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As part of a single tablet:

  • 60 mg diluted phosphoric acid ( Acidum phosphoricum );
  • 60 mg Ignatia bitter ( Ignatia );
  • 60 mg bags of cuttlefish ink content ( Sepia officinalis ) D4;
  • 60 mg nosode scabies ( Psorinum-Nosode ) D12;
  • 30 mg of potassium bromide ( Kalium bromatum ) D4;
  • 30 mg Valeriano-zinc salt ( Zincum valerianicum ).

also medicine contains additional ingredients: magnesium stearate and lactose .

Product form

drug produced in the form of round tablets, in the form of a flat cylinder with a facet.Color - white or white-gray.The tool may have a peculiar smell of valerian and gray or black blotches.

Pharmacological action

Homeopathic .

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Nervohel - homeopathic remedy .Antidepressant;It has anticonvulsant and sedative effect.Means normalize sleep duration and structure, to fall asleep faster, the frequency of nighttime awakenings decreased.

The substances included in the product, not vzvyvayut addiction, reduce the concentration of attention and do not affect the rate of reaction, so Nervohel has no age restrictions.

The structure means includes:

  • Ignacy bitter (plant) - an anticonvulsant, reduces emotional lability , is used for nervous disorders;
  • dilute phosphoric acid (mineral component) - contributes to the normalization nervous system physical and psycho-emotional exhaustion;
  • content cuttlefish ink bag benefits from headaches , depression , normalizes sleep and hormones in women;
  • nosode scabies - a substance that is obtained from scraping skin rash when scabies , prescribed for neuralgia , migraine , depression , catatonia and schizophrenia , emotional lability ;
  • potassium bromide - improves memory, reduces anxiety, anticonvulsant, normalizes sleep;
  • Valeriano-zinc salt helps with neuralgia , hypochondria , tremor and twitching of muscles and limbs.

pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug are poorly understood.


drug prescribed:

  • for the treatment of vegetative dystonia ;
  • with mood swings, anxiety , associated with menopause women;
  • for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders ;
  • at chorea , sleep disorders, irritability and high excitability of the nervous system;
  • Mild depression , psychopathy , neurotic and neurosis syndromes of different origin;
  • at withdrawal syndrome ;
  • in the complex therapy, for the treatment of children with mental disabilities.


tool does not prescribe:

  • if allergy , on any of the components of the drug (eg, bromine);
  • children under the age of 3 years (sometimes medication given to children ranging from a few months, on doctor's advice).

Side effects

probability of occurrence of adverse reactions is minimal.Rarely manifested allergic reactions on the skin, a rash or itching.

Instructions on Nervohel (Method and Dosage)

Nervoheel take sublingual .Means drink half an hour before meals or one hour after a meal.The course of treatment typically is several weeks, and is determined by the attending physician according to the age, disease and the individual patient.

Nervohel, instructions for use for adults

Adults appoint one tablet, 3 times a day.The course of treatment - from 14 to 21 days.If necessary, the duration of treatment may be extended after consultation with a specialist.

maximum daily dose for adults is 15 tablets.In case of urgency a tablet can drink every 15 minutes for 2 hours before the improvement.

Instructions for use for

children For children from three years of daily dosage also amounts to 3 tablets, divided into 3 doses.

Children under three years appoint half a tablet once a day.

To improve the quality of sleep and sleep acceleration tablet to be taken 15-30 minutes or just before bedtime.


Probability overdose extremely small.There were no cases of overdose means.


not occur.Homeopathic medicines can and should be combined with other means.This medication is recommended to use as part of combination therapy.

Conditions of Sale

drug sold without prescription.


Store in a cool, dark place.

Shelf life

5 years.


If during drug administration observed the deterioration of primary symptoms, contact your doctor.If

appeared unusual, is not described in the instructions adverse reactions, it is necessary to inform the specialist.

Children For children from one year to three receiving funds must be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

According to the instructions, before the age of six years as possible before taking the tablets dissolve in water.Children from one year to three - two teaspoons of water, from three to six years - three teaspoons.

prepared solution can be stored for one day in a dark place at room temperature.

reviews Nervohele

Reviews for adults

medicine helps with long-term use, well tolerated for several months.Particularly good reviews received the drug in the complex therapy.Many are not satisfied with the high cost, inconvenient packaging.

Reviews on Nervohel children

For children the drug is diluted in water, the reception starts with a few months.As a rule, the tool effectively enough, normalizes sleep.However, there are negative reviews, in which they write that the kids start screaming or talking during sleep, daytime become more restless.Some do not like the dosage form of the drug (or prefer to take a drop of syrup).

Reviews doctors Nervohel

general question of the use of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of certain diseases controversial.Traditional medicine, as a rule, does not welcome the use of such drugs.However, judging by the reviews, Nervohel, especially as part of a treatment has a positive effect on the overall clinical picture and the patient's state of health.There are cases of convalescence, when replacing antidepressants and neuroleptics on Nervohel.Physicians often prescribe medication to children because of its relative safety, lack of side effects and good tolerability.

Price Nervohelya where to buy

Buy drug can be for about 285 rubles (50 tablets).However, in some cities, such as Moscow, Nerohvelya price may be even higher - 300-320 rubles.

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