Sirup a tablety Erespal : návod na použitie , cena .Recenzia detí , ktoré dostali

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Composition tablets following: each tablet contains the active ingredient - fenspirid hydrochloride , as well as additional substances - Valium , phosphate calcium , macrogol 6000 , silica , povidone , titanium dioxide , magnesium stearate , glycerol .

Composition cough syrup following: active substance - fenspirid hydrochloride , additional substances: flavor , glycerol , licorice extract , Sunset yellow S , Propyl , methyl parahydroxybenzoate , sucrose , saccharin , potassium sorbate , water .

Product form

Pills cough have a skin white, sold in pack

s of 30 pieces.

syrup sold in bottles of 150 ml plastic, It is clear orange liquid in which the precipitate can be formed.When he disappears shaking the vial.The vial is placed in a cardboard box.

Dosing of the drug - oral.

Pharmacological action

As evidenced by Wikipedia, the remedy has antispasmodic , antihistamine , anti-inflammatory effects .

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Erespal (Eurespal) prevents bronchoconstriction , slows exudation .Anti-inflammatory effect, which has fenspirid , due to the inhibition of arachidonic acid metabolism.Antibronhokonstriktornoe impact produced by inhibiting the process of isolation of biologically active substances: histamine , serotonin , bradykinin .In addition, the drug blocks the alpha-adrenergic receptors, when stimulated production of which there is an increase of bronchial secretions.

Prevents bronchospasm .If the agent is appointed at high doses, it reduces the production of various inflammatory factors.

drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.The highest concentration of active substance in the blood plasma observed after about 2.5 hours after oral administration.The half-life is 12 hours.

A kidney derived approximately 90% of the drug, the remaining 10% is excreted through the intestines.

Indications Erespal

Indications for use of the drug - a disease of the upper and lower respiratory tract of man:

  • laryngitis , nasopharyngitis ;
  • bronchitis ;
  • tracheobronchitis ;
  • asthma (in the complex treatment);
  • hoarseness, cough, tickling, disturbing patients pertussis , flu , measles ;
  • respiratory diseases infectious nature, which is a symptom of cough;
  • sinusitis , otitis .

Thus, indications for use Erespal - a disease accompanied by a cough and other symptoms of respiratory tract diseases.Indications for use are the same syrup as a preparation for use in tablets.When you assign complex treatment the doctor will determine what kind of shape it is desirable to choose the drug.From what Erespal tablets can learn details of the instructions that came with the drug.Also described in detail from what helps the medicine in the summary to the syrup.


notes the following contraindications to receiving funds:

  • a high level of sensitivity to the active substance or other components;
  • children up to two years.

Syrup with caution is used to treat people who have celebrated fructose intolerance , glucose-galactose malabsorption , diabetes , deficit sucrase or isomaltase, because the composition of the syrup has sucrose.

Side effects

If Eurespal syrup or tablets cause any side effects, you should always consult a doctor and inform him in detail about what is happening.

Erespalom the treatment may experience side effects:

  • in the functioning of the cardiovascular system : rarely seen tachycardia , which decreases with decreasing funds dose.
  • in the functioning of the digestive tract : frequently reported stomach and intestinal disorders, pain in the epigastric pain, nausea;sometimes manifested vomiting and diarrhea .
  • in the functioning of the central nervous system : rarely observed state of drowsiness, sometimes manifested dizziness.
  • There may be fatigue, severe fatigue.
  • skin reactions : in rare cases, there urticaria , erythema , rash, sometimes itchy skin trouble.
  • possible manifestation of sensitivity to dye a part of the funds.

for use Erespal Guide (Method and Dosage)

drug in tablets is used only for the treatment of adult patients.In the treatment must strictly follow the instructions on the use of tablets and syrup.

Instructions on Erespal in next tablet.

drug should be taken before meals.The day in chronic inflammatory diseases is recommended to use two tablets of 80 mg - in the morning and evening.When acute course of the disease your doctor may prescribe a course of treatment, comprising receiving three tablets - morning, afternoon and evening.Your doctor may prescribe an individual scheme, how to take the tablets.Also individually determined duration of therapy.

Instructions on Erespal cough syrup next.Take the syrup can be an adult, and it is assigned to the children after the age of twelve.The day may be administered 3 to 6 tablespoons means (45-90 ml).Children and adult treatment lasts as many days as appoints doctor.

Drug Administration in the form of syrup not carried out for children up to 2 years.

Erespal children assigned based on how old the child turned, how much he weighs.At this dosage syrup carried out so that a daily dose of cough drops is not exceeded.Instructions for syrup for children provides that the daily dose is divided into 2 or 3 doses.The syrup should be drunk before meals.

Children under 2 years of age means not assigned.If the treatment of respiratory diseases is required for children up to a year, the doctor prescribes safe analogues for such children.

The day is recommended to use 4 mg per 1 kg of body weight of the child.

children weighing less than 10 kg, is appointed by means of 2-4 teaspoons per day (10-20 ml).Children weighing more than 10 kg, is appointed by means of 2-4 tablespoons per day (20-60 ml).

How many days a child drinking a tool depends on the disease and the doctor's recommendations.Reviews on syrup indicate that improvement is noted after 2-3 days of this treatment.

Overdose If overdose funds, should immediately seek medical help.After overdose there may be a state of drowsiness or excitation , sinus tachycardia , nausea and vomiting .

In this state, the patient is carried out gastric lavage, is constantly monitored ECG .If necessary, supported by the vital functions of the body.


Abstract indicates that a special study of the interaction fenspirid with other drugs have not been conducted.In connection with the increase in the probability of sedation while taking histamine H1 receptor Erespal not recommended to be taken with sedatives .

Conditions of Sale

Implementation medicines carried by prescription.


not need to comply with the special conditions for storage of tools.Erespal must be stored at room temperature, away from children.

Shelf life

syrup can be stored for 3 years, a tablet - 2 years.


often question patients about Erespal - it antibiotic or not.In fact, treatment Erespalom can replace antibiotics.Therefore, additional antibiotic is assigned when necessary.

people affected by diabetes , is assigned to the drug in tablets, as a syrup contains sucrose.

view of the presence in syrup Sunset yellow people with intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid , as well as other NSAIDs may develop bronchospasm.

no studies that would allow to draw conclusions about the impact of Erespal on ability to transport and work with the exact mechanisms.However, when used somnolence can occur, especially if the drug is combined with sedatives or alcohol.It will be appreciated that such a combination may impair the reaction.

Analogs Erespal

Matches code ATC 4th level:
  • Inspiron

The pharmacy chains you can find similar products that have the same.Analogs syrup and tablets Erespal on the effects on the human body - it Stoptussin , fenspirid , Ascoril , Flyuditek , Lasolvan , Ambrobene .Price analogs can be either higher or lower.However, despite the desire to find a cheaper analogues of what can be replaced by 80 mg tablet or syrup Erespal should ask the physician.In some cases, you can replace Erespal drug Bronhikum .It is used in bronchitis, both in dry and in wet cough.

it better Erespal or Sinekod?

Sinekod - the drug, which is an antitussive drug direct impact.Its active substance - butamirata .This tool is used primarily for non-productive cough.Erespal Sinekod and should not take at the same time.In this case, be sure to consult with your doctor.

it better Erespal or Lasolvan?

appoint a drug for the treatment of adult or child should only doctor.Erespal more effectively reduces inflammation and Lasolvan promotes liquefaction and expectoration of sputum.That is Lasolvan used in wet cough.Often, patients are also interested in whether you can take Erespal Lasolvan and at the same time.The compatibility of these drugs acceptable.However appoint Lasolvan and Erespal together can only be a doctor, as required to comply with the special regimen of these funds.

it better Erespal or Ambrobene?

patients arises the question of whether it is possible to use in the treatment and Erespal Ambrobene together.The active ingredient of the drug Ambrobene as Lasolvan - Ambroxol hydrochloride.So the answer to the question, what to prefer, or Erespal Ambrobene is similar.

Which is better: Prospan or Erespal?

Prospan - a drug with mucolytic effect, the basis of which - dry extract of ivy leaves.Nevertheless, to determine what kind of drug that should be used for coughs, colds, etc. when., May only doctor.

it better Erespal or Ascoril?

Ascoril drug is composed of just three active substances - salbutamol , Bromhexinum , guaifenesin .It acts on the body as a bronholikik, mucolytic.Erespal Ascoril and simultaneously appointed only on the testimony of a doctor.The patient also can not answer yourself, which is better - or Erespal Askolril as should necessarily take into account the diagnosis and individual characteristics of the patient.

Questions about Erespal combine with other medications for cough occur in people very often.For example, is it possible to take Erespal and Flyuditek together?Is there treatment for cough in a way that Erespal and ACC can be used together in one scheme of therapy?Despite the fact that the strict guidelines on the incompatibility of these drugs is not, on their own, without consulting a doctor, to combine all means of you can not cough.

Thus, before answering, with some cough to take a particular drug, you need to carefully examine the summary and consult a doctor.In some cough and prescribe certain drink syrup or tablets depends on the active substance and its effects on the body.


Erespal syrup is assigned only to children who are over two years.For infants the drug does not apply.Infants, who developed respiratory tract infections, are appointed by other drugs.

not recommended when combined with alcohol

Alcohol and reception Erespal as alcoholic beverages enhance the sedative effect of the drug.Man, compatible reception Erespal and alcohol, will feel a marked weakness and drowsiness.

during pregnancy and lactation

Data on the use of fenspirid hydrochloride during pregnancy are absent or limited.But if in the course of treatment was found Erespalom pregnancy, there is no need to interrupt her.

No information about whether fenspirid into breast milk.Consequently this remedy should not take when feeding.It is necessary to treat infectious diseases of the respiratory tract by other means, why a woman should see a doctor.

reviews Erespale

Reviews Erespal on tablets and syrup are found both positive and negative.Positive feedback is left mostly those who receive funds or give his children after a doctor's prescription.It is noted, in particular, rapid action funds, reducing symptoms of the disease - coughing, shortness of breath, improve the patient's general state of health.Doctors about Erespal syrup in most positive.

However, there are different resources and negative opinions about the drug.Patients note the expression of certain side effects - weakness, insomnia, tachycardia, nausea and OE often negative opinions left by those who started treatment means alone, without defining, from a cough use this medication if you can drink during dry cough, how to take - upor after a meal.Note that Erespal - a potent drug, so it is impossible to use, guided only by the approval of members of the forum that the drug is recommended Dr. Komarovsky or another expert.

Price Erespal where to buy

Price cough syrup Erespal 150 ml on average 210-250 rubles.