Treatment of pneumonia folk remedies

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Treatment of pneumonia can be done either in a hospital or at home.However, home treatment, and treatment of pneumonia with the help of folk remedies requires regular monitoring of the patient: it should always visit the local doctor and nurse.Direct testimony to the patient's room are certain moments in the hospital.This disease is pneumonia in a child first year of life, severity of disease with a number of complications, disease, burdened with somatic symptoms, inability to fully treat the person at home.

primary care in the treatment of pneumonia

to treatment of pneumonia was the most effective, it is necessary to provide high-quality patient individual care.Especially important is the approach to the sick children.It is important to comply strictly with bed rest, to ensure the limitation of physical activity.However, this does not mean that a person should always lie still - it is important to change position, move.After recovery, the patient severe pneumonia it should not be difficult to work

about two or three months.

In the treatment of pneumonia at home should be particularly attentive to compliance with all requirements, both for personal and for general hygiene.Power bolnogodolzhno provide all the needs of the body, which is struggling with the disease.The food should contain enough calories, products with high content of various vitamins, natural food.A very important point in the patient's diet - providing sufficient drinking.Drink liquid should be warm and varied: suitable raspberry tea, cranberry juice, mineral water.Periodically, you can drink warm milk with honey and soda.

In acute fever patients who have no symptoms of heart failure, a day should drink approximately 2.5-3 liters of liquid.

Treatment of pneumonia in children provides a unique approach to feeding.The child should be offered there is little and often, preferably at the same time offering his favorite foods.Appetite of the child is recovering after removal of the acute condition.In the process of power is necessary to select dishes low in carbohydrates , which provoke fermentation in the gut.Drinking regime for children - one of the most important principles of care for a sick child.Drink should be long enough to compensate for fluid loss due to high temperature and shortness of breath.

pneumonia patients should keep in control of bowel function, to prevent the manifestation flatulence and constipation .The room in which the patient resides, should be regularly aired, so that the air was clean.Another important point on the road to recovery - active expectoration of sputum.To cough was more effective, you can perform some exercises of breathing exercises.


pneumonia Treatment of pneumonia antibiotics is one of the main directions in the treatment of disease.It is important that antibiotics were assigned to the patient in time, that is, wait for the time when the pathogen is identified, is not necessary.However, the appointment of antibiotics to the patient must necessarily be conducted only by the attending physician, in any case can not take drugs themselves.

If treatment of pneumonia occurs outside the hospital, the patients are often appointed penicillins , macrolides and cephalosporins 1st generation .Selecting the mode of administration of the antibiotic depends directly on the severity of the disease.

If pneumonia treated in the hospital, the patients received cephalosporins third generation , penicillins with clavulanic acid , fluoroquinolones , aminoglycosides , carbapenems .If pneumonia etiology is unknown, the combination therapy can be administered, which uses two or three different antibiotic.The effectiveness of the treatment of the disease with antibiotics can be assessed after 36-48 hours.If there is improvement of health, the emergence of appetite, as well as the absence of negative dynamics of pneumonia, the treatment result can be considered positive.

But antibiotic treatment of pneumonia also provides for additional reception of drugs.For example, often uses the drugs, the effects of which provides for the restoration of the drainage function of bronchi.This medication eufillin , Flomax , Atrovent .It is also advisable taking medicines that thin the mucus and help to improve the process of expectoration.Apply those drugs that stimulate the body's defenses -. interferon , immunoglobulin etc. Patients with pneumonia also shows some of the methods that increase non-specific resistance of the organism.In this case, effective adaptogens - ginseng tincture , extract Eleutherococcus , drugs Aralia , pantokrina , Rhodiola rosea , Saparal .They are used in individual dosage twice or thrice a day.All these drugs have a significant impact on the human body.They strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolic processes in the body, helping to strengthen human resistance to many negative impacts, as well as to the effects of infection.To restore the body's defenses in some cases, the patient is injected gamma globulin , appointed vitamin complexes (in this case is particularly important enough vitamin C and B vitamins).

In the treatment of pneumonia in children and adults use antihistamines, agents with anti-inflammatory properties.In severe disease during the sometimes attending physician considers it appropriate to receive corticosteroids .If there are specific indications are assigned as analgesics, respiratory analeptics, oxygen therapy sessions, and others.

Once the patient returns to normal body temperature and general symptoms disappear intoxication can be used a number of physical therapy.Often the doctor prescribes microwave , inductothermy , UHF , sessions wellness massage , electrophoresis et al.

Other treatments for pneumonia

Another important stage of complextreatment of pneumonia - the holding of regular sessions of physiotherapy.Such exercises contribute to enhanced circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body, normalize impaired pulmonary ventilation in the disease process.Exercise therapy given to patients after the body temperature normalized or reduced to low grade.Originally gymnastics involves some breathing exercises in the supine position.In addition, it is desirable to lay the patient several times a day on a healthy side to improve aeration .To reduce adhesions in phrenicocostal corner, should lay a cushion under your chest and lie on the healthy side.When lying on his back is reduced in the formation of adhesions between the pleura and diaphragmatic rear wall of the chest.

Then, a few days later, the patient in the recovery stages are assigned exercises in sitting and standing, which are aimed at increasing the mobility of the chest, and also involve training diaphragmatic breathing.

After complete cure people who recover from pneumonia, it is recommended to engage in skiing, boating, playing sports.

To improve the drainage function of the bronchi and pulmonary ventilation function is often administered holding inhalation .Note, however, that the inhalation is performed after the removal of the most severe condition.For inhalation use special preparations, such as bioparoks , as well as herbal teas.

With the help of massage can greatly improve the process of sputum discharge.In addition, massage has a holding bronhorasslablyayuschee impact.Depending on the prescription is used as classic segmental , and acupressure .

With can massage can significantly accelerate the process of sputum discharge with a strong cough.To this end, on the skin, pre-greased with Vaseline , the bank applied, which capacity should be 200 ml.After sucking banks massaging motion carried from the waist to the cervical spine.This massage should last about ten minutes.After that the patient wrapped a blanket and give him a cup of warm tea.This massage can be carried out once in two days.

After removing the acute condition of the patient is also recommended to do paraffin , mud , ozokeritovye application .Some experts also recommend conducting the sessions of acupuncture .However, this method can not be practiced to people in a state of intoxication, with fever, with cardiac and respiratory failure.

important that the treatment of pneumonia was conducted before the patient fully recovered: it must not only normalize the state of health, but also indicators of laboratory and radiologic studies.

After the main course of treatment patients are often recommended to continue the recovery from the disease in sanatorium conditions.As a rule, the correct approach to the treatment of the patient's recovery occurs in about three to four weeks.

Treatment of pneumonia folk remedies Treatment

pneumonia folk remedies can also be used, subject disease treatment at home and there is no serious condition of the patient.There are a number of decoctions and infusions of herbs recipes that effectively act on the general condition of the patient.Some recipes, proven years of experience, can be used in parallel with drug treatment.We offer a number of possible recipes for the treatment of pneumonia folk remedies.

Take two tablespoons of aloe leaves, chop and mix with a teaspoon of salt.1 h. L.salt.The mixture is taken three times a day before meals for one teaspoon.Calendula tincture, which take twenty drops three times a day, is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of calendula flowers pour a glass of rubbing alcohol.Infusion prepared 15 days in a dark place.Similarly, we can prepare a tincture of wormwood herb (one tablespoon of herbs one glass of vodka), which is taken four times a day, one teaspoon.

Another means of traditional medicine effectively helps to get rid of the cough.For this one glass oat husk is mixed with one liter of milk.The mixture is to be boiled for half an hour, then strain and add two tablespoons of butter, five tablespoons of honey.Before going to bed the patient should take a glass of funds.

In addition, for the treatment of pneumonia in children and adults as a drink, traditional medicine recommends taking decoctions of herbs.There are many choices of herbs fees, effectively acting on the patient's condition with pneumonia.

should mix one part herb knotweed, the fruit of anise, pine buds, fennel fruit, herb thyme, licorice root.Collection is filled with cold water, leave for about an hour, after which it must bring to a boil and cook for about five minutes.Drink half a cup to collect three times a day.

In another collection of herbs includes one teaspoon of chamomile flowers, calendula, St. John's wort.The mixture is poured two cups of boiling water, leave for two hours.Take charge is necessary on a third cup three times a day.

In addition, treatment may include other fees herbs: Salvia officinalis, mother-and-stepmother, thyme, horsetail, plantain leaves, peppermint, nettle, elfwort, elderberry and other herbs.

The tea, which the patient drinks throughout the day, you should add honey and lemon, periodically is recommended to drink warm milk with the addition of one teaspoon of butter and honey.

used in the treatment of pneumonia and Juice therapy - daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.The most useful to patients beet juice, carrot, spinach.

effective in controlling the symptoms of pneumonia and tincture of eucalyptus, which is used as externally - for inhalation and gargling, and inside, 30 drops three times a day.

In order to intensify the process of expectoration of sputum, it is recommended to use fresh cabbage juice mixed with honey.Traditional medicine also recommends regular consumption of raisins, figs, almonds.

effective treatment for pneumonia at home are banks, which put on the back and on the patient's chest.In addition, apply compresses and bandages warming character.


pneumonia as pneumonia prevention is important to comply with the general hygienic rules, pay regular time for hardening, physical education classes.It is also important readjustment of foci of chronic infection.All disease in which lung damage occurs, you need to immediately and properly treated.Healthy Lifestyle Adult, competent approach to child care, as well as hardening of the baby in the first year of life to avoid the disease.There are also some drugs ( bronhomunal , IRS-19 , ribomunil ) which stimulates the protective properties of the organism during the highest probability of contracting infectious diseases.They also produce a specific effect of vaccine directed against pathogens of respiratory diseases.