Endometriosis Treatment folk remedies

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Endometriosis - a disease that often affects female.When endometriosis in the uterus is formed of nodes, that resemble the inner lining of the uterus.These nodes can be either in the womb or outside of it.This disease is a benign tumor disease and manifests itself in women because of the atypical growth and the continued functioning of the cells of the endometrium (the so-called inner lining of the uterus).Most often, endometriosis affects women, who are in their reproductive years: mainly manifested disease in women from 40 to 44 years.Most endometriosis is found in nulliparous women.Sometimes the disease is manifested and at a younger age from the disease often suffer even teenage girls.

The reasons for endometriosis doctors determine the propensity to disease of genetic nature, but also a violation of the hormonal balance in the female body.There are also other theories, such as implant theory .In this case, it is assumed that part of the endometrium, which had been torn away, in some situat

ions ( abortion , childbirth, painful menstruation ) can settle on the ovaries, peritoneum, tubes and provoke the onset of the disease.Also, as the precipitating factors doctors determine stress , unhealthy diet, a number of general diseases, improper functioning of the endocrine glands, genital infections.

In endometriosis is usually a woman complains of a very painful periods, regular pain in the abdomen, fatigue and weakness, headache, sometimes - nausea and vomiting.At the same time the patient often can not get pregnant.

Treatment for endometriosis is done after medical examination and destination of funds needed for the course of therapy.However, in parallel, you can use and treatment of endometriosis folk remedies, as many years of experience treating the disease became the basis of the appearance of a number of such popular recipes.

treatment of endometriosis folk remedies

is believed that endometriosis can be treated effectively with the help of clay.To do this, it is advisable to use clay blue or gray because these varieties have a more pronounced healing properties.It is important that the clay has a clean, uncontaminated sand or earth.The clay should be rubbed in a basin and pour a little water - it should only cover the clay.Basin should be left for the night, the mixture became soft as possible.On the morning of the liquid, which will remain at the top of the clay, should be emptied and the rest need to knead the clay as long as the result is not a homogeneous mass of the consistency of sour cream.Before the clay, you can add a little bee venom.

About half a kilo of clay you need to put in a pan and heat.It is advisable to do it in a water bath, because the fire clay can overheat.The mass shift on cellophane or oilcloth and make the cake, which will be about the thickness of three centimeters.This cake should be applied to the abdomen in place between the navel and the pubis.On top should wrap the body of a warm scarf or a blanket and keep warm cake about two hours.After this time, remove the cake and rinse the belly well.After the session, it is recommended to make a few rotational motions of the stomach in both directions.

sessions should be repeated every day, course of treatment is between five and eight treatments.It is important to bear in mind that every day, you need to soak the new clay.

to treat endometriosis during painful menstruation can be used beet juice.Squeezed juice, which before the use should settle for four hours, you need to drink 50-100 ml twice or thrice a day.First, you must use a lower dose and gradually increase it.It should be noted that when high doses of the juice in the early days, you can get sick indigestion.Optionally beet juice may be mixed with carrot juice.

recommend some physical therapy exercises for resorption endometrial adhesions , in particular the exercise "Fish".For its implementation should lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward.In turn we need to raise first one, then the other leg, alternating it with the lifting of both legs.It is necessary to carry out ten lifts each leg and both legs.Every day you need to do three sets.Within a month of exercise significantly improved well-being of women.

In endometriosis menstrual period are particularly abundant, so large blood loss provoke iron deficiency anemia.For its prevention is important to stick to a diet , which involves the consumption of red meat, fish, pomegranates, buckwheat, broth hips.Thus it is necessary to limit the consumption of coffee.

also recommended to regularly consume a lot of vitamin-containing products.It is especially important to replenish B vitamins , magnesium , calcium .

also practiced treatment of endometriosis using manual therapy, acupuncture , girudoterapii .Treatment with leeches impact on a woman's body is complex, adjusting the functioning of all systems.The saliva of leeches has analgesic , anti , immunomodulatory effects.

treatment of endometriosis herbs

In addition, there is a practice of treating endometriosis herbs.The use of herbal medicine helps to restore hormonal balance in the body, enhance immunity, stimulation of protective forces of the female body, prevent the development of inflammatory processes, and leads to normal activity of a number of organs and systems.

There are many herbs that can alleviate the condition of endometriosis.In this case, frequently used means of restraining the bleeding (horsetail, cleft cabbage, tarragon, celery, tansy, oregano, yarrow).Women suffering from endometriosis is recommended to use as much as possible a variety of greens - parsley, dandelion, spinach, celery, broccoli.In addition, useful extracts of oat and barley straw.

used to treat endometriosis herbal.For the preparation of one of them should take one tablespoon of leaves, yarrow, mint, chamomile nettle, Bukovica dosage, raspberry and elderberry flowers.By raising you need to add two tablespoons herb sage and marshmallow.The mixture of herbs should pour two liters of boiling water and infuse the collection for two hours.Strain the broth, it is necessary to take it four times a day, one glass for half an hour before meals.Remnants of the broth can be used in the process of douching.Such treatment should be continued for two weeks, and after ten days can be repeated.However, in the preparation of collection should be noted that betony significantly lowers blood pressure .Therefore, patients with hypotension it should not be added to the collection.

the treatment of endometriosis herbs often used nettle broth.To do this, two tablespoons of herbs to pour one cup of boiling water and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes.The broth is necessary to add one more glass of water and take it before meals for half a glass.Drink decoction should be three to five times a day.

The same pattern can prepare a decoction of smartweed ( pepper water ).However, the broth must take one tablespoon three to four times a day.When the broth turned bitter and brown, you drink enough it 30-40 drops three times a day.

Used to treat enldometrioza and grass shepherd's purse.To prepare the infusion, a tablespoon of chopped herbs to pour one cup of boiling water.Dishes with the infusion need to wrap up and wait for about one hour.Take the infusion should be one tablespoon before meals 3-4 times a day.

and shepherd's purse, pepper and water possess the ability to enhance uterine capacity.Consequently, these infusions advisable to drink at the time of menstruation.In addition, all of these herbs can be periodically added to the food (in salads, soups).This should be done for a few months, periodically changing the composition of the grass to avoid habituation of the organism.

There are other recipes for the treatment of endometriosis herbs.You can take about 50 g of dry cucumber whip, chop them and add 0.5 liters of water.The mixture for five minutes should be boiled, then it is infused for about one hour.Means drink three times a day for half a cup.

To prepare another broth used shredded bark viburnum, which should boil for ten minutes.For the decoction is taken one tablespoon of bark and one cup of boiling water.Broth drink two tablespoons three times a day.

In addition, treatment of endometriosis folk remedies involves not only welcome them inside, and douching.For this purpose, you can use a decoction of the root anise.It is prepared as follows: root anise should be crushed, take three tablespoons of the masses and fill it in 500ml boiling water.Cook anisetree need for fifteen minutes over very low heat, strain through twenty minutes.The broth need to add the same amount of water and use it for douching.

for douching with endometriosis also use an infusion of celandine.To do this, pour one tablespoon of herb celandine 500 ml of boiling water and heat in a water bath for ten minutes.After straining pour the same amount of water.Similarly, prepare a broth of chopped oak bark, but the mixture should cook for twenty minutes.

In addition, traditional medicine recommends women put tampons soaked in medicinal infusions.The tampon is made of bandages: for this bandage is folded in several layers, and is folded into a pouch and tie, leaving a convenient tail for extraction.

considered an effective method pads with eucalyptus and marigold.To do this, prepare the oily extract of the medicinal plants.100g of leaves of eucalyptus have to mash and pour 200ml of heated olive oil.This solution should be deleted twenty marigold flowers.Capacity must be very tightly and put on 20 days in the heat.

Another effective method of treatment of endometriosis - medicated bath.Twice a week is recommended to take a bath with the infusion of oat straw.For this poured five liters of boiling water full quart of oats straw and insist for two hours.Infusion need to strain and pour into the bath, which should be taken within half an hour.

prevention of endometriosis

Since the disease significantly affects the quality of life of women, should take into account all aspects that help to prevent its occurrence.First of all, special vigilance must be those women, whose relatives in the female line were sick with endometriosis.You can not prevent obesity: a healthy diet and regular physical exercise reduces the risk of developing this disease.Avoid regular stressful situations, do not abuse alcohol and coffee, to avoid abortion, which often develops as a result of endometriosis.In addition, and folk and traditional medicine suggests that the most effective means of prevention of endometriosis is considered pregnancy and childbirth.