Drops Valemidin : instructions for use , price, reviews , composition

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composition Valemidina

Drops are a combination drug, so have a rich composition: valerian tincture, tincture of hawthorn, peppermint tincture, tincture of Leonurus, diphenhydramine , ethanol.

Product form

Produce Valemidin in alcohol for oral drops.Valemidin placed in a bottle-dropper of 50 ml dark glass.

Pharmacological action

Drops Valemidin are combined herbal medicines having sedative and antispasmodic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug shows calming effect , so it is prescribed for the treatment of stress and anxiety states.Also, there was a decrease of pain in the heart and blood pressure normalization.

therapeutic effect arises from the first days of reception.

data on the pharmacokinetics of the drug available.


The main indications for use are Valemidina:

  • increased nervous excitability ;
  • cardiovascular neuroses ;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • vascular dystonia .


Take this medication is not recommended for:

  • increased sensitivity to its components;
  • expressed impaired renal function and liver ;
  • aged less than 18 years;
  • hypotension ;
  • reducing heart rate;
  • acute and chronic forms of heart failure ;
  • lactation, pregnancy.

Side effects of the treatment

Valemidinom may occur allergic reactions .Sometimes develop dyspeptic disorders, and prolonged use can cause dry mucous membranes of the oral cavity .

Valemidin - instructions for use (Method and Dosage)

These drops are intended for reception inside .This adult patients should take this remedy before a meal, about half an hour.A single dose of 30-40 drops of pre-medication must be diluted with a little water, and take 3-4 times daily.

shows Valemidina instructions for use, duration of treatment can be 10-15 days.Repeated courses of therapy is carried out by a doctor, not earlier than in 1-1,5 months.


known that in the preparation contains substances such as diphenhydramine and ethanol .For this reason, during treatment Valemidinom advised to refrain from performing hazardous activities that require attention, and reaction speed.

Overdose Data on overdose cases Valemidinom absent.


Simultaneous reception Valemidina and drugs which depress the central nervous system activity, for example, sedatives and hypnotics funds , tranquilizers, neuroleptics , can lead to mutual reinforcement effects.

Conditions of Sale

Valemidin Drops without a prescription.

storage conditions for storage of the tool fits the dark, protected from the children place, with temperatures up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.


Matches code ATC 4th level:
  • sympathy
  • Karmolis
  • Valerian tincture
  • Lotosonik
  • Persen
  • Persen Forte
  • Fitosed
  • Bellaspon
  • Motherwort ForteEvalar
  • Dormiplant
  • Valerianahel
  • Sondoks
  • Sedafiton
  • Knott
  • tincture Peony
  • Menovalen
  • Bromkamfora
  • Valerian Forte
  • Valerian rhizomes with roots
  • Evening

exactValemidina analogue does not exist, but similar effects occur have its components - valerian tincture, hawthorn tincture, Tincture of peppermint and Tincture motherwort.


Direct contraindications to the use of alcohol in the treatment of Valemidinom not.However, the composition includes ethanol droplets.Therefore, we should not exclude mutual reinforcement effects.

reviews Valemidine

Admission different sedatives is one of the components of modern life.Therefore, reviews of Valemidine show that these drops actively take many people to normalize its state in a variety of cases.

particularly frequent reports of the use of this drug in sleep disorders .In this case, patients report that they experience a fast and stable effect: falling asleep is fast, sleep becomes calm and strong in the morning, they feel good, sleep and cheerful, and all day do not feel weakness or drowsiness.

also a means used by people whose work is connected with mental congestion, for example, teachers.They report that they have become less nervous, irritated, on the contrary, sleep well and feel better.

Efficiency drops Valemidin confirmed by experts.According to doctors, some patients specifically buy tinctures, which are part of the funds, and mixed them together.However, this approach may only exacerbate the problem and lead to further violations of the nervous system.With regard to the drug, in its composition accurately in compliance with all valid standards, increase efficiency, and do not bring harm to the body.

Price Valemidina where to buy

Valemidina price ranges 111-142 rubles.Buy it sedative at any pharmacy.

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