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Albumin - is a water-soluble protein , belonging to a particular group of proteins - protein fractions.He is one of the most numerous proteins and occupies more than half of the blood plasma protein.

Liver - a place of production of albumin, it depends on the amino acid level , thus, at a protein deficiency, reduced synthesis.Update plasma albumin is rapid synthesis and breakdown of this protein is about 13 grams per day, the life cycle of about 14 days.

Main albumin protein function:

    • Maintaining oncotic pressure of plasma
    • Maintaining blood volume
    • Providing transport function using an bilirubin, cholesterol , acids, ions, hormones and drugs outside.

Thus, albumin is an important regulator of metabolism (hormone, pigment, mineral).It is thanks to the transport function of albumin is an important element of the system detoxification of the body.Albumin transport function is ensured by the small size of its molecules, so that they can carry other substances.

blood test to albumin

can be administered in the following cases: for monitoring kidney disease, liver cancer, burns and serious injuries for the evaluation of protein metabolism of the body.

Elevated levels of albumin in the blood is an indicator of dehydration body.This thickens the blood significantly, a person begins to feel bad.Severe illness, permanent and long-term vomiting and diarrhea also lead to increased levels of this protein in serum blood.Long-term use of vitamin A in large doses can also lead to increased formation of the protein.Normalization level is the result of successful treatment.

Reduced levels of albumin can be caused by a shortage of its production, or excessive output from the body.Since albumin is the custodian of proteins in the body, during fasting, it is through these albumin provided the need for protein.A similar situation occurs during pregnancy , when the body needs protein to build new tissue.Smokers, especially with the experience, the albumin level is also low, due to the fact that the liver smokers directs all his energy to his own recovery, but not for the production of proteins. Diseases of the liver, kidneys, intestines, disturbance of absorptive gastrointestinal function, rheumatism , tumor, purulent processes, heart failure , and overdose of certain drugs also leads to a lower level.It was also noted many cases where a reduced level of albumin was a feature of an organism genetically transmitted from parents.

for all ages normal levels of albumin in the blood is different:

  • Children under 14 rate is 40-55g / L
  • for adults up to 60 years the rate of 34-49g / L
  • For adults over 60 yearsthe normal level is reduced slightly to 33-47g / l

research material is albumin serum , analysis is taken strictly on an empty stomach, the day before the meeting is necessary to exclude heavy exercise.It is also necessary to remember that for a long stay in the vertical position may cause an increase in albumin levels up to 10%.Analysis for albumin can be performed under the general analysis, as well as being specialized.