Causes , symptoms and treatment of contact dermatitis ( + photos )

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Contact dermatitis is an inflammation on the skin as a result of exposure to a number of allergens or irritants.As stimuli usually protrude chemical compounds used in everyday life, and some drugs.The development of this disease occurs at the time when the irritant ingredient falls on the skin, the skin and the interaction of allergen, then precipitation starts immediately allergic reaction, which is accompanied by inflammation.Like many other diseases allergic contact dermatitis occurs in people with a predisposition to it.The first disease symptoms include: dry skin, along with redness, severe itching, in some cases there are even small blisters filled with fluid.

Distinguish drug reaction and contact dermatitis.Contact dermatitis occurs by direct contact with the skin irritant, while toksidermii foreign matter penetrates into the internal environment, causing a series of changes,

one of which is dermatitis.For example, if the inflammation in the skin occurs when using lotions, containing any drug substance that is contact dermatitis, and when the substance is received through the intestines into the body (with food or tablets) and rash, then this drug reaction.

Causes of contact dermatitis

human body reacts rashes or allergic reactions to allergens, irritants.Often, the tendency to various rashes caused by genetics.If a person is allergic, it is likely that among his relatives there are people with a similar pathology.There is a huge list of substances that can trigger an inflammatory response.Consider those that are more likely to cause contact dermatitis.

  • Nickel - is a silvery-white metal.It is used in the manufacture of a variety of jewelry: rings, bracelets, chains, and even jewelry for body piercing.Also nickel do buckle belts, coins, dentures and utensils.
  • Clothing.Of course, not the clothing promotes inflammation and the material from which it is sewn, for example: synthetic, leather, rubber, latex and others.
  • cosmetics for face and body.First, lotions, creams, shower gels, masks, soaps, shampoos.Allergies can also be caused by deodorant and nail polish.
  • household chemicals.This gel dishwashing detergent, bleach, laundry powders and stuff.
  • Pharmaceutical products, medicines.For many, it is no secret that allergies banned antibiotics.A therapeutic ointment used with the approval of the treating physician.
  • Other pathogens: paint, glue, inks and others.

However, despite all the irritants, allergies can develop from any substance, it all depends on individual sensitivity of man.

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symptoms of dermatitis

One of the first signs of the disease is the appearance of severe itching, and later - diaper rash.On the show through the skin redness in the form of spots with uneven outlines, the redness visible to the naked eye.After some time on the spot redness begin to form small vesicles or ulcers transparent (bubbles with the contents of white or yellow).Bubble formation is a consequence of the fact that a skin rash joined microbial pathogen.In some cases, diaper rash appears as a result of settlement of the fungus on the skin.

If the bubble has been damaged, in its place there is erosion, which is a portion where there is no surface layer of the skin.Education erosion causes unpleasant sensation of pain.

When the inflammation begins to subside, redness at the site there are yellowish brown.

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How is contact dermatitis

The basis of treatment of this disease, with the exception irritants often lies.The patient must remove substances and things that caused him contact dermatitis.If this requirement is met, the rash go away and do not require the intervention of doctors and receive medication.Throughout the life of a person who has a tendency to dermatitis, should try to avoid allergens, but do not forget that the range of pathogens may expand in the future.For this reason, the appearance of any rash, you should immediately find and remove the cause.But if contact with the irritant can not be avoided, it will have to take allergy medication.Fortunately, pharmacies, drugs of this group are presented in a wide range, so everyone can find a suitable drug.

treatment dermatitis is mainly symptomatic, aimed at eliminating the inflammation in the affected area of ​​skin.When on the skin, has appeared bright redness, the doctor may prescribe the dressing with herbs.Blisters on the inflamed area can be pierced with a sterile needle, while removing all of the liquid that they contain.In medicine, for the treatment dermatitis and allergy, it is widely used as various creams and ointments.

If you have any skin abrasions, usually doctors recommend to lubricate the skin in the area of ​​inflammation paste containing zinc or its compounds.If diaper rash can also be lubricated with zinc-paste section.In addition to the local symptomatic treatment, will require a comprehensive treatment of the disease.In some cases, you can restrict reception fortifying vitamin complexes, others require an intravenous injection of antibodies to enhance immunity.If contact dermatitis accompanied by complications, it will need an additional antibiotic therapy.

In any case, contact dermatitis - a serious disease that requires intervention specialists.In no case should not self-medicate.If you have the first symptoms should be treated by a dermatologist or allergist, otherwise, they may develop severe complications.

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Preventive measures

Observe safety in the home and at work.If you had already once atopic dermatitis and the cause of his you know, try to avoid exposure to the allergen.