Causes and treatment of white spots on the skin ( the body )

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  • Why there are white spots on the body
  • Fungal infection
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infections appearance of white spots on the body necessarily becomes a manifestation of the pathological process, localized in the skin or affecting internal organs and human systemsthe body, so the detection of any changes in skin color requires a mandatory consultation of a qualified physician.

doctor, dermatologist on the basis of examination of the patient data can make a preliminary diagnosis and recommend the survey program, the results of which will help you choose the treatment program.

Why there are white spots on the body

reason for the appearance of white spots on the skin becomes the loss of cells located in the skin, a special pigment - melanin .In the case where the number of melanocytes initially reduced, patients from birth are signs of albinism - their skin is left defenseless against the ultraviolet rays of the solar spectrum.In these patients, skin lesions remain localized throughout l


Why do I get dark spots on the face, and what they are, see here.

All other causes of white spots on the skin are directly related to body's disease - a mechanism of occurrence of certain pathological processes thoroughly studied (with pityriasis versicolor), in case of other diseases the exact cause of the destruction of melanocytes remains unknown, and experts have expressed only assumptions about the damagingfactors and the pathogenesis of skin lesions

When you see white spots on the skin should be remembered that only a qualified dermatologist consultation and examination to help make an accurate diagnosis - attempt self-diagnosis and self-medication can be harmful not only to the patient but also the people around him.
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Fungal infection

Modern research shows that the most common cause of white spots on the skin becomes scaly skin disease (see article and more photos "Pityriasis versicolor.") - A chronic infectious disease of the skin fungal origin.Typical clinical signs of ringworm are:

  • white spots that appear in the early stages of the disease on the back - areas of skin depigmentation painless, but have a tendency to spread to the chest, neck, armpits and shoulders;
  • spots, regardless of their location, sharply defined and clearly distinguished from healthy skin;
  • simultaneously with the appearance of white spots on the skin occurs peripheral lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the regional lymph nodes located in the immediate vicinity of the outbreak of the disease;
  • depigmented patches in the cold season may acquire a brownish tint, but quickly fade after a visit to the solarium or a natural tan;
  • white patches covered with scales - peeling is painless and is not accompanied by inflammatory changes of the skin

Upon detection of tinea versicolor treatment program requires necessarily the appointment of antifungal therapy - in the early stages of the disease are appointed antifungal ointment locally, whereas in advanced process should be the appointment of antifungaldrugs and topically and systemically.

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reasons not related to infections

Gipomelanoz children. spots white in childhood are very often a manifestation gipomelanoza - a pathological condition manifested dyschromia surface layer of the skin.In the majority of cases of the disease occur in children during the first months and years of life after severe infectious diseases of the body.This state, the exact mechanism of which is unknown to date, may be associated with disorders of the peripheral and central nervous system and severe delay development of the child.To resolve gipomelanoza cutaneous manifestations in patients with medication-derivatives of retinoids (they slow down the speed of propagation of changes in the skin) and beauty treatments - special peeling.

Ringworm Gibert (Pink zoster) . Quite often white spots on the skin in adults appear after a viral disease - that is manifested zoster Gibert.The mechanisms of primary maternal plaques on the skin and spread its screenings finally revealed - the primary focus of the disease can be localized in any part of the skin, and from it extend screenings, which look like small depigmented areas are clearly demarcated from the unchanged skin, painless when pressed.Prognosis favorable - depigmented spots from the skin disappear on their own, but to speed up the recovery dermatologist may recommend a modified lubrication sites alcoholic solution of salicylic acid.(For details, see "Pink zoster».)

Vitiligo - common depigmentation of the skin at the moment is the most common cause of white spots.In this disease, there is destruction of melanocytes located in the skin - did not result in its surface spots appear milky white or light pink.Typical places of localization of gaps hands are on the skin, knees, face surface - spotting is not accompanied by virtually no subjective sensations, but many patients say that for a few days or weeks before the disappearance of the normal color space for skin patches may itch or itch.

More about vitiligo can be found in the corresponding article.

The causes of vitiligo are:

  • serious viral diseases of the body and immune disorders that arise in their background;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • heredity;
  • impact of occupational hazards - Vitiligo often occurs in people, by the nature of the professional activity of colliding with phenol, formaldehyde, synthetic resins, heavy metals;
  • disruption of the pituitary and the hypothalamus and the imbalance of hormones in the body that inevitably arise against this background;
  • physical and mental fatigue, stress;
  • parasitic intoxication.

Accordingly, an effective treatment of vitiligo depends on the ability to quickly identify the cause and provoke the development of depigmentation.So far, drugs and treatment regimens that provide 100% cure of vitiligo is not created.