Use ointments from bedsores ( which is better , effective )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 12, 2017 18:01

reason for the development of pressure ulcers are severe sensitivity disorders, blood circulation and thermoregulation, which inevitably arise in the body of a person suffering from serious illnesses.The risk of bedsores is many times increased by immobility of the patient and the possibility of abuse of self-motion.Centuries of experience of practical medicine has proved that more advisable to try to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers - weakened body in which developing pronounced pathological processes, is not able to complete the regeneration of tissue necrosis at the site.

In the case where the patient's pressure sores are found, the most effective means to treat them are ointments.

main principles of treatment of bedsores using ointments consider:

  1. need to improve blood circulation, which helps to improve tissue trophism.
  2. necessity of stimulation and activation of local and general healing process.
  3. necessity of prevention and elimination of infection in the wound (bacterial or fung
  4. The need to eliminate the pain and unpleasant subjective sensations of the patient.

Accordingly, for the treatment of pressure ulcers can be used drugs of different clinical groups, which are used in the form of ointments.If necessary, some of these same drugs can be administered to the patient in the form of tablets, ingested, or injections.

bedsore treatment is carried out in accordance with the stages of wound healing, respectively, for the treatment of each stage uses its own set of medicines.

first stage of trophic disorders

In the first stage of wound healing process (phase of inflammation) prescribe drugs, helps cleanse the wound, impeding the development of infections and improves trophic tissues in and around the wound.At this stage of the disease to improve blood circulation and accelerate the recovery can be used drugs and Solkoserin Aktovegin.Initially, treatment using 25% concentrated gel, 5-10 days after switching to the use of 5% cream and ointment was 5% after this period and until the end of the healing.Both of these drugs are extracts from cattle blood and if some experts dispute the usefulness of these drugs by mouth or by injection, for the treatment of pressure ulcers, these drugs have proven to be an indispensable component of complex therapy.

well proven in the treatment of pressure sores ointment Algofin, which is an extract of seaweed.The basis of its action becomes high chlorophyll content, which has an antibacterial effect (destroys representatives of conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic flora), and activates the repair of tissue.

Furthermore, the first step for the treatment of bedsores can be used ointments containing silver - Dermazin, Agrosulfan, Sulfargin.These drugs have antibacterial effect, reduces the severity of pain and burning sensation, accelerates the healing of tissue.Antimicrobial and wound-healing effect and have ointment Levosin and Levomekol, but their use for the treatment of pressure ulcers in the first stage of the inflammatory process, it is advisable not always - if there is evidence of microbial contamination of the wound, the prescriptions, which include antibiotics can lead to the formation of the stability of flora inused drugs.

also for the treatment of early stage pressure ulcers can be administered ointment Vulnuzan.This drug helps to cleanse the wounds, necrotic nonviable tissue rejection, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

second stage of trophic disorders

In the second stage of wound healing process (granulation step) you need prescription drugs to be to dry the wound.In this step are assigned ointments containing medicinal substances that stimulate the removal of necrotic and purulent masses and activate the healing process.

effective drug lying Betadine ointment, which includes iodine.In this way, the drug component has a bactericidal effect, it kills fungi trapped in the wound and promotes the formation of granulation viable.

possible to use ointment Methyluracilum containing pro-vitamins that stimulate tissue regeneration and anti-microbial components.The drug has an immunomodulatory effect, stimulates local immunity and destroys pathogens without the formation of micro-organisms resistant to the therapy.

Ointment Thiotriazoline restores the local immune system and stimulates the regenerative processes in tissues.Furthermore, this drug as an ointment EtOH, exerts an analgesic effect, reducing discomfort and injury in tissues surrounding it.

third stage of trophic disorders

In the third stage of wound healing (epithelialization stage) are assigned to drugs that not only increase the rate of healing.Used Bepanten ointment Mefenat, Kuriozin, Alantan Plus.

Such a selection of drugs takes into account not only the state of tissue at the site of the development of decubitus, and the laws of development of wound healing.Accordingly, simultaneously with the ointment in the treatment of bedsores drugs must be used, reducing disturbed physiological processes in the wound itself.

must be remembered that special attention should be wounds that shatters a fungal infection or bed sores arising from patients in a health care setting.In this case, the appointment of modern high-performance products, antibacterial components which are causative agents of nosocomial infections have not yet developed resistance.In some cases, it shows the simultaneous use of several drugs, but with the obligatory account of their action and the stage of wound healing.It should be mentioned that for the treatment of bedsores flatly banned the use of drugs which form an airtight film on the dense surface of the wound, including brilliant green solution.Improper treatment leads to an increase in the area of ​​pressure sores and deteriorating condition of the patient.