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Sciatica is a rapid, ie, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which is involved in the regulation of the lower limbs, itmobility and sensitivity, as well as the work of the pelvic organs.

Causes of sciatica

most common cause of this disease are diseases of the spine.Anomalies of the spine and the effects of trauma sacroiliac area are also often manifested persistent sciatic pain.Occurrence of neuritis of the sciatic nerve is connected with infringement of a tumor of the nerve roots.In some cases, the cause of sciatica nerve damage becomes toxic or viral etiology.

sciatica often develops as a result of other diseases involving painful process in the sacral plexus in women, as a rule, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, usually appendages, hence the name - adnexitis sciatica.

Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities, especially the iliac veins thr

ombophlebitis, also cause sciatic pain - flebogenny sciatica.

You can read more about varicose veins in the article http: // / varikoznoe-rasshirenie-ven-na-nogax.Other details about the pinching of the sciatic nerve in this article.

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Symptoms of sciatica

main symptoms of sciatica - a pain and sensory disturbances and motor activity in the legs.According to localization, severity, duration and nature of the symptoms can have individual characteristics.

Pain sciatica are nagging, aching, stabbing, burning, shooting, but always at the same time are paroxysmal in nature - periodically increasing, then for a while weakened or subside.Usually, the pain extends from the waist down, on the back of the thigh to the toes.In most cases, is unilateral sciatica, pain have one leg.In the case of bilateral sciatica in the pathological process involved in both lower limbs.The intensity of the pain can be so severe that the patient literally paralyzes: fear of even greater amplification of pain, he can not sit down, change the position of the feet and even though transfer your weight from foot to foot.

course, sciatica pain is so pronounced not always - sometimes the pain is quite tolerable, and in such cases to the fore can go Sensitivity disorders: numbness or tingling or "pins and needles".Gradually, sciatica can lead to a weakening of muscle tone and malnutrition.There have been violations of the limb joints function: restriction shin flexion in the knee joint, the complexity of the lifting of the foot.

In severe cases of sciatica symptoms such as urinary incontinence and even feces, because the sciatic nerve is in close cooperation with the peripheral nerves responsible for normal functioning of the pelvic organs.

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sciatica Sciatica is a fairly diffuse symptoms, the disease is often "masked" by pathology, which is attached to or accompanied by sciatica.In this connection, when the diagnosis is important not to rely only on the examination of the patient and assess the status of the objective, but also to use instrumental methods of diagnostics.

Pain sciatica worse pressure-sensitive nerve in the projection of the spinous and transverse processes of the fifth lumbar vertebra, between the greater trochanter of the ilium and the ischial tuberosity to the buttock.

Characteristic symptom of sciatica and Lasegue: when lifting in a supine position, straight leg pain is amplified and then subsides when bent leg at the knee joint.Often marked various disorders of skin sensitivity in the back of the thigh, on the lateral surface of the tibia, on the dorsum of the foot and in the toes and feet dangling due to movement disorders.

If pain symptoms can be detected using diagnostic tests, the cause of neuritis of the sciatic nerve can be detected only by means of instrumental methods.

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Treatment of sciatica Treatment of sciatica

always aimed at addressing primarily causes disease.At the same time it combines the symptomatic treatment aimed at relief of pain.In the first stage of the treatment of this disease should be conservative, that is, not involving surgery, treatment aimed at removing or significantly reducing the intensity of the inflammatory process and, as a result, mitigation of pain.For this purpose, the patient analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and physiotherapy: magnetic, UHF, electrophoresis.Widely used and acupuncture, manual therapy, using special fixing belts and electrical muscle stimulation.Such treatment may relieve the patient's condition, but does not cure it completely.Therefore, parallel wires and causal therapy aimed at removing a source of disease.If the cause of sciatica is an infectious character, held antiviral or antibacterial therapy for diseases of the pelvic organs or veins - treatment of the underlying disease.

However, conservative treatment can not always be effective.In some cases, surgery is unavoidable, particularly if the disease caused by a tumor, as well as herniated discs.
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Gymnastics sciatica

developed various complexes special physical exercises, which are capable of sciatica is not only relieve pain, but even in some cases, eliminate its cause.These exercises are aimed, above all, to relax the body parts that are struck by pain, stimulation of blood flow in these areas, as well as pain relief.The complex of these exercises should be prescribed by the doctor and the patient exercise must be carried out under his supervision.This kind of gymnastics is contraindicated in some cases - for example, people suffering from diabetes, it is not recommended to perform some exercises.

Sport physiotherapy sciatica can be carried out on such a, for example, program.

  1. first exercise is that the patient lies down on the floor, pull the legs, and then draws them to her chest, while slowly bending them at the knee joints.Such a provision is necessary to fix for thirty seconds and then return to the original.Exercise is repeated ten times.
  2. For the second exercise the patient lies on his stomach, arms bent at the elbows, and then rises, straightening his arms and trying to straighten the back as much as possible.Pausing at the bent open hands for thirty seconds, the patient returns to the starting position.
  3. performing the third exercise, the patient is lying on his back bend your knees while lying on the floor, and then pressed against the spine to the floor, straining back muscles.Left for thirty seconds in this position, then you need to relax and return legs to starting position.

The best prevention of sciatica exercises are designed to stretch the muscles thighs, buttocks and lower back, as only they can be used to eliminate defects that can be imposed body sedentary lifestyle.