Astigmatism : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of astigmatism in children

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  • How to detect astigmatism?
  • Types astigmatism
  • Features occurrence of astigmatism in children
  • Causes of astigmatism in children
  • symptoms of astigmatism in children
  • Treatment of astigmatism in children
  • Prevention astigmatism

In ophthalmology there is a disorder characterized by impairments in the optical system of.Translated from the Latin term "astigmatism" means "lack of focus".This is manifested by the fact that the human eye sees the world distorted, that is, items do not have clear outlines, and are seen vaguely.This distorted perception is due to the wrong structure of the cornea or lens of the eye.Depending on this distinguished corneal and lenticular astigmatism.

  • When the corneal refractive power of the cornea is broken, resulting in abnormal refraction of light, and, as a consequence of the outside world is through a fundus in a distorted form.
  • When lenticular astigmatism broken structure of the lens, which also leads to the flow of information in a distorted form.

How to detect astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a very common disease and unfortunately, many people suffer from it and not even know it.The main disadvantage is blurry vision items, but many people simply do not attach any importance to this, writing off all the fatigue.

However, if this person suffers from recurrent headaches, severe fatigue, you should definitely check out their vision specialist.

Today ophthalmologists are diagnosed after the external standard inspection with tables and sets of cylindrical lenses.Do not need any expensive surveys, thus, the sooner the patient knows the diagnosis and begin treatment, the more likely correct the problem and cure the disease.

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Types astigmatism

Classification of astigmatism is carried out in many ways and criteria.The main types of astigmatism allocated ophthalmologist, are as follows:

  • Simple astigmatism - is characterized by the violation of only one eye;
  • astigmatism - a violation has in both eyes;
  • Mixed - various disorders in both eyes.

By nature appearance:

  • Congenital - is already apparent in childhood;
  • Acquired - manifested in injuries or mechanical damage to the eye, after failed eye surgery.

There are also:

  • Direct astigmatism - the vertical refraction prevails;
  • Reverse astigmatism - dominated by horizontal refraction.

Depending on the degree of development of the disease are distinguished:

  • First, weak degree - visual distortion of up to 3 diopters;
  • Second, the average level - the amount of distortion from 3 to 6 diopters;
  • third, high - value of more than 6 diopters.

Another classification:

  • hyperopia astigmatism - a man badly sees near;
  • myopic astigmatism - a person sees the bad away;
  • Mixed - when a person sees the bad and the near and far.
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Features astigmatism occurrence in children

astigmatism affects both adults and children.But for more children characterized by the presence of such diagnosis is congenital, resulting from a genetic predisposition.And to a lesser extent, acquired as a result of injury or other interventions that resulted in violations in the corneal structure.

Fortunately, the disease in children is rare.

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Causes of astigmatism in children

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Traumatic damage to eyes;
  • Violations eye hygiene rules;
  • consequences of this illness.
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symptoms of astigmatism in children

In most cases, astigmatism does not manifest itself.Only slightly blurred vision sometimes worried about its owner.But when more serious violations to this symptom also join also such:

  • child does not distinguish how far away things are;
  • Recurrent headaches;
  • Localized pain in the brow;
  • General weakness, fatigue;
  • Rapid eye fatigue when reading;

In cases when parents notice even the slightest deviation from the norm and they have suspicions that the child does not see the need to immediately consult an ophthalmologist.Of great importance in astigmatism is timely recourse and timely initiation of treatment.

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Treatment of astigmatism in children

course, the diagnosis of astigmatism in a child causes a lot of negative emotions and to some extent frightened parents, however, do not forget that modern medicine does not stand still, and today there are many painless and safe methods to adjustvision.

In astigmatism the doctor in the first place, the child picks up the glasses to be worn for a long time, has not yet come to improve.Further, it is possible to replace the eyeglasses lenses that are more comfortable to use.

Children bring great benefit to the correction video-computer vision correction program.It is specially designed exercises for the eyes, which can achieve good results in treatment of astigmatism.

most radical method of treatment is surgery astigmatism.You can use the following methods of vision correction:

  • Laser correction;
  • Termokeratokoagulyatsiya (cauterization of the cornea special needle);
  • keratotomy (weakening of the refractive power of the cornea by means of notches on it).

For all surgical techniques have age restrictions, so radical correction only in the age of majority can be performed when the body has been formed.Since the child's body is an active process of growth and it is impossible to predict the consequences of the operation and its effect on vision in the future.

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Prevention astigmatism

  1. Spotting load must be carried out with proper lighting;
  2. Spotting loads should be alternated with active recreation;
  3. When visual load necessary to carry out exercises for the eyes every 20 minutes;
  4. Eating complex vitamins for the eyes;