Eczema on the hands : causes, symptoms , types , treatment methods .Folk remedies.( + Photos )

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Eczema - a chronic skin disease of allergic nature, which manifests itself in the form ofbubbly rash.Due to the frequent bursting vesicles, skin lesion at the site covered with small cracks.The bubbles on the skin, bursting, secrete serous fluid at the site of damaged vesicles formed pustules.Skin rash, swelling at the site, in the affected areas appear burning and itching.

Causes of eczema on the hands Eczema

- polietiologichesky kind of disease, ie,its appearance may cause many factors, but each of them separately can not be the cause of illness.Due to the fact that the disease is allergic in nature, causes the appearance of eczema on the hands include the impact of the so-called exogenous allergens.These include:

  1. Vegetable and chemical dyes, fragrances in products of household chemicals, hygiene products (soap, washing powd
    ers, tonics for the body, creams, lacquers), aromatic components in foods and preservatives.
  2. Wearing bracelets, wristwatches, clothing containing allergens.
  3. use of certain drugs.Eczema on the hands can occur due to uncontrolled analgesics or as a result of vaccination.
  4. Eating foods that cause an allergic reaction: chocolate, honey, eggs, strawberries, citrus fruits, spicy, smoked, salted and sweet food.
  5. Biological agents: pollen, poplar fluff, dust, hair, mold can give a strong allergen response.
  6. Concomitant diseases that weaken the body's defense reactions (disease of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine disorders in the body).
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symptoms of eczema on the hands

Onset of the disease is characterized by the appearance of skin redness and itching intensifying.The intensity of itching depends on the individual skin care.Then, on the site of redness and swelling appears vesicles, filled with clear serous fluid.The itching becomes unbearable, there is a burning sensation, increased skin temperature.The next stage, accompanied by the appearance of cracks, moist areas - the most dangerous, ie K at this time likely damaged dermis infection..

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Types of eczema on the hands

  1. True eczema. process of the disease begins acutely with the appearance of vesicles with serous contents.The affected skin reddens, there are small cracks, itching.If the disease becomes chronic, swelling increases, and in the place of small erosions occur cracks.
  2. Microbial eczema. The disease is caused by infection of the inflamed skin around the pustules.On the skin, the hands appear clearly defined areas bluish or pink tint, which are covered with scales.At the site of the damaged scales in favor sukrovichnaya dew.Area destruction increases.At this stage, the disease can go into the true eczema.
  3. Eczema professional .Clinical manifestations are similar to the symptoms true eczema, but the emergence of disease caused by contact with the skin of the hands of the production of allergen.At the initial stage of the treatment of occupational eczema and restore the normal structure of the skin of hands is easy.Contact dermatitis is the first manifestation of the disease.If the contact with the allergen continues, the disease takes a chronic form.
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Treatment of eczema on

hands to get rid of eczema complex treatment is applied on the hands.First of all, it should be reasonable to organize the work mode, complete rest.To refuse any contact with substances that cause allergies.

sure to keep to a diet in which are excluded from the diet of citrus fruits, chocolate, alcohol, smoked, spicy and salty dishes.

the purpose of suppression of inflammatory reactions are used external forms of corticosteroids.For excretion of toxins and allergens used antihistamines.To support the nervous system, prescribed sedatives, herbal infusions.

recommended ointment based antiseptics, lotions and bath.During the period of remission take vitamins for the prevention of acute illness.

All of hormonal and non-hormonal ointments for eczema read the article http: // / mazi-ot-ekzemy.

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Treatment of eczema folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine gives a good effect in the fight against disease, help bring healing.

  1. roots of dandelion and burdock in a ratio of 1: 1, add water.Infuse for 12 hours.Mixture boil, drain.Ingest?5 cups a day.
  2. Leonurus leaves (20 g), pour a glass of water, boil, drain.It is recommended to take 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day.
  3. root elecampane (1 tbsp. L.) Pour a glass of water, boil.Strained broth to drink 4 times a day before meals for 1 st.spoon.

are effective for eczema on the hands compresses and ointments made by popular recipes.

  1. 2-3 leaf cabbage pour the milk, cook for 40 minutes.Warm leaves put, covered with a towel to the affected areas of skin 2 times a day.
  2. When dry eczema apply a compress from the juice of fresh cranberries.
  3. in sunflower oil (200 g) was added rosin soap, aloe, bees wax (50 g).Heat over low heat to dissolve the ingredients to prepare an ointment.The mixture lubricate the affected areas of the skin of hands.
  4. At places affected by eczema, applying gauze soaked in the juice of Kalanchoe.Already after the first compress the redness goes, and oozing sores begin to dry out.
  5. vinegar mixed with vegetable oil (ratio 1: 1).Amounted to lubricate the affected areas.
  6. good handle eczema on the hands of juice from carrots, cabbage, garlic, potatoes.
  7. lubricate the skin juice from the berries of sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn oil.
  8. spring impose on the inflamed area mush of mashed strawberries.

An effective sedative for the skin are baths with a variety of herbs.The course of treatment - at least 10 days.Use of the bath infusions of burdock root, verbena drug, plantain, oak bark.