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Atsipol instruction manual


  • Atsipol instructions for use
  • release form and composition
  • drug Pharmacological properties of the drug
  • Indications
  • drug Contraindications
  • Dosing and dosechildren
  • Side effects and drug overdose
  • use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Cautions
  • conditions of storage and release of the drug
  • Atsipol analogues
  • Atsipol price

drug Atsipol is a probiotic,intended to restore the intestinal microflora and the lifting of immunity of the patient, reduced as a result of long-term treatment with antibiotics, frequent colds and other conditions.

release form of the drug and

Atsipol The drug is available in capsule form in the containment in vials of dark plastic amount of 20 pieces.The vial is sealed in a cardboard box.

a part of 1 capsule contains: living laktobaktrii several strains polysaccharide kefir fungus bifidobaktrii.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Capsules Atsipol have a pronounced antibacterial effect against

pathogenic intestinal microflora, which multiply, causing digestive disorders and infectious diseases.

Suppression of growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut is due to the multiplication of lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, which create unfavorable conditions for the survival of pathogens.By increasing the number of beneficial microbes in the gut immune system increases the patient and its ability to withstand a variety of viral and infectious diseases.

Included in the capsule during the multiplication Lactobacillus preparation alter the pH of the intestine, which causes the inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms pathological.

Restoring the normal intestinal microflora normalized production and absorption of vitamins B, K, and other biologically active substances.Against the background of reduced microflora thanks capsules Atsipol normal blood cholesterol and bilirubin.Regular use of the drug in the therapeutic and prophylactic doses improves digestion, relieves the patient from such unpleasant events such as nausea, belching, heartburn, flatulence and flatulence, constant rumbling in the stomach.Through forming part of the capsule Atsipol bifidobacteria and lacto getting better work of intestines, improves peristalsis, which serves as the prevention of chronic constipation and putrefaction processes in the large intestine.

Indications drug

Atsipol capsules administered to patients for the prevention and treatment of the following conditions:

  • Chronic constipation caused by decreased intestinal motility;
  • In the combined therapy in acute poisoning, accompanied by diarrhea;
  • salmonellosis, dysentery, acute intestinal infections, resulting in the patient's body is dehydrated, and together with the feces appear beneficial micro-organisms;
  • enterocolitis with severe bowel function disorders;
  • Dysbacteriosis due to prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • frequent infectious and viral infections;
  • Complex treatment of allergic rashes on the skin, atopic and contact dermatitis;
  • monotonous meager food.


Atsipol Capsules are not assigned to patients with individual intolerance to components of the drug or hypersensitivity to lactose.

Dosage and administration of the drug for children

Dosage and duration of treatment course is set for a doctor each patient individually.This largely depends on the patient's age, weight, diagnosis and severity of illness.

children older than 3 months, 1 capsule of the drug 2 times a day before feeding or during a meal.Since kids often can not swallow a capsule, it is possible to open, and the contents of the mix in 1 teaspoon of warm boiled water.

Kids up to 3 months is recommended to take ½ the capsule contents, after dissolving it in water.

Children older than 3 years is recommended to take 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals or half an hour before meals.

In order to prevent the development of dysbiosis a result of treatment with antibiotics or other drugs Atsipol recommended treatment for at least 2 weeks, 1 capsule 2 times a day.
Minimum therapy is not less than 10 days, the maximum one month.If necessary, drug treatment can be repeated after 1 month at a specified doctor scheme.

Side effects and drug overdose

drug is well tolerated even the smallest patients.The incidence of side effects or overdose capsules Atsipol registered in medicine.

use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Atsipol The drug can be used for the treatment and prophylaxis of the abovementioned conditions during pregnancy and lactation.During breastfeeding should observe the reaction of the baby, as with frequent or prolonged use of probiotics in infants may appear allergic skin rash.


When using capsules Atsipol and dairy products to restore intestinal microflora of action of the drug is enhanced.

is not recommended to take capsules of probiotics in conjunction with antibiotics, as this medication inhibit the growth and proliferation of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria and the therapeutic effect of such treatment is not.Probiotics is recommended to take after the end of treatment with antibiotics.During therapy with young children, if necessary with dilution water content of the capsule, care must be taken that the liquid temperature did not exceed body temperature, otherwise it will lead to the destruction of beneficial bacteria and the lack of therapeutic effect.

conditions of storage and release of the drug

Capsules Atsipol dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.The drug should be stored in a refrigerator or other cold location where the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius.Shelf life of the capsules is 2 years from the date of the preparation date of manufacture, which is listed on the carton.Avoid direct sunlight on a bottle of capsules, as this may lead to destruction of lactobacilli.

Atsipol analogues

analogues of the same composition at the moment does not exist.

Analogs by pharmacological group (means normalizing intestinal microflora): atsilakt tablets Baktisubtil, Bifidumbacterin, Bifidumbacterin dry Bifidumbacterin fort Bifikol, Bifiliz, Bifiform, Goodluck, Laktofiltrum, Linex, Primadofilus, Probifor, Florin fort Hilak fort Enterol

Atsipol price

Atsipol capsule 10 million CFU, 30 pcs.- From 259 rubles.