broth take one tablespoon several times a day (up to six times).

Herbs hemlock and celandine are suitable for the preparation of infusions for the treatment of prostatitis.Note, however, that hemlock - a poisonous herb.In half a tablespoon of herbs both to pour 100 grams of alcohol.Tincture prepare ten days in a dark place, after which it was filtered.Drink the infusion should be in the morning 30 minutes before a meal.For this purpose, a small amount of water or milk must be added to one drop of the first day of infusion.The next day, the number of drops for two, etc.That is, in the thirtieth day a person uses thirty drops of tincture.Then the countdown should be reversed, and the sixtieth day following the treatment the patient comes back to one drop infusion.

also at home, you can prepare a decoction of herbs yarrow, birch leaves and bearberry.The mixture of herbs pour boiling water and insist.After straining consumed before eating two tablespoons.

In addition, it is possible to cook and other concoctions: for the treatment of prostatitis have successfully used the leaves and bark of hazel, burdock root, primrose spring.

Treatment of prostatitis candles

very good way to fight against inflammatory processes has long been considered propolis.Propolis extract can be used as part of an integrated treatment of prostatitis.For the preparation of an agent that is used for treatment, it is necessary in 200 ml of pure alcohol to evaporate 40 grams of propolis.When the propolis extract is prepared, 0.1 g of the extract is mixed with 2 g of cocoa butter.This mixture should be formed in the form of candles and paste on the night in the rectum.This treatment is continued every day for a month.About a month and a half can be repeated again.Propolis can also be taken orally: it uses a 20% alcohol tincture of propolis .40 drops of a tincture was dissolved in 100 g of water.Such a cure for prostatitis take for forty-five days before eating.You can also be treated with pollen, which is used for one dessert spoon morning and evening for half an hour before a meal.

For other kind of candles take three tablespoons of rye flour to which is added a teaspoon of raw eggs and honey.Make a homogeneous solution from the dough from which the spark is formed, constituting a diameter of about one centimeter.Candles should be put in the freezer.They are inserted into the anus at night and in the morning.The treatment lasts four weeks, if necessary, it can be repeated after a week.

prostatitis treatment by other methods

There is also special exercises, which can be used to facilitate the patient's condition prostatitis.How to treat prostatitis with exercise?To do this they need to perform in the morning.Initially, after waking for five minutes to do a light massage of the perineum.He very effectively helps to avoid congestion of the prostate gland.Exercise, which helps get rid of the disease, should be done as follows: stand exactly in full growth, thus foot shoulder width apart.Next, you squat about one-third.In this position, you need to move forward on his knees alternately for five minutes.The same exercise can be done one more time before going to bed.Initially, it is difficult to perform, but then there are skills.There are other exercises that are useful for patients with prostatitis.However, we must bear in mind that during exercise should not have a significant pressure on the pelvic area.In addition, for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis is useful to a lot of walking.

to improve circulation of blood and lymph in the body, you can periodically apply a warm bath, with the water temperature should be not more than 43 degrees.This bath lasts about twenty minutes.Medical sitz baths are also prepared using the above broths herbs.

applied and warming microclysters.They will approach decoction of sage series.The temperature of the solution used for enemas, should reach 38 degrees.

Also at home are quite affordable warming procedures for patients with chronic prostatitis.This may be a paraffin bath, hot water bottle, heated salt or sand.

important to pay attention to diet: it should be as balanced.Patients with prostatitis prohibited use of coffee, alcohol, cocoa, spicy and salty, smoked.

However, the most important aspect of treatment of prostatitis at home is the constant control of the attending physician and the endorsement of all the methods used.