Osteoarthritis toes - Symptoms and Treatment

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toes Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint nature of the disease, which is manifested in inflammation of the soft tissues around the joint and immediate destruction of the cartilage.The reason for this change is not known, although it is believed that arthritis develops due to disorders in the metabolism of cartilage and deterioration of blood flow in them.These diseases are manifested as a result of gout, psoriatic arthritis and reactive.

symptoms of osteoarthritis of fingers

feet most striking and typical symptom of osteoarthritis of the toes is a pain in the joint, which often occurs at night and is reduced slightly by the morning.In addition, there is the appearance of a small swelling, redness, swelling of the area seems to be a hot, all these symptoms are just external manifestations of the inflammatory process.joint movement becomes difficult and is accompanied by pain, so patients with osteoarthritis always li

mps a little.Patients feel some stiffness in the toe area, with particularly strong this feeling in the morning and evening.

Identify arthritic joints can be easily booked with radiographic examination.The defeat may affect one joint (eg, thumb), and once all the toes.

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Treatment of osteoarthritis toes

Modern medicine offers many methods and treatments for osteoarthritis of the toes, but the specific method should be selected exactly physician.Incorrect diagnosis and, consequently, incorrectly picked up treatment can only worsen the condition of the patient, and significantly enhance the inflammatory process that will lead to the fact that the hope of recovery is almost does not remain.

treatment of osteoarthritis of the toes, primarily focused on the treatment of the underlying disease, which has become a complication and the arthritis.That's why your doctor may prescribe medications to treat rheumatism, tuberculosis, gout, as well as vitamins and minerals to restore cartilage structure and painkillers.

therapy in osteoarthritis of fingers have to be complex, so in addition to directly medication medical specialist also appoints some physiotherapy, therapeutic and preventive exercises, sometimes may recommend rest in sanatoriums.In addition, the doctor may recommend as add-on therapy use some advice of traditional medicine, and physical therapy exercises for the patient must show it is a doctor who specializes in rehabilitation of patients with such complaints.In most cases, these professionals have at each clinic.

Although osteoarthritis pain medication, do not toe the patients are assigned overused, as their excessive amount will adversely affect the condition of the digestive tract and the body as a whole.This is especially important if the patient already has a gastric ulcer.In addition, therapy for osteoarthritis toes includes a special diet which includes avoiding alcohol, salty, spicy and spicy food, as well as fried and smoked food.Nutrition should become the most dietary, but rich in vitamins.

If conservative treatment for a long time does not give positive results, it is possible to assign the administration procedures of steroids directly into the problematic joint.Drug therapy is not canceled.If this does not work, then there may be recommended surgery, but it's extreme measures.