Redness of acne : fast ways to get rid

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Redness acne redness of acne occur due to the fact that during the inflammation under the skin on the affected spot slightly increased temperature and hence increases blood flow.In this way, our body combats disease-causing bacteria - the cause of inflammation.Sometimes it happens that the inflammation goes, and we are left to deal with its effects - redness.

How to get rid of acne redness after

Harvesting redness

treat redness from acne can be a variety of ways:

  1. cosmetics.
  2. using traditional recipes.
  3. using drugs.

Each of these methods is good in its own way, and have varying degrees of effectiveness.Keep in mind that acne redness at the site - a lot of young skin, which was formed on the site of lesions of acne.In order to remove the remaining dead skin, you can use non-aggressive scrub, gently putting it on the irritated site.The place can be cleaned with redness, soluble broth chamomile - it helps dry skin and reduce irritation.

Getting rid of redness

After these procedures

, you must be sure to moisturize the skin light cream with a reducing or anti-bacterial effect (best with tea tree extract).It can be applied punctually, directly on the place of stimulation.

How quickly remove the redness from acne

There are a few proven ways to help cure the redness of pimples fast enough, especially if it is not chronic liver spots, and small patches of red skin.

How to quickly get rid of the redness

So, in order to remove the redness, you can use:

  1. Ice cubes.In place of the redness to put an ice cube (a cube can be made by freezing a decoction of medicinal herbs).This procedure must be repeated several times a day at intervals of half an hour.The cold not only helps relieve inflammation and reduce pain.
  2. Green camouflage pencil.Such pencils generally comprise tea tree extract, or aloe.Apply a dot can be on the inflammation site.
  3. Aspirin.This tool helps you not only for acne but also from redness after them.The affected seats should be coated with gruel of crushed aspirin powder and water.After five minutes, the mixture should be washed off with warm water.
  4. eye drops.It is noticed that the eye drops to help even crimson spots after acne.Treat stains can be dotted causing a drop on a pimple or spot.
  5. Toothpaste.Apply to the reddened spot, as a mask, for a period of no more than 10 minutes.It is important to make sure that the toothpaste does not reach the eyes and lips.What exactly this will paste - not so important, because each of them has a mild anti-bacterial properties.After the mask from the paste is necessary to use a nourishing cream
  6. Lotions from alcohol.They can be used to dry oily skin and remove redness.
  7. From medical devices well help local antibiotics.For example, such as chlorhexidine digluconate.They are especially effective when severe inflammation.
  8. From cosmetic preparations well helps with redness Sudocrem.It should be applied to the stain for 30 minutes.
  9. Bioadditive Serrapeptase (substitute ibuprofen) significantly removes redness.For Serrapeptase - a natural chemical silkworms, significantly reduces inflammation in the skin.
  10. One of the popular ways to get rid of acne redness after - applied to the reddened areas of the tea bag.Before it is to hold the bag in warm water (not more than 1 minute), cool and gently squeeze . anti-inflammatory effect is due to a large number of tea it contains tannins, which reduce swelling and redness.

Use hints and remove redness of the skin.

tips above will prompt you as as soon as possible to remove the redness from acne, reduce swelling and stop the inflammatory process.

But do not forget that if you fight acne at the early stage, it will be able to prevent their inflammation, and thus avoid redness.

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