Acne on his stomach : the causes of , methods of treatment and prevention

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Pimples on stomach, causes of, treatment Acne on the abdomen can occur in people of any age and gender.Causes of rash on the stomach varied, and can be both infectious and non-infectious character.

Causes of acne on

abdomen People who have appeared pimples on the stomach, you should know that the main reason for their appearance - infectious diseases.If you have acne on your stomach, and you associate them with possible diseases, here is a description of some of them:

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause the appearance of spots on the abdomen.For example, with such diseases as secondary syphilis.Manifestations of acne in this disease specific: look like small nodules or papules rash on his stomach did not hurt or itch.One to two weeks beginning repeated precipitation not only in the stomach, but also on the upper body.Repeated rash pimples are less pronounced and tend to merge.At the slightest suspicion of syphilis, in any case, do not delay the campaign to the doctor, and even more i
    mpossible to self-medicate.Syphilis - this is a very serious disease that causes the destruction of not only the internal organs, but also the brain.
  2. Purulent pimples in the abdomen, also requires urgent consultation dermatologist because it could be a manifestation of genital herpes or another no less serious disease.
  3. Red spots on the abdomen can be a manifestation of allergic reaction caused by both internal and external stimuli (eg, laundry detergent, a belt buckle, shower gel, etc).Internal stimuli, most often, are foods that cause allergies and medications.The rash on the abdomen at the allergy may resemble hives, acne that is rapidly spreading, "spread" in reddish spots or merge with each other.If you see such a rapid development of a rash - immediately call an ambulance.
  4. All kinds of infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets - a common cause of acne.Especially dangerous are these diseases in the absence of vaccination immunity infected.If all sorts of spots on the abdomen accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, catarrhal symptoms (coughing, sneezing), headache, and aches in the joints - this is also a reason for immediate treatment for medical assistance.
  5. Pimples on stomach in adults, can also be a symptom of shingles.In this case, in place, a strong pain rash.
  6. Skin diseases are very diverse in its manifestation.This can be dermatitis, eczema, molluscum contagiosum, and other skin diseases.
  7. Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies), beginning usually with the skin between the fingers and toes, may in the future affect any areas of the body.When scabies rash on the abdomen first, like a small papules, single and multiple, prone to mergers.With further development of the disease becomes a vesicular rash (i.e., similar to small bubbles).For scabies characteristic intense itching in places eruptions.Combing pustular elements can be formed in the areas of rash.

Pimples on stomach baby

Spots on the belly of the child as well as adults, can occur for various reasons.Of the non-infectious causes are the most common are the same, allergic reactions (in children the probability of occurrence of hives is many times higher), as well as a banal "prickly heat."Sudamen could lead to the formation of small red spots on the abdomen of the child, however, as in any other parts of the body.

Pimples on stomach baby

As a rule, in order to get rid of prickly heat you need to bathe your baby more often, to see to it that it does not overheat, and use baby powder.

Often, spots on the abdomen of the child, may be due to infectious diseases such as:

  1. Chickenpox.Manifestations of chickenpox is often accompanied by the appearance of small pimples on the body-bubbles of reddish at the base.Localization of lesions children are not strict: they are usually first appear on the upper part of the body, but can sometimes start with the stomach.
  2. Measles.As a rule, the disease starts with a rash person, gradually sinking lower.
  3. Rubella.In this disease, and is characterized by the gradual spread of acne on the body from top to bottom, however, children can move and easy rubella form, with dim red pimples on various parts of the body, including the stomach.

All these diseases occur, usually with fever, enlarged lymph nodes and to other characteristic features that help distinguish them from other diseases that cause a rash on the abdomen.

Pimples on stomach in women

Pimples on stomach Women are most commonly associated with hormonal fluctuations taking place, such as during pregnancy.Acne during pregnancy may appear on the abdomen.Usually this small reddish rash, sometimes accompanied by itching.Spots on the belly of a pregnant usually held immediately after the child is born, or after a few months after that.As with children, spots on the abdomen of women can be caused by rubella (which is dangerous for pregnant women), and other infectious diseases, especially if the woman has not been vaccinated against them or their ill child.Furthermore, women are not immune from diseases such as scabies, molluscum contagiosum, and sexually transmitted diseases.

How to get rid of acne on his stomach women

All of these diseases can be accompanied by the appearance of pimples in the abdomen.

These eruptions take place as soon as the disease is cured, which became the cause of them.

Pimples on stomach

men Pimples on stomach in men in general appear for the same reasons that women, including genital infections.In addition, women in adolescence and early adulthood spots on the abdomen are sometimes a sign of hormonal instability.Representatives of the stronger sex, unfortunately, not paying much attention to personal hygiene, such as women, so the pimples on various parts of the body - a consequence of blockage of pores on dirty skin.In addition, men usually have hair on the lower abdomen, so they are more prone to inflammation of the hair follicles, which causes the appearance of red and white spots on the abdomen.

Pimples on stomach in men

Men often wear belts, so a rash on the stomach can be caused also by mechanical rubbing and excessive sweating under the thick cloth.

How to get rid of pimples on the stomach

Since, as became clear from the above, infectious diseases - one of the most common causes of acne on his stomach, it is best immediately after they appear seek help from a doctor.A visit to the dermatologist - it is the only "universal" recommendation in this case.Further treatment will depend on whether you deliver a diagnosis the doctor.Each disease treatment rash on the abdomen will have its own characteristics.For example:

  1. allergic rash on the abdomen is treated with antihistamines (allergy) preparations.They may be tablets, syrups and ointments.The main thing in the treatment of any type of allergy - the establishment and elimination of allergen contact with him.
  2. dermatological diseases, in which the possible appearance of acne on the abdomen (such as eczema or dermatitis) is treated, depending on the stage of the disease, drugs, infusions, medicinal mixtures, and so on. N.
  3. Scabies, which is diagnosed in a patientwith spots in the abdomen, the patient requires mandatory isolation, disinfection of premises, clothes and household items, and the treatment of cutaneous manifestations of special ointments.
  4. Infectious diseases, depending on what they are called, and both are shown, are treated by means of immunostimulatory agents and antipyretics, and anti-bacterial and antiviral drugs.
  5. Purulent pimples appearing on his stomach without any identified cause - an occasion to address to the immunologist, because such lesions may indicate immune problems.

If pimples on his belly scratched, it will help to cope with itching rubbing the affected places of apple cider vinegar, or a decoction of medicinal herbs Veronica Beautiful (take half a cup of broth per day).

Getting rid of acne

Establishment of proper nutrition - one of the main recommendations for any skin rash.Although a direct link of acne on his stomach with intestinal condition is not detected, many dermatologists believe that the adjustment of the diet is needed in this case.

Acne on the abdomen, diagnosis, treatment (video)

Prevention of acne on

stomach to not appeared pimples on the stomach, it is necessary, first of all, to observe good personal hygiene: wash carefully the body (especially on hot days)using quality cleaning gels for the shower.On hot days, you need to take a shower twice a day.If you have a predisposition to allergies, you should be very careful, introducing new products in the diet.Also, people with allergies better to use already proven brand of soaps and shower gels, which have precisely no allergic reactions.In summer, it is best to wear clothes made of natural, "breathable" fabrics.And in order to avoid possible infections must be very careful to wash their hands.