Osteoarthritis of the Foot : Symptoms and Treatment .Folk remedies.

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  • Risk factors for osteoarthritis
  • symptoms of osteoarthritis of the foot
  • diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot
  • prevention of osteoarthritis
  • Traditional methods of treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot

Osteoarthritis foot (osteoarthritis deformans) - a chronic disease characterized bydegenerative-dystrophic abnormalities in cartilage tissues.The destruction of cartilage and inflammation of the soft tissues of the foot caused by metabolic disorders and as a result, deterioration of blood microcirculation.

foot Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint disease in middle and old age.Most often arthritis affects the joints of the big toes.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis

Causes of deforming osteoarthritis is not enough investigated.However, there are certain factors in the presence of which there is poor circulation in the foot, as a result can lead to disease of the joints.The following risk factors:

  1. avilable foot - flat feet, toes on the foot deformity, a
    symmetry of the limbs,
  2. Excessive load on the foot.Can be caused by physical work, carrying heavy loads, long stay on his feet.The increased load on the foot and has overweight.
  3. Wearing uncomfortable shoes - narrow heels or compressing the limb.
  4. Frequent foot injuries (sprains, bruises, fractures), chronic microtrauma occurring in athletes.
  5. hypothermia, leading to poor circulation.
  6. Endocrine diseases.
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symptoms of osteoarthritis of the foot

Symptoms of the disease depends on the degree of progression.There are three stages of osteoarthritis of the joints of the foot.

At the first stage of the patient concerned about pain in the front of the foot chastpi wearing periodic character and aggravated by increased load.The initial stage can sometimes take place virtually asymptomatic.

Longer and pronounced pain syndrome.Visually observed occurrence of so-called "bone", which is associated with thickening of the metatarsal heads of the big toe.If the load on the constant joint pain in the affected joint does not pass.Movement of the joint becomes difficult due to the inflammatory process.

Osteoarthritis can affect not only the foot, but the knee joint.

More details about the stages of osteoarthritis described in the article http: // lechimsya-prosto.ru / stepeni-artroza.

deformed joint is clearly visible.Pain in the foot constant: and during walking and at rest.The big toe is shifted down in the joint motion is limited.In humans, gait changes: trying to transfer his weight to the other part of the foot, the patient begins to "clubfoot".At the base of the finger in relation to the load produced corn.Increased fatigue, sharply reduced ability to work.At this stage, the disease can lead to deformation of the other bones of the foot.

main symptom - severe pain in the foot.There may be swelling and redness in the joint, accompanied by some increase in temperature - a sign of inflammation.The next symptom - pain during movement in the joint, as a consequence - limping.
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diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot

diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the foot is not for an experienced difficulties.Characteristic changes of the thumb, pain, reduced joint mobility or loss determined easily.By excluding other diseases (gout, heel spurs, flat grade 2 and others), the surgeon appoints radiography.In the picture are clearly visible changes in the cartilage of joints and narrowing gaps.Once appointed by the blood tests.Recognize the stage of the disease helps arthroscopy, by which determine the extent of the internal destruction of the joint.Depending on the stage of osteoarthritis doctors prescribe treatment.

When arthrosis shown complex treatment.The aim is to restore motor function and reduction of joint pain.

doctor prescribes a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs intake, reducing pain in the joints, relieves swelling.This ibuprofen, piroxicam, Ortophenum indomethacin.

If the positive trend is not observed directly in the joint in the form of injections administered steroids, which enhance the metabolic processes in cartilaginous tissue.

In addition, prescribed courses of physical rehabilitation: electrophoresis, UHF-therapy, magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, mud therapy, the recovery of joint mobility.Recommended physiotherapy and massage.

In severe cases, if the effect is insignificant or do not have to resort to surgery, which consists in fixing the metatarsal bones and immobilization of the affected joint, or his replacement by artificial.

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prevention of osteoarthritis

As a preventive measure should be to choose the right shoes: comfortable, in size, with a flexible sole, on a low heel.It is necessary to monitor the quality of food: avoid foods that promote the deposition of salts in the joints.It is advisable to get rid of excess weight - more stress on the joints.

often recommended to walk barefoot on the sand, grass, loose soil to improve the circulation of blood.
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Traditional methods of treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot

In the initial period of the disease folk remedies to help relieve pain and restore joint mobility.Traditional recipes are highly effective, long-term when applied systematically.

  1. marsh cinquefoil tincture .100 g of the plant to fill with 4 cups of vodka.Infuse for 3 weeks in the dark in a closed glass container.Strained infusion is taken before meals 3 times a day.This is a drug used as rubbing and compresses.
  2. eucalyptus tincture .100 grams of eucalyptus pour vodka (500 g), and continued to insist in the week in a dark place.Use as a rub for affected joint overnight.
  3. decoction of potatoes.Boiled potatoes in their jackets knead in water, in which it was cooked.A glass of the mixture should be taken in three steps 1/3.
  4. Compress 1 .Yogurt mixed with crushed chalk.The mixture is applied on the affected joint overnight as a compress.
  5. Compress 2. 3 tbsp.tablespoons of oat flakes pour 2 cups boiling water, boil for 10 minutes.
  6. Compress 3. few aloe leaves, crushed in a meat grinder, combine with 100 g of honey and pour 150 grams of vodka.To use for compresses on the affected joint overnight.

anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect have a bath with a decoction of wild rosemary, mint, burdock.