The symptoms and treatment of otitis externa

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  • Why there is otitis externa?
  • manifestations of otitis externa
  • Treatment of diseases

Otitis externa - an inflammation of the external ear canal.This disease is not very severe and painful inflammation of the middle ear.In some cases, it runs itself without any treatment, and sometimes have to help a little recovery.

Otitis externa is of two kinds:

  1. Limited - in this case the inflammation is due to an abscess formed within the ear canal.At the same time a person experiences pain that goes away after opening the abscess and pus coming out of it.Diffuse
  2. - unlike limited otitis inflammatory process captures the entire auditory canal, and not just a small surface disposed thereon focus of infection.

Why there is otitis externa?If

limited cause otitis is inflammation of the hair follicle, resulting in developing and boil.This process is no different from the development of boils on any other part of the body (for example, see. "Furuncle on the face").

The appearance of diffuse otit

is guilty:

  • staphylococci;
  • streptococci;
  • allergic reaction;
  • fungal infection.

Also, there are several factors contributing to the development of inflammation in the ear canal, namely:

  1. wounds and scratches in the ear canal.They are due to mechanical damage of the epithelium (when you try to clean the ear with some hard object, such as a toothpick or match), or eczema, which causes flaking of the skin in the ear, and the occurrence of ulcers.
  2. Prolonged exposure to water in the ear canal.This is the case with swimmers or people with cerumen in the ear that interfere with normal fluid outflow after bathing.In the ear canal skin has a protective layer which prevents the development of infections. However, if the ear is always water, this layer disappears, and there are beneficial conditions for the pathogenic microflora.
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manifestations of otitis externa

have limited and diffuse otitis has its own symptoms, but should consider the general manifestations of the disease, which can occur in any variety of otitis media:

  1. incessant pain in the ear.
  2. Increased pain when you try to pull the outer ear backwards or press hryaschik near the ear canal (called the tragus).
  3. Swollen lymph nodes near the ear.
  4. Swelling of the ear canal.
  5. Hearing impairment.Usually this is a symptom of otitis media with limited, if the boil covers the ear canal and thereby reduces hearing.
  6. Itching in the ear canal.Generally, this phenomenon is often observed with otitis fungal origin.Also, itching can also be caused by eczema.

With limited otitis have specific characteristics:

  1. At the beginning of the disease the pain is throbbing in nature.At this time there is just ripening abscess.The pain is especially strong when chewing, when trying to pull the outer ear, or click on the tragus.
  2. Swelling and redness observed only on one side of the external auditory canal, in place furuncle maturation.

In diffuse otitis pain is not as strong as at the limited, and it is often replaced by itching.The auditory meatus is inflamed and otech whole, not just on one side.Since disease, in most cases, cause infection, it can easily spread to the eardrum. In this case, a person seen from the isolation of the auditory meatus and hearing loss.

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disease treatment used to be that whenever earache the best remedy - this is cotton swabs moistened with boric alcohol.People thought that this warming contribute to a speedy recovery.Recently, however, the doctors forbid the use of boric alcohol for the treatment of otitis media, which is not surprising.After applying the alcohol solution of the inflamed surface, a person causes a burn tissue, and it is a favorable factor for the emergence of a strong irritation.So now we are using completely different methods of treatment of otitis.

for different types of otitis externa, there are different methods of treatment.To speed up the recovery of a patient with limited otitis need:

  1. Perform surgery on opening the boil.After opening of the pus out, and the patient immediately begins to experience significant improvement and reduction of pain in the ear.
  2. Assign eardrops containing antibiotics.This will contribute to rapid healing wounds left after the boil.

Sometimes patients have multiple boils.This phenomenon is said is not an ordinary inflammation of the hair follicle, and the presence of pathogenic microflora in the human blood.In this case, antibiotic treatment is assigned not only locally, but also in the form of tablets or injection.

When diffuse form no operation is required.It has its own treatment regimen, namely:

  1. total antibiotic treatment.What kind of drugs to take, it should identify the doctor, as it depends on the causative agent.
  2. Allergy medicines.They are required to remove the swelling of the outer ear canal.
  3. Antifungals if otitis media is caused by a fungus.Again, identify the origin of the disease should be a specialist.Alone is not recommended to make any conclusions.
  4. non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs, which not only quickly remove the inflammatory process, but also reduce the pain in the ear.Typically prescribed Nurofen or diclofenac.
  5. Immunity using multivitamins.
  6. Instill ear preparations containing an antibiotic.This will speed up the recovery.Sometimes doctors prescribe and antibacterial ointment.They are used with a cotton swab placed in the ear canal.Instead of antibacterial ointment is often used hormone.

In such treatment otitis media is much faster than if no action is taken.You should also know that no treatment can cause the spread of infection in the middle ear, and this is a serious disease with severe course and causing serious complications.