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Amylase - it's a digestive enzyme , which breaks down starches to oligosaccharides , that is actively involved in the reaction with carbohydrates.Amylase is the first open enzyme, which has been identified by various sources French or Russian chemist.

This enzyme is produced mainly by the pancreas , also accounted for a small proportion of the salivary gland and other organs.Therefore, amylase can be divided into saliva and pancreatic amylase, that is produced by the pancreas.

Since the main purpose of amylase - a digestive process, then it should be exclusively in the human stomach, without getting into the blood, or getting in very small quantities.After the blood enters the urine amylase, so its content in the first liquid causes the second content.

Analysis for amylase

analysis on the content of amylase in the blood (the material is serum ) and urine is carried out in suspected following diseases:

  • diseases of the pancreas such as acute pancreatitis.In the case of diseases of the
    pancreas cells are beginning to collapse, resulting in release of active amylase in blood.The main symptoms are: abdominal pain, especially around the belly button, fever, nausea, etc.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Peritonitis - a disease that mainly occurs when appendicitis , as well as the stomach or bowel perforation.Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever are symptoms of peritonitis.
  • Diseases of the salivary glands, such as pig .This viral infection leads to destruction of the salivary gland cells, which in turn triggers the output of the enzyme in blood.Dry mouth, pain in the ears, especially when talking or chewing, as well as the formation of a large suggests that, most likely, there is such a disease as mumps (mumps) .
  • Cystic fibrosis .In this disease there is disruption of the body's glands, which is the cause of the burst amylase.Usually the disease manifests itself in childhood and is hereditary.

During these stressful conditions the body like pregnancy , acute alcohol poisoning and complicated diabetes can also be causes of elevated levels of amylase in the blood.
Reduced performance levels of the enzyme content can be observed during toxicosis in pregnant women, failure podzhelodochnoy gland, pancreatic necrosis, etc.

Increased levels of amylase in the urine usually indicates elevated levels in the blood, and also indicates the possible existence of similar diseases.

Analysis of urine amylase is usually made on the basis of material daily.Urine is collected over a full day, starting from the second, skipping the first, do not take the first urine of the next day.The rate of content of up to 17 units / h.

blood test on the contents of this enzyme is carried out strictly on an empty stomach.

For each age norms blood amylase are different, but basically they are as follows:

  • children up to a year - up to 60 U / L;
  • Children older than one year and adults to old age - 20 - 120 U / L;
  • Adults older than 70 years - from 30 U / L to 160 U / L.
  • standards for men and women are identical.

Interesting Facts

Prolonged chewing products that are composed of starch, but almost no sugar, amylase gives them a sweet taste.

Given that the amylase involved in the digestive process, which begins in the mouth due to saliva, in its composition contains a small amount of amylase that provides speedy digestion of food.